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Beckley Family Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:D, PC Negatives Box 10, PC Slides Binder 03, MC MS 01:D, RS 1.5.7

Collection Contents:
Beckley’s Men Wear, Las Vegas, Nevada

0001 Will Beckley, at desk, stands at the rear of his store. The store was established in 1908. “First store, Main and Fremont, in back of Nevada Hotel. He used to cuff pants himself. One night he left the iron on and burned the place down.” (OVERSIZE) Virginia Beckley Richardson.
0002 Will Beckley, behind the counter, stands at the rear of his store.
0003 Exterior of Beckley’s Men’s Store. Ca.1915.
0004 Will Beckley, right, stands behind the counter in his store. May 1915.
0005 Interior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear. Ca. 1915-1920.
0006 Will Beckley, center, with son Bruce, stands in his store. Jack Price is on his left. 1916.
0007 Exterior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear which was located at First and Fremont.
0008 Architectural rendering of renovation of Beckley’s Men’s Wear. “Alteration to Store building, Will Beckley, owner, Las Vegas, Nevada. Richard D. King, architect, L.A. Calif.” (Renovation was begun in 1929.)
0009 Reconstruction/renovation on Beckley’s Men’s Wear is under way. Beckley borrowed $20,000 for third story addition to building. June, 1929.
0010 Beckley’s Men’s Wear following the renovation. 9/15/30.\
0011 Interior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear. 9/17/30
0012 Grand opening of Beckley’s Store after renovation.
0013 Beckley’s Store following renovation. Left to right are Jake Beckley, Bryan Bunker, and Will Beckley. See 0014.
0014 Beckley’s store following the renovation. Left to right are Jake Beckley, Will Beckley, and Bryan Bunker. See 0013.
0015 Beckley’s Men’s Wear, exterior.
0016 Beckley’s Men’s Wear, exterior. 1930-31.
0017 Beckley’s Store, located at First and Fremont. Early 1930s.
0018 Interior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear. Early 1930s.
0019 Interior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear. 1930s
0020 The front window of Beckley’s Men’s Wear.
0022 Interior of Beckley’s Men’s Wear.
0023 View of the Pioneer Club, downtown Las Vegas. Beckley’s sign on top of Pioneer Club is shown. “Tutor Scherer took it over 1941 in partnership with Farmer Page. Ca. 1942.”


Beckley and Beckley Men’s Clothing, Goodsprings, Nevada

0024 “About 1918- Fred Peal and I when I open branch store Goodsprings, Nevada.” Will Beckley.
0025 “About 1918- Jake and Alta Beckley, Will, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Fayle and Bruce Beckley (sic), Fred Grimes, Leva Beckley. The store in Goodsprings.” Next door to Beckley and Beckley Men’s Clothing and Shoes is the Goodsprings Post Office.
0026 Standing next to Beckley and Beckley Men’s Clothing and Furnishings are , left to right, Jake Beckley, Mrs. Fayle (?), Will Beckley, Mrs. Pembroke (?), Alta Beckley, Fred Grimes (holding Bruce Beckley), Leva Beckley, Goodsprings, ca. 1918.
0027 Unidentified man stands in front of Will. Beckley Men’s Furnishings store at Goodsprings, Nevada.

Beckley and Beckley Store at Blythe, California

0028 Beckley and Beckley Store in the St. Charles Hotel, Blythe, Calif. “This the store on a busy day.”

Early Las Vegas

0029 “Dear Leva: You ought to come in the water is fine. Ho Ho We might go boating. W.B. June 21:08.” L-R are, 1) unidentified; 2) Jake Beckley; 3) Will Beckley. Well in Paradise Valley, Las Vegas.
0030 Hotel Nevada, 1909 or 1910.
0031 Will Beckley sits atop a boulder in the desert. On boulder is painted “Beckley’s Walk Over Shoes, July Fourth, W.B. ’12.” 1912.
0032 “Four mile. J. Beckley, A.Beckley, Maybelle Park, L.Beckley, 1912”
0033 “1912 Beckleys' Grape Vine Springs.”
0034 “Jakes Ranch Home. Paradise valley , about 1914.”
0035 L-R are: 1) Miner, 2) Miner’s Wife, 3) Will Beckley, 4) Leva Beckley, 5) Watelet (Engineer), 6) Jake Beckley. East Las Vegas gold mine.
0036 Jake and Alta Beckley sit in a Ford. Will Beckley stands next to an artesian well. “Alta and Jake, Will B. Jake’s Ranch about 1915.” (present location Sierra Vista)
0037 “Bruce, mother and I, Beckley Ranch in Paradise Valley, June 27, 1915.” Left to right are Will Beckley, holding Bruce, and Leva Beckley.
0038 “Bro. Jake, Paradise Valley.” (at ranch house in Paradise Valley, June 27, 1915.”)
0039 “Left to right are Virginia (Beckley) Richardson, Barbara (Ferron) Doyle, Shirley (Ferron) Swanson at Ferron Home: corner Fourth and Fremont.”


Early Las Vegas (cont.)

0040 “Sam Lawson’s home: Third and Lewis. Birthday party of Eugenia Lawson. Sam and Florence Lawson, original Power and Telephone Company Owners. Front row left to right: Barbara Virginia (Beckley) Richardson, Eugenia Lawson, Audrey (Walters) Pearson, Lois Woodward. Back row left to right: Marlow Cragin, Helen Blanding, Shirley (Ferron) Swanson, Evelyn (White) Perato (Peralto).”
0041 “Paradise Valley gusher.” Six workers stand around an artesian well in operation.

First Plane Flown in to Las Vegas, 5/7/20

0042 “Jake Beckley and Mr. Henderson flew the first plane in to L.V. 5/7/20, from    Blythe, Cal.”
0043 Crowd observes the first plane that landed in Las Vegas, 5/7/20.
0044 Jake Beckley stands in front of first plane that flew in to Las Vegas.
0045 Crowd gathers around the first plane that flew in to Las Vegas on May 7, 1920.
0046 Crowd gathers around the first plane that flew in to Las Vegas on May 7, 1920.

Later Las Vegas

0047 “Bruce Beckley Birthday party in front of home at 120 S. Fourth . Left to right: First row: George Ullom, ?, John William Park. Second row: Andrew Croal, Tom Carrol, Charles Harmon, Kermit Krause, Bruce Beckley, ?. Mar. 22-27.” 1927.
0048 Bruce and Virginia Beckley stand in front of the Beckley house at 120 S. Fourth . (ca. 1928-1929)
0049 Fremont Street, ca. 1928. “Annual Christmas tradition- Santa would give each child a bag of candy.” (OVERSIZE)
0050 Andy Crowell, left, and Bruce Beckley stand in the front yard of the Fourth Street house.
0051 “S. Third St. (Between Carson and Bridger) in back of building was a ring for fights. Beckley children used to look down on.”
0052 Fremont St. between Third and Fourth, May 13-16, 1948. Will Beckley is on the left in back seat. (Helldorado parade).
0053 Elks Helldorado Float advertising Beckley’s (maybe Phyllis Heinrichsen, beauty queen)
0054 Home of Leva G. Beckley, 120 S. Fourth St. Las Vegas, Nevada, 4/78.


Southern Nevada (Other than Las Vegas, Nevada)

055 Boulder Canyon Dam Site. Reservoir site- Colorado River- 40 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking downstream.
0056 Boulder Canyon Dam Site. Reservoir site- Colorado River- 40 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking downstream. J.F. Perkins photo.
0057 Boulder Canyon Dam Site. Reservoir site- Colorado River- 40 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking downstream. J.F. Perkins photo.
0058 Yellow Pine Mine, Goodsprings, Nevada, ca. 1917
0059 Leva and Will Beckley at Indian Springs, ca. 1915
0060 “At Charleston. 1. Hazel Copper, 2. Jack Price, 3. ? 4. Leva Beckley, 5. Walter Bracken, 6. Bess Lightfoot, 7. Ruth Ferron, 8. Alta Ham. Child: Virginia Beckley.


0061 “First picture taken in Goldfield, December, 1903. Harrie Taylor (discoverer). Lew Finnegan and John Y. McKane on the Jumbo, form which was taken $100,000 in 47 feet surface, the strike that caused the first rush.”
0062 Goldfield, Nevada. ca. 1921. “Virginia Beckley” is pictured.
0063 Rhyolite, Nevada
0064 Tonopah, Nevada. Mizpah Hotel.
0065 “Tonopah” Nevada mining town.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

0066 Standing far left, Frank Crowe (?)


0067 “I about 12 yrs. Old, Jake about 13 ½ years old. Lizzie (Beckley) about 10 ½ years old. Taken in Fairbury, Ill. Will Beckley. Will Beckley is fourth from the right in the front row. Jake Beckley is third from the left, top row. See photo for location of Lizzie Beckley. 1891.
0068 “Taken 1898, Fairbury, ILL. Mandolin Club.” Will Beckley is First on the left, bottom row.
0069 Will Beckley.
0070 Mr. and Mrs. Will Beckley.
0071 “1912 Beckley’s” (Beckley’s in car on the desert)
0072 Left to right: 1) Virginia Keate, 2) , 3), 4) Mrs. Charles Horsey. Leva Beckley is in the driver’s seat. Taken at Goodsprings, Nevada. (Oversize)


People (cont.)

0073 Leva Beckley, holding Bruce Beckley, is seated in the front row, center. Virginia Keate, holding Virginia Beckley, is seated in the front row, far right. Middle row, left to right, are Hazel Williams, Carol Williams, Nelly Martin, and Fourth from the left is Delphine “Mom” Squires. Photo taken about 1918.
0074 Left to right, seated playing cards are Mrs. O’ Brien; unidentified woman; Will Beckley, holding son, Bruce Beckley; Leva Beckley; Dr. O’Brien.
0075 Left to right are Wm. Schuyler; Leva Beckley, kneeling; Virginia Beckley, sitting on the ground; Will Beckley, standing behind son; Bruce; and Peggy Schuyler, seated in car 1921.
0076 Class standing on steps of Las Vegas School, 1921
0077 (Beckley family, left to right, Leva; Virginia; Bruce, Will.) (neg.only)
0078 (School children) Bottom row, eighth from the left is Tom Martin. Bruce Beckley is in the top row, fourth from the right.
0079 Ruth and Al Cahlan wedding party.
0080 “During Boulder Dam Construction. Will Beckley, left and Walker Young, on right.”
0081 Opening of Pioneer Club, 1941. “Tutor pointing.”
0082 Eighth grade graduation class on steps of Las Vegas School, May 25, 1928. (Left to right) First row: 3-Ellsmane Forbes. Second row: 1-Billy Mott; 7-Teddy Holman; 8-Colen Hickman; 11- Lee Beatty; 12-Gordon Potter; 16- Leland Ward. Third row: 4-Kermit Krause; 6- George Ullom; 8-Tom Carroll; 11-Evelyn White; 12 -Cal Cory; 13- Maybelle Pistol; 14- Andy Crowell. Fourth row: 5-Bruce Beckley; 7- Bud Doherty; 8- Katherine Mosbaugh; 11- Louise Lorenzi; 12-Bill Elwell. Sixth row: 2- Eldon Larson, teacher; 8- Charles Harmon; 12- K.O. Knudson.
0083 “My eighth grade graduation class, May 25, 1928. Bruce writing.” Class standing on the steps of Las Vegas School.
0084 Formal shot of Will Beckley, ca. 1950s.
0085 Left to right, seated; 3- Jack Richardson. Standing: 5- Bud Swanson; 6- Herb McDonald; 7- Herb Jones; 8- Barney Rawlings. (Reserve Officers Group)


0086 An unidentified ferry operation on river.

Additions to Collection

0087 Moving the Beckley House from its location at 120 S. Fourth Street Las Vegas to the Southern Nevada Museum in Henderson. (Slides-Housed: R10: 6 through R10: 9)



Pg 1.1 “Bill L. -W.B. (Will Beckley)/Floyd Francis”
Pg. 1.2 “Alta (on left)”
Pg. 1.3 “Leva (on left)”
Pg. 1.4 “Jake’s Ranch house”
Pg. 2.1 “Leva (on left) and Mrs. W. Parks”
Pg. 2.2 “Stewart Ranch- Las Vegas Ranch- Dad (Will Beckley).”
Pg. 3.1 “W.B. (Will Beckley, left) and Bill L.”
Pg. 3.2 “Leva and Dad.” (Beckley’s)”
Pg. 3.3 “I and Bill L.” (Will Beckley, left)
Pg. 3.4 “Catalina- Dad.” ( Will Beckley)
Pg. 4.1 “Over Beckley Store.” Pictured are Leva, Delphine Squires.
Pg. 4.2 “Dad.” (Will Beckley)