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Harmon Family Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:D, PC Negatives Box 12, PC Slides Binder 04, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:
Las Vegas, NV

0001    Harmon home (later purchased by Kel Houssels and removed from original site to UNLV campus for adaptive use for architecture classes and exhibits).
0002    Eighth grade graduation class, May 25th, 1928. Charles Harmon is among the graduates. Class standing on the steps of Las Vegas School.
0003    [Possibly picnic at Old Ranch]
0004    Picnic, Old Ranch?

Boulder City, NV

0005    Black Canyon, Nevada. (For additional information see photos 0006, 0007. Also see 0012 0141-0143.
0006    Wedding of "Ma" Kennedy, Black Canyon, 1932. L-R: 1-Ryland Taylor; 2-?; 3-Art Ham, Sr.' 4-the groom-G.E. "Whataman" Hudson; 5-"Ma" Kennedy; 6-?; 7-Alta Ham; 8-Ernie Cragin; 9-Veronica Harmon; 10-Myrtle Taylor; 11-Harley A. Harmon; 12-Delphine Squires; 13-Ceely Cragin; 17-(Man with hat) Bud Bodell-Chief Ranger.
0007    Black Canyon, NV. Wedding of "Ma" Kennedy. For additional information see 0012 0141-0143.


0008    "Our first picnic. July 8th, 1906."
0009    "Mr. And Mrs. J.R. Quinn and Uncle Joe."
0010    Harley a. Harmon pictured with his sons, Harley E. Harmon (left) and Charles E. Harmon.
0011    Eighth grade graduation class on steps of Las Vegas School, 1928. For individual identification of children see photo 0148 0082 (Beckley Coll.)
0012    Top row, L-R: M. Ham, T. Ham. Bottom row, L-R: Cyril Ham, Margret Ham.
0013    Seated around table are, L-R: 1-Louella Wengert Ham; 2-Harley E. Harmon; 3-Mildred Wengert Marshall; 4-Veronica Wengert Harmon; 5-Cleo L. Harmon.
0014    Reception at Harley Harmon School. Tony King photo.
0015    Reception at Harley Harmon School. Tony King photo.
0016    Reception at Harley Harmon School. Tony King photo.
0017    "The Story of Harley A. Harmon", Harley Harmon School play. Tony King photo.
0018    Children at reception, Harley Harmon School. Tony King photo. L-R: 2-Fuzzy Wengert, wife of Al Wengert; 3-Veronica Harmon; 4-Harry Allen; 5-Sen. Howard Cannon; 6-Margret Allen. Edward Allen photo.
0020    L-R: 1-Virgil Ham, Jr.; 2-Veronica Harmon; 3-Harley E. Harmon (on "Lady June"); 4-Charles Harmon; 5-D. Carl; 6-Cyril Ham.
0021    Veronica Harmon.
0022    Frank Wengert, right, in the first power station in Las Vegas.
0023    Frank Wengert, father of Mildred Wengert Marshall, Veronica Wengert Harmon, Cyril Wengert, Louella Wengert Ham, and Delano Wengert.
0024    Ella Wengert.
0025    Harley L. Harmon on rocking horse.
0026    Harley L. Harmon.
0027    "Harley e. Harmon 4 yrs. Old, Easter Sunday, 1951."
0028    Harley E. Harmon on "Lady June".
0029    Harley L. Harmon.
0030    Harley Harmon and Mrs. Veronica Harmon.
0031    Harley E. Harmon.
0032    Cleo L. Harmon.
0033    Veronica Harmon (left), and Ella Wengert.
0034    Veronica Harmon. (sepia portrait)
0035    Veronica Harmon. (sepia photo; fine portrait)

Additions to Collection

0036    U.P. Old Timers' Reunion. 1936.
0037    Sal Sagev Hotel, LV, NV.
0038    Young's/Lyon ; person unknown. (neg. only)
0039    Failings Service, Harmon Family. (neg. only)
0040    Color postcard of Vegas Vic-Pioneer Club. (dusk)
0041    Color postcard of Fremont Street with mushroom cloud in middle of photo, directly above U.P.R.R. depot (dusk).
0042    Color postcard of Fremont Street; Pioneer Club sign is prominent.