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Grant, A.C. (Archie)

Later Las Vegas

0001    Men's Service Club, including R.E. Griffith, A.C. Grant, Al Cahlan, (Thunderbird Photo, R.N. Wright)

Las Vegas Housing Authority

0002    Board including Berkeley Bunker, A.C. Grant, James Down (photo may beduplicated in H.E. Hazard Collection)

0003    A.C. Grant lifting first shovel, 11 local men identified

0004    Grant at podium (probably dedication of housing), Photorama

0005    Unidentified individual at podium, same occasion, Photorama

0006    Crowd at same event, Photorama

Nevada Southern University (University of Nevada Las Vegas)

0007    Aerial view of campus, 1959

0008    Aerial view of campus, 1968

0009    Regents in caps and gowns

0010    Regents

0011    Regents, including Dr. Juanita Greer White

0012    Tea, Bonnie Gragson pouring

0013    Tea, Eva Bortman pouring

0014    Regents, including Helen Thompson

0015    Close-up of above

0016    Board of Regents, October 1961

0017    Dedication of building, probably Frazier Hall, 1957, Segerblom photo

0018    Prob. Dedication of bldg. Segerblom photo

0019    Crowd scene at dedication, appears to be Frazier Hall, Segerblom photo

0020    Speaker at dedication, Segerblom photo

0021    Another speaker at dedication, Segerblom photo

0022    Inside Frazier Hall?


0023    A.C. Grant portrait

0024    A.C. Grant, portait

0025    A.C. Grant, portait

0026    Zora Grant


People (cont.)

0027    Senator Pat McCarran and Mrs. Pat McCarran

0028    Sen. Pat McCarran and unident. Gentleman at U.S. Mint

0029    Poss. Graduation photo belonging to Zora Grant (OVERSIZE)

0030    Archie Grant and Bob Hope

0031    Democratic delegation from Nevada to National Convention which nominated Stevenson?, including Archie Grant, Pat McCarran, Cliff Jones

0032    Unidentified group of men with Archie Grant (National City Bank, New York photo)

0033    Las Vegas men at groundbreaking ( may be related to Las Vegas Housing Authority). Picture includes Jim Down , Reed Whipple, Rulon Earl, Rex Jarrett(See 0016 003 which appears to be same occasion)

0034    Interior shot, unidentified individuals and location.

Additions to Collection

0035    Archie C. Grant, taken in France during World War I.

0036    A.C Grant Ford Sales and Service Agency, Las Vegas. (Note the snow on the ground.)

0037    Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin, c. 1917. Taken at Keshena, county seat of Menominee County, Wis. L-R: Mr. Grant (Archie Grant's father); Chief of the Menominee Indians at Keshena; Helen Grant (Archie's'sister).

0038    Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin, c. 1917. L-R, front: (1) ?? (2) Zora Grant (Archie's wife); (3) Archie Grant; (4) Helen Grant (Archie's sister).(Photo by Percy Marble)