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Eileen Margaret Green Photograph Collection

Location: PC 08:D, PC Negatives Box 15

Collection Contents:
(Note: The photos listed below are from her MA thesis: A Cultural Ecological Approach to the Rock Art of Southern Nevada, GN 799 P4 G73x 1987a.)

0001    Brownstone Canyon, View Northwest.
0002    Grapevine Canyon, View West.
0003    Sifted Site, View Northwest.
0004    Yellow Plug, View Northeast.
0005    Buffington's Reservoir.
0006    Side Canyon, Arrow Canyon.
0007    Painted Shelter, Brownstone Canyon.
0008    Lone Grapevine Spring.
0009    Buffington's Reservoir.
0010    Big Dune, Arrow Canyon.
0011    Kneeling Hunter, Ls Vegas Valley SW.
0012    Dune Site, Muddy Springs Canyon.
0013    Dune Site, Muddy Springs Canyon.
0014    Lone Grapevine Swing.
0015    Big Dune, Arrow Canyon.
0016    Canyon, Muddy Springs Canyon.
0017    Mouse's Canyon, Mouse's Tank.
0018    Lone Oak Shelter.
0019    East Site, Brownstone Canyon.
0020    Aztec Tank.
0021    Lone Grapevine Swing.