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Narrator Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Warner, Paul Early Las Vegas-Roske Project no 1
Warren, Claude 03/01/2007 UNLV no 2
Warren, Juanita 03/02/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Personal history no 1
Warren, PhD, Elizabeth 7/7/2010 Boyer ELVOPH Historian; Old Spanish Trail expert, Board of Director for National Trails System. Pioneer Trail project through the LV Westside community depicting entries on the National Register of Historic Places and noting people, places, and events significant to the black community in LV. yes 0
Warren, Rusty Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 2
Warwick, Dionne Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 2
Warwick, Dionne 04/04/1983 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Wasden, Howard Early Las Vegas-Roske Southern Nevada history no 1
Washington, Albert 02/25/1979 Early Las Vegas-Roske Southern Nevada history no 1
Washington, David L. 03/18/2009 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .W37 2007 David Washington was the first Arican-American to serve as Fire Chief for the City of Las Vegas Fire Department. He also served in the Army, and although he is retired from the Fire Department, he is still active in the Las Vegas community Notes Includes additional accomplishements of the Fire Department under Chief Washington and letters to the Chief published in the Las Vegas firenews in December 2001 yes 0
Washington, Grover Jr. Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Mike Weatherford no 1
Washington, Isadore CT247 .W373 2007 no 0
Washington, Lee 11/30/2014 AfAm Student Project (Ford-Wheaton, Aleya) Arrived in LV in 1963. Lived in Vegas Heights, memories of Jackson Street in the heyday of business opportunities. Custodian worker on Strip, member of Culinary Union and participated in labor unrest. no 0
Washington, Marcia 2/14/2013 AfAm Collaborative F850.N4 W37 2012 Early life in the South and continuity to Las Vegas, early arrival, meeting her husband, community dislikes, the importance of the church, living conditions, entertainment for young couples, community involvement. yes 0
Watkins, John P. Dr 03/04/1979 Medical Doctors in Las Vegas Medical history no 1
Watkins, Ralph 02/03/1971 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Watson, Cynthia and Edward 3/28/2014 AfAm Collab Las Vegas migration. Many community organizations and unique activism. Edward worked at the Nevada Test Site and Cynthia started a private school. yes 0
Watson, Edward and Cynthia 3/28/2014 AfAm Collaborative Project Both shared unusual backgrounds of early childhood, the migration to Las Vegas. Owners of private school. Will cover work in the PTA, home schooling, and organizations - House of Knowledge, Say Yes to Youngsters, Friends of West Las Vegas. Spirit of the culture. no 0
Watson, Nancie B. Educator no 1
Watts, Frank 04/01/1981 UNLV Hotel School: UNLV, Hotel College no 1
Watts, James W. 03/13/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Gaming no 1
Weasa, Melvin Albert 10/01/1971 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history no 1
Weaver, Charles 1974 or 10/25/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske no 1
Weaver, Ruth Moore 11/25/1986 Local Oral History Project-Roske City of Henderson no 1
Weddington, Sarah Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Weekly, Lawrence 4/22/2013 AfAm Collaborative Weekly serves as a Clark County Commissioner with an area that serves the Historic Westside. His major goal is the help develop the area. Aspires to become a university professor. yes 0
Weekly, Lawrence 11/19/2014 AfAm Collab - Student Project (Harris-Yolanda, Elsha) Education, Career as a City/County official, being a professor. no 0
Weeks, Gwen Early Las Vegas-Roske no 1
Weeteling, John J. 04/07/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Weide, David L. 05/31/2007 BOYER EARLY LAS VEGAS OHP no 0
Weil, Aubrey Bud 12/09/2003 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .W45 2007 Bud Weil worked as a disc jockey and radio broadcaster at the KENO radio station in Las Vegas. He interviewed stars that came to town on his show. Later he got out of broadcasting and sold Musak, which allowed him to meet many people in Las Vegas. Bud also seved in the Army during World War II yes 3
Weiner, Stanley 03/02/1978 Early Las Vegas-Roske Early Las Vegas history. Moved to Las Vegas in 1953 as a young boy and recalls racism, early days of the city; first synagogue; being a busboy and Sears employee. Reflects on living in Las Vegas from 1953 to 1978. no 1
Weiss, Sam 05/26/1974 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Weiss, Walter 11/02/2010 Boyer Early Las Vegas Project CT247 .W454 2007 Walter Weiss was a boxer who came to Las Vegas to escape his personal troubles and find work with a local bookmaker. He worked at various positions in casinos including executive positions and also worked as a Wall Street broker. His writings regarding the passing of his Rabbi Ephraim Wolf are included yes 0
Welch, Don 03/15/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history 1932's - no 1
Welch, Raquel Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Welles, David 02/27/2002 Educator no 2
Wellman, Henry 03/14/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Boulder City Alcohol no 1
Wells, Herb February 24, 2005 Blue Diamond Oral History Project This is the history of Blue Diamond Village. Blue Diamond is located 26 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The village, originally known as Cottonwood Springs, changed its name when the Blue Diamond Company took ownership of the Gypsum mine and built corporate housing for the workers in the early '20s. Near the base of the Red Rock canyon, Blue Diamond Village was originally a stop on the Old Spanish Trail for traders from Santa Fe, N.M., to California between 1830 and 1848, according to the history committee's findings. road for the The Blue Diamond School opened in 1929. The company built bunk housing and homes for the workers that it started selling to the public in 1965. yes 5
Wells, Herbert C. 03/08/2006 UNLV @ Fifty Oral History Project LD3745.W44 2007 Herbert C. Wells is currently professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering at UNLV, and is considered the father of engineering at the university yes 0
Wells, Herbet 03/08/2006 UNLV yes 3
Wells, Herbet C. 02/24/2005 Educator no 2
Wells, William A. UNLV no 1
Wells, William R. 05/22/2006 UNLV @ Fifty Oral History Project LD3745.W442 2007 Dr. William R. Wells was the first dean of engineering at UNLV. He is an aerospace enginner and also taught in Ohio and Illinois. He saw the enginnering college throught several rounds of accreditation with the ABET yes 0
Welsh, Anna Jennings 07/05/1975 or 06/18/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Welt, Doris with Jerry and Marcy Welt Nov. 30, 2014 Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project Father was Jerry Fox (aka Stoney) who was pawn shop owner/jeweler who moved to Las Vegas in 1946. Doris lived in Vegas for 17 years beginning in 1971. Mother of attorney Jerry Welt. Her husband Eli was involved in Jewish Federation. Marcy and Jerry Welt have been very active in Jewish community since moving here in 1972 no 0
Wengert, Ree 02/28/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske no 1
Wengert, Ward 03/01/1976 Early Las Vegas-Roske Nevada history, personal history/newspaper clippings no 2
Wesley, Mary History of the 1970's no 6
West Side Community 07/19/1977 Early Las Vegas-Roske no 2

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