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Spencer and Georgia Hanna Butterfield Photograph Collection

Location: PC 03:D, PC Negatives Box 07

Collection Contents:
Later Las Vegas

0001    Original Bank of Nevada at 1st & Carson Sts., 1941. Bank of Nevada bought the First State Bank.

0002    The corner of 5th and Carson is shown with "Phil Cummings Xmas Tree headquarters" on the corner.

0003    Old Hotel Apache, now Horseshoe Casino. Also shown is the Eldorado Club and Boulder Club. Jiggs, Nevada (formerly Skelton, then Hylton in Elko County

0004    Hylton & Hanna Store, est. about 1900.


0005    The Cyril Wengert family is shown in a garden. Left to right are: Marilyn (now Gatewood), Ward, Lottie, Cyril, & Robert.

0006    L-R: Georgia Hanna Butterfield, L.C. Butterfield , Norine Hanna Jeanney (Georgia's sister) seated on patio, c. 1946.

0007    The "Water Board" (Las Vegas Water Board) L-R: Miller , Chief of Police, Tom Campbell (Campbell Realty) Otto Underhill (Coca Cola) Jim Cashman , Sr. Victor Shurtliff, ?, Helen Scott Reed-County Clerk

0008    One of Geo. Ashby's "famous" luncheons. He was president of Union Pacific. Pictured L-R are: Spencer Butterfield, ?, Cyril Wengert, Al Cahlan (?), ?, This is possibly a Las Vegas Press Club luncheon.

0009    Third man from the right is Spencer Butterfield. All others unidentified. This appears to be a beauty contest with four women in bathing suits.

0010    Readying for a Press Club "Branding Iron" are shown standing left to right: seamstress?, Norm White , Spencer Butterfield .

0011    Mr.& Mrs. Spencer Butterfield are shown sitting on couch in home.

0012    Spencer Butterfield is pictured with (family?) Spaniel. Butterfield is holding a ribbon for First Prize form the Las Vegas Kennel Club, Sept. 3, 1948.

0013    Spencer Butterfield (middle) & 2 unidentified men standing in front of Union Pacific R.R. engine #X50 at depot.

0014    Same as above

0015    Several gentlemen seated at table. One of George Ashby's (President of Union Pacific Rail Road) luncheons. Some are identified: William J. Moore, Jr. Cyril Wengert, Vail Pittman, Jim Cashman , Sr. Spencer Butterfield.

0016    Spencer & Georgia Butterfield at Press Club function dressed as clowns, Jan. 8. 1949

0017    Four men pictured, two are identified. Third from left is Spencer Butterfield and fourth from the left id Ernie Cragin. Taken at the El Rancho Las Vegas.


People (cont.)
0018    Interior view of the old Mesquite Club ( on So. 5th ST.): Flower Show c.1949

0019    Spencer Butterfield standing at podium with microphone. Rotary, possibly a news conference.

0020    Spencer Butterfield being presented a plaque: To S.L. Butterfield in Appreciation of his Leadership as President of the Las Vegas, Nevada Chamber of Commerce, 1949

0021    L-R pictured standing are Spencer Butterfield & Vern Willis. Willis is holding placard "Howdy Podner! , Las Vegas, Nevada, Chamber of Commerce."

0022    Similar shot of above.

0023    Members of the Chamber of Commerce at the Canary Room of the Last Frontier, 1949. Standing L-R are: Nelson Conway, Vern Willis, Jack Walsh, Joe McQuilkin, and Spencer Butterfield.

0024    L-R pictured standing are Spencer Butterfield & Vern Willis. Willis is holding plaque, "To Vern Willis in Appreciation of his Leadership as President of the Las Vegas, Nevada Chamber of Commerce. 1950

0025    Water District, ca. 1950? L-R: ?, ------Miller, Spencer Butterfield.

0026    L-R: Rev. Trevor (Boulder City) & Spencer Butterfield.

0027    Three gentlemen are pictured. Spencer Butterfield is in the center.

0028    Five gentlemen are pictured. Spencer Butterfield is in the center.

0029    Members of the Chamber of Commerce are shown left to right, Jack Walsh, Roger Foley, Sr. , unidentified, unidentified, "Miss America" Spencer Butterfield, unidentified, Vern Willis, unidentified.

0030    Chamber of Commerce meeting, ca. 1950? Pictured left to right are: John Cahlan, Spencer Butterfield, "Miss America" , Joe McQuilkin, Secretary of Chamber of Commerce , Vern Willis, unidentified.

0031    Chamber of Commerce meeting, ca. 1950? Pictured left to right are: John Cahlan, Spencer Butterfield, "Miss America" , Joe McQuilkin, Secretary of Chamber of Commerce , Vern Willis, unidentified.

0032    Bank of Nevada Board of Directors meeting. Left to right are: Frank Howe, Oscar Keller, Major M. Sweeney, Spencer Butterfield. Seated left to right are: Joe McBeath, Otto Underhill, Elmer Mikkelsen.

0033    A Bank of Nevada Board of Directors meeting. Left to right seated are: Spencer Butterfield, J.H. McBeath, Frank Howe, Otto Underhill, Elmer Mikkelsen, M.M. Sweeney, & Oscar Keller.

0034    Pictured are the Board of Directors of the Bank of Nevada. Left to right standing are Frank Howe, Oscar Keller, M.M. Sweeney & Spencer Butterfield. Seated left to right are J.H. McBeath, Otto Underhill, and Elmer Mikkelsen.

0035    L-R: Georgia Butterfield & Mrs. Jack Walsh at the Mesquite Club.

0036    L-R: Seated around a table at restaurant are "Diamond Jim" Moran, Georgia Butterfield, Spencer Butterfield, and unidentified.


People (cont.)

0037    " Municipal Baseball Federation: Banner on wall above men sitting at table. L-R shown are: Bruce Treat, Chuck Hull, -------Roe, Mahlon Brown, Ed Fike, Spencer Butterfield. Appears to be a contest/fundraiser between Mahlon & Ed.

0038     L-R: Marie Wilson & Spencer Butterfield , ca. 1951

0039    Mesquite Club Tea, c. 1951. Georgia Butterfield is shown with tea cup in hands.

0040    Shown standing are Mrs. Frank Strong (L) & Mrs. George Ashby (R), c. 1951

0041    American Bankers Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1951 L-R: are Spencer Butterfield and Georgia Butterfield.

0042    "Buy U.S. Savings Stamps and Save With Lassie" is the promotion used for the U.S. Savings Bond Drive of which Spencer Butterfield , shown on the left, was the Nevada State Chairman. This photo was believed to have been taken in Washington, D.C. in 1952. Also shown are Tommy Rettig, Jan Clayton, and Lassie.

0043    Mesquite Club, Boulder City, Nevada, ca. 1952? Pictured is Mrs. Spencer Butterfield standing, second from right. Mesquite Club Collection for identifications.

0044    Past presidents of the Mesquite Club. (See Mesquite Club Scrapbooks for identification.

0045    Pictured are left to right: Mrs. George Franklin, Sr., Chairman of Garden section of Mesquite Club, Georgia Butterfield, Louise Davies, & Kenneth Hadland.

0046    Pictured left to right are Tom Thomas, Georgia Butterfield, Hazel Thomas, and Spencer Butterfield. The occasion is 10th Anniversary of Butterfield's (?) either Sept. 11, 1952 or 1953 in Honolulu.

0047    Pictured left to right are Hazel and Tom Thomas, Georgia and Spencer Butterfield, Honolulu, 1953

0048    L-R: Mrs. Fred Britton (husband Pres. Of A.B.A) August 8, 1953

0049    Past Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, ca. 1953. Some identified (sitting) are Howard Cannon, third from left, Spencer Butterfield & C.D.Baker, 5th and 6th from left respectively. Standing 3rd from left are Vern Willis, 5th from left Maxwell Kelch and 6th from left Artemus Ham, Sr.

0050    Pictured left to right are Spencer Butterfield , Stan Irwin, ? (worked for KLAS), Maxwell Kelch, and Dick Ronzone, c. 1953

0051    L-R: Spencer Butterfield, State Bond Chairman, National U.S. Savings Bond Director Earl O. Shreve, J.P. Jones, Reclamation Regional Director, Arnold J. Raven, Regional Bond Sales Director, & State Bond Sales Director V.A. Ninnie. Photo taken at Hoover Dam. May 26, 1954.

0052    Similar shot as above with additional person, fifth from left, Wade H. Taylor Asst. Reclamation Director.


People (cont.)

0053    Pictured left to right are Howard Hillis, explaining the operations of the Los Angeles control room at Hoover Dam. Also pictured left to right are S.L.

Butterfield, V.A. Ninnie, Earl O. Shreve, Arnold J. Raven. See photos 49 and 50 for titles.

0054    Georgia and Spencer Butterfield at the American Bankers Assn. In Atlantic City, New Jersey, October 1954.

0055    L-R are Lili ST. Cyr & Spencer Butterfield

0056    L-R are Buck Newsome & Spencer Butterfield as Betty Grable.

0057    L-R seated at banquet table are (front row:) William Moore, Jr. ?, Ed Converse, Cyril Wengert and Al Cahlan. L-R 9beginning at left end of table and going around the back of the table): ?,?,?, Spencer Butterfield, ?, Frank Strong, Jim Cashman, Vail Pittman.

0058    Two gentlemen standing in front of Rotary International banner are Dr. Lorne Phillips (left) and Spencer Butterfield (right), c. 1955.

0059    Three gentlemen standing in front of Rotary International banner. Spencer Butterfield on left, is only one identified.

0060    same as above

0061    Two men in front of an airplane. Spencer Butterfield is on the right.

0062    Reid Gardner (left) and Spencer Butterfield (right) holding "Live Better Electrically" Logo, 1956.

0063    Bank meeting at Salt Lake City, 10-22-55. Pictured left to right are 1) Angelo Fuoco, 2) Spencer Butterfield 3) Frances Howe 4) Georgia Butterfield, 5) Frank Howe

0064    San Francisco, 1955? Man identified as Eddie Questa, Pres. 1st National Bank.

0065    Bank of Nevada Bowling Team, mid 1950s. Standing left to right are: Arthur Smith, Spencer Butterfield, "Whitey" Hartman. Kneeling Earl Phillips, middle.

0066    A Baseball team or game? Those identified are standing left to right 1-5) unidentified, 6) Spencer Butterfield, 7) Tommy Underhill, 8) Leonard Fayle, 9) Jim Cashman, Sr. Taken in the mid 1950s

0067    Promotion shot (?) for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, taken in the mid-1950s. Standing left to right are: Randy McElhone (cowboy hat) & Jim Cashman, Sr. (cap on sideways). Spencer Butterfield is shown in checked shirt. Front row pictured is Joe Rue in the flower pattern shirt)

0068    Same as above

0069    A Press Club "Branding Iron". Left to right are: Arthur Smith, Spencer Butterfield, and C.E. Sutherland dressed up as female vaudeville entertainers.

0070    Seated at the banquet table, the only persons identified are Spencer Butterfield, (man with light colored tie and glasses) and Georgia Butterfield (2nd to right of Butterfield)

0071    Standing at podium is Spencer Butterfield. To the right of him is Jordan Cranch. Photo taken about 1955-6.


People (cont.)

0072    Spencer Butterfield, third from the right, & Herb Greenfield, fourth from the right watch as gentlemen in military uniform demonstrates. Taken in 1956

0073    When Jayne Mansfield cashed her weekly pay check and asked for it in typical Las Vegas currency it was all that her husband-Mickey Hargitay, Mr. Universe , could do to wheel it and Miss Mansfield home. Trying to help is Bank of Nevada's President, "Spence" Butterfield. Bank of Nevada marquee in background. Photo taken 1956-69.

0074    Photo, taken at Salt Lake City 10/26/57, shows left to right Mrs. James Dutcher, Cash Rampton, Pres. Of Walker Bank, Georgia and Spencer Butterfield.

0075    A bank convention held in San Francisco, California

0076    Similar to above shot

0077    Florence Murphy is seated on the left and standing are Bill Elwell, first on the left and Spencer Butterfield on the far right. Appears to be a publicity shot for Easter Seals fundraising event.

0078    Ivy Baker Priest and Spencer Butterfield , State Bond Chairman hold $100 U.S. Savings Bond in a publicity shot, taken in 1957

0079    Major M.M. Sweeney (left) and Spencer Butterfield are pictured

0080    Spencer Butterfield and Georgia Butterfield standing on gondola. Photo taken at Xochimilco, Mexico.

0081    Republican Club meeting seated left to right are Jeannetta Ball, Mrs. Jack Cord, ?, Georgia Butterfield is at right standing

0082    Seated left to right are : unidentified, Audrey Wickman, Dorothy Zettler, Gladys Dula, Alice Boyer. Standing left to right are: Georgia Butterfield, Rose Olsen, Anna Fayle, Leah Taylor, Mal Morledge, Linda Hile, unidentified (at back) Vera Parker, Cleo Harmon, Phyllis Fish, Gladys Land, Venita Sharp, Louise Fountain, unidentified, Kay Leypoldt, Helen Rasmussen. Photo taken July 25, 1961

0083    Seated left to right in TWA'S first "Big" plane (707)? To visit Las Vegas are Oran Gragson, Georgia Butterfield, "Butch" Leypoldt, ?, & Norm White.

0084    Seated left to right at table are: Janet Kay, Zora Grant (Mrs. Archie), Bill Beckley, Sylvania De Armond, Georgia Butterfield, & Robert Griffith. Photo taken at the Tropicana 10/29/61

0085    Cliff Brown from Dallas, Texas and Georgia Butterfield, 5/10/67, at the Dunes.

0086    Seated left to right at table are: Mr. And Mrs. Scott Robinson, Mr. And Mrs. Bill Barnes, Cliff Brown, and Georgia Butterfield 5/10/67 at the Dunes.

0087    Pictured standing are the past presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, 1976. Left to right are: Harvey Luce, Marion Earl, Robert Griffith, Bob Kaltenborn, Maxwell Kelch, Jim Down, Georgia Butterfield (representing Spencer, deceased 1960), Vern Willis, Dick Ronzone, Ed Converse, and Joy Christensen.


The Butterfield Family

0088    Mrs. L.C. Butterfield (Spencer's mother)

0089    Dr. L.C. Butterfield (Spencer's father)

0090    Mr. And Mrs. L.C. Buttterfield on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, San Diego , 1941

0091    Spencer Butterfield

The Hanna Family

0092    The George Hanna Family, taken 1903 or earlier, left to right are Lola, George, (father), Scott, Rose (mother), Maude.

0093    Norine Hanna c. 1918

0094    Georgia Hanna c. 1918

0095    Georgia Hanna Butterfield, 1950

0096    Georgia Hanna Butterfield, Pres. Of Mesquite Club.

0097    W.J. Meyers