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Elizabeth Harrington Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:B, PC Negatives Box 19

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Collection Contents:
(Note: handwritten inscription on back of each photo by Elizabeth Harrington)

0001    "Temporary hospital and the first in Las Vegas erected by the Railroad Company in late 1904, on the site occupied to-day by the Union Plaza Hotel. Tall man to the left is Dr. Halle Hewetson."
0002    "Fremont Street about 1920, showing old U.P. depot at end of street, Brick building with bay window held Dr. Martin's Las Vegas Hospital on the upper floor. Bottom floor Bill Ferron's pharmacy. Building with peaked roof First State Bank. To enter Dr. Martin's hospital one had to go to the rear of the building and ascend an outside flight of stairs."
0003    "John F. Miller's Hotel Nevada opened January 1st 1906. Corner South Fremont and Main."
0004    "John Wisner's Overland Hotel corner North Fremont and Main. 1906"
0005    "El Rancho Vegas photo 1950. Completely destroyed by fire in 1960."
0006    "Fountain and flower garden-Potosi families helped to build this. (1917) Lower part of big bunkhouse used for the single miners can be seen. Also one of the eight big trucks used to haul the ore to Arden to be shipped all over the country."
0007    "Potosi mining camp 1917".
0008    "Potosi Mine 1917. Calciner where ore was roasted."
0009    "Cookhouse Potosi [Mine] 1917. 'Blue Room', first to left. Many single miners were fed here."
0010    "Entrance to Potosi Mine 1917. Sam Rowe foreman and son Cecil. Cecil attended the Las Vegas High School."
0011    "Potosi mining camp 1916-1919".
0012    "Potosi Mountain. (1917) Potosi mine can be seen near the top of the mountain. The structure below is the calciner where the ore brought down from the mine was roasted to separate the metals from the rock before being hauled by big power trucks to Arden to be then loaded on to railroad cars to go all over the country. Potosi Mountain was the scene of the disastrous air crash that took the lives of screen actress Carol Lombard and her mother in 1942."
0013    "original Kiwanis Club of Las Vega organized December 1925" (Identification of members on photo board)
0014    'Kiwanis Club Follies 1930's." (Mostly unidentified-see reverse of photo board for some i.d.s)
0015    "Las Vegas Kiwanis Club members [in front of] the Last Frontier Hotel, 1945."
0016    "Summer 1930. 'Ice Cold lemonade a penny a glass'. 500 Block of South Second Street (now Casino Center). Street was unpaved. The large shade-giving cottonwood trees were planted in 1910, by the Ladies Mesquite Club. Houses across the street were part of the sixty four houses built by the railroad in 1911-12. Boys in the picture are the Harringtons. Girl Doro