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Hammond, Lena

Collection Contents:


0001    Friedman's Department Store
0002    Goldfield Class Picture
0003    Kalkbrenner Home
0004    Interior, Kalkbrenner Home


0005    Central Market
0006    Tonopah Club
0007    Wreck, Tonopah and Goldfield RR


0008    Mary Falvey's class, Austin
0009    Rev. Alfonso Gavin
0010    Mrs. Sutton and two sons

NOTE: Documentation of photographs provided by donor Lena Hammond, recorded by Elizabeth Patrick, 1979.

NOTE: The following photos, which have been identified, have removed from two of Lena Hammond's albums and placed in the photographic collection. The remainder of photos are in the albums.

0011    Lena Hammond on right.
0012    Telephone exchange in Goldfield, Nevada. Lena Hammond at switchboard.
0013    Lena Hammond, on left and seated.
0014    Lena Hammond seated, middle.
0015    Lena Hammond, seated at left. Scene is probably interior of Falvey home, Goldfield. Falvey home across from school building. Still standing 9-81
0016    Lena Hammond, back row, far right.
0017    L-R: Lena Hammond; (?); Bill Hammond; (?)
0018    Lena Hammond at left
0019    Lena Hammond in dark dress.
0020    Lena Hammond, second from left.
002     1 Rev. Alfonso Gavin, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Goldfield, Nevada, 1940s. Gavin was the inventor of an all purpose golf club which Lena still has in her home. Club was marketed and sold. [c. 1922] (duplicate of 0115 0009)
0022    Father Gavin in clerical collar.
0023    Lena Hammon, seated at left.
0024    Lena Hammon, center.
0025    Lena Hammon, center.
0026    Lena Hammon, far right
0027    Lena Hammon, standing at left
0028    Lena Hammon, right
0029    Lena Hammon, center figure
0030    Appears to be a slumber party. Lena Hammond, second row, far left.
0031    Lena Hammond, front row, for left. (Looks like a slumber party)
0032    [Probably Lena Hammond]
0033    Lena Hammond at right.
0034    Lena Hammond at far right
0035    Lena Hammond at far right
0036    Bill Hammond at top right.
0037    Pat. (c. 1940s)
0038    Wedding party, L-R: Dottie Camasta, Pat, Stan, Ertis North. (June 24, 1950)
0039    L-R: Pat, Anita, Stan, and Alice. (1957)
0040    Lena and Bill Hammond
0041    Bill Hammond, at right. (Husband of Lena Falvey)
0042    Lena Hammond, center; Bill Hammond, right.
0043    William "Bill" Hammond, husband of Lena Falvey.
0044    Lena Hammond, left.
0045    Lena Hammond, fifth from left. (Group picnicking)
0046    Lena Hammond, far right.
0047    Telegraph office in Goldfield.
0048    Switchboard-Goldfield telephone exchange. [Lena Hammond at switchboard].
0049    Lena Hammond
0050    Goldfield High School. Lena's family home (Falvey home) was just across the street.
0051    Lena Falvey Hammond (left).
0052    Probably the Goldfield flood. (9-13-1913)
0053     Goldfield flood, September 13, 1913. (Inscription on back of photo reads, "down Broadway")
0054    Bodie (Calif.) in the Spring.
0055    Diamondfield, Nevada. (Photo by L.A. Larson-postcard)
0056    Infant Bill Kendall and Lena Hammond in her parlor in Goldfield.
0057    Lena Hammond (left)
0058    Lena Hammond.
0059    Mary Kendall holding her son Bill in Lena Hammond's parlor, Goldfield. (Figure cut out was Inez Finnegan with whom Lena was feuding!)
0060    Child pointing is Jennifer (Taken at Easter) At right is Prudence.
0061    L-R: Jennifer and Prudence. This was taken at Easter time.
0062    L-R: Jennifer (age 2 ), Vinnie ( 10 years), and Prudence (3 years) Inscription on back reads: "In back of the house, our land runs up to the trees"