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Photo Collections Record

R.B. Griffith Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:A, PC Negatives Box 08, PC Slides Binder 03, MC MS 01:C

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Collection Contents:
Early Las Vegas

0001    1930's (?) in Las Vegas in front of the Majestic Theater.

0002    In front of the Golden Nugget in the 1940s

Las Vegas River Mountains Project

0003    The "Mole" pokes its nose out of the tunnel through mountain

0004    Another shot of the "mole" poking its nose out of the tunnel.

0005    Side View of the Jarva Tunnel Borer showing the cutter head.

0006    Front view above outlet portal showing 988 caterpillar loader towing mole and conveyor to tunnel portal.

0007    Looking down form left side of outlet portal showing mole preparing to walk into the tunnel

0008    View looking back on stationing from 394-00.

0009    Photo of the treatment plants; credit plate

0010    Key federal, state and contractor representatives who were on hand when the mole broke through the tunnel in 6-26-69.

0011    More of the same as in 0010, except different people.

0012    Same as 0010 & 0011 except different people.


0013    Eight men seated, #5 is Robert Griffith

0014    Five men seated, #3 is Robert Griffith

0015    Three people standing , #1 is Hal Erickson

0016    Unidentified man signed a paper and a woman looking on.

0017    Five men standing, #2 is Paul Laxalt.

0018    The Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Nevada (now First Interstate Bank of Nevada) taken in 1969. Seated left to right are: E.H. Fitz, Ernest Martinelli, Gordon B. Harris, James Cashman , Jr., William Laub, Jr., Arthur M. Smith Jr. Standing left to right are: Roy Young, C.E. Helgren, Norman Brown, Neil Plath, Herbert E. Grier, Paul Garwood, F. Lorin Ronnow, Robert Griffith, Gaylord K. Prather, Ernest Maupin, Sr. (oversize)

106    ROBERT B. GRIFFITH COLLECTION                        

(The Following are SLIDES)

Fremont Street, c. 1950s

0019    Golden Nugget Gambling Hall marquee.

0020    Fremont Street, Pioneer Club, Vegas Vic.

0021    Pioneer Club and Vegas Vic sign at night.

0022    Las Vegas Club at night.

0023    Fremont Street; Vegas Vic at night

0024    Fremont Street at night

0025     Fremont Street, day time; Golden Nugget Hotel

0026    Golden Nugget and Fremont Street (day)

Hotel Signs, Marquees

0027    Hotel Flamingo sign

0028    Hotel Flamingo sign

0029    Hotel Flamingo marquee

0030    Sahara Hotel marquee.

Performers-Las Vegas Hotels, c.1950s

0031    Nevada Vegas [pageant?] at Las Frontier Hotel.

0032    Night Club performers, Las Vegas

0033    Performers in Las Vegas shows.

0034    Dancers in Las Vegas shows.

0035    [Ima Sumac?] performs in Las Vegas.

0036    Performer in a Las Vegas show.

0037    Performers at Sahara Hotel.

0038    Performers at Sahara Hotel.

0039    Performers at Sahara Hotel.

Helldorado Parade

0040     Helldorado Parade, Las Vegas, 1951

0041    Boulder Club float-Helldorado, 1951

0042    Golden Nugget float---Helldorado, 1951

0043    Ronzone's float---Helldorado parade, 1951

0044    Desert Inn float---Helldorado parade, 1951

0045    Float in Helldorado parade, Las Vegas, 1951

0046    Helldorado parade, Las Vegas, 1951

106    ROBERT B. GRIFFITH COLLECTION                        

Helldorado Parade (cont.) SLIDES

0047    Helldorado parade, Las Vegas, 1951

0048    El Rancho Vegas float---Helldorado--1951

0049    Plane being towed in Helldorado parade, 1952

0050    Horseshoe Club float, Helldorado

0051    Desert Inn Float---Helldorado, 1952

0052    California Club float Helldorado-1952

0053    Boulder Club float Helldorado 1952

0054    Ronzone's float-Helldorado 1952

0055    Golden Nugget float, Helldorado 1952

0056    Pioneer Club float Helldorado 1952

0057    Golden Nugget float Helldorado 1952

0058    Livestock in Helldorado Parade 1952

0059    Helldorado Parade 1953 Las Vegas

0060    Helldorado Parade Las Vegas, 1953

0061    Helldorado Parade Las Vegas, 1953

0062    Float in Helldorado Parade 1953-Las Vegas, NV

0063    Las Vegas, [Helldorado Parade], 1950s

0064    Las Vegas, [Helldorado Parade], 1950s

0065    Horsedrawn stagecoach [Helldorado Parade] 1950s

0066    Float in [Helldorado parade?] 1950s

0067    Las Vegas [Helldorado parade?] 1950s

0068    Parade-in front of Pioneer Club 1950s

0069    Monte Carlo Club float [Helldorado?] 1950s

0070    Float [Helldorado parade] 1950s


0071    Historic marker near Virginia City. Details history of Virginia City

0072    Historic marker near Virginia City. (See #0071)

0073    Historic marker near Virginia City, NV. (History of Comstock Lode, Virginia City, etc.)

0074    Historic marker near Virginia City. (Comstock Lode, discovered 1859, etc.)

0075    Sign: "Chicago Nevada Gold Mining Co"---near Virginia City (?)

0076    Sign: "Virginia City-Queen of the Comstock"

0077    [Gold mine near Virginia City?]

0078    Cal-Neva [motel or inn?]

0080    Griffith Methodist Church-Las Vegas, c. 1950s