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Narrator Collection # Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Boiman, Jackie OH-02291 3/27-2015 Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project Moved to Las Vegas in 1985. Worked in administrative and youth programs positions at local synagogues. Position at Touro University. no 0
Bolden, Otha OH-00217 07/05/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Las Vegas history, politics, gambling, Atomic Testing, floods, growth and changes in Nevada. no 1
Bolden, Sr, Robert OH-02201 11/29/2014 AfAm Student Project (Nick Matthews) Ramifications of bussing in Las Vegas. AfAm experience over his 50 years in the city. Las Vegas Police Department. no 0
Bolliq, Frank M. OH-00218 03/23/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Industry, history of Southern Nevada from 1942 to 1976. no 1
Bonanto, Ronald OH-00219 03/15/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Law enforcement, Pioche history, mining in Pioche during Korean War, changes in the Police Force, L.D.S. Church, religion, Metro Police. no 1
Bonaventure, Jim OH-02156 9/9/2014 BELV - Culinary Workers Union Local 226 History of the Culinary in Las Vegas, the grievance process, value of workers academy, failure of AfAm integration on the Strip, and general life in Las Vegas. no 0
Bonaventure, Judge Joseph OH-00119 03/12/1985 Judge in the Justice Court of Clark County, Nevada. (This Interview is a transcript only, there is no tape) yes 0
Bondi, Frank OH-00120 06/20/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview; owner of American Photo Copy and Blueprint Company, St, Anne's Catholic Church, Lombard plane crash, President visit: Kennedy and Johnson, first televisions, atomic testing, history of the Review Journal, economic collapse of 1965, architects, general history of Las Vegas yes 0
Bonner, Frank Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 2
Bono, Rich 09/23/2004 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Cork Proctor no 1
Bono, Sonny November 1971 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Boone, Danel OH-00222 02/22/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske filming "Sabre Jet" at Nellis Air Force Base, recreation, Helldorado, Church Activity and Religion, Celebrities, Las Vegas weather, City Parks, Boy Scouts and Frank Godfrey, Las Vegas Schools, Atomic Testing. no 1
Boone, Debby February 1981 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Booth, Howard OH-00937 04/13/2009 Environmental concerns in Las Vegas no 0
Booth, Willard OH-02186 11/14/2014 AfAm Collab - Black Studies class of Dr. Celeste Early Las Vegan who worked on Hoover Dam in the 1950s. Recounts events in history of black community no 0
Booth, Willard OH-02186 11/14/2014 AfAm Student Project (Larmaya Kilgore) no 0
Boothby, Lloyd 11/27/1979 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Borders, Myram OH-00223 02/09/2009 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B67 2007 Myram Borders grew up in Las Vegas, graduated from UNR, worked as a journalist in Reno, Los Angeles, and in Las Vegas starting in 1965. She worked for UPI and then Gannett, and was the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs under Gov. Bob Miller. She also was the head of the Las Vegas News Bureau. CT247.B67 yes 1
Borsack, Donald Edward OH-00224 03/02/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske El Portal Luggage Business, Union Pacific Railroad, William Morris and Myron Leavitt, Politicians, crime in Las Vegas 1940 's, WWII, Basic Magnesium, Las Vegas Gunnery School (Nellis Air Force Base), University of Nevada Reno (UNR), Fremont Street, Las Vegas Executive Association, Chamber of Commerce, Importance of UNLV and Southern Nevada University on Business in Nevada, Las Vegas Wranglers, Newspapers, Atomic Testing, Racial problems with Black personnel, Blacks in Nevada, Lake Mead, Boulder Beach. no 1
Bounty, Larry OH-02313 2013 March 13 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada Bounty joined the Boulder City Volunteer Department in Boulder City, Nevada in 1976 and became a professional fireman in 1979. no 0
Bowerrman, Paul H. OH-00225 03/05/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Nevada and Las Vegas history 1956 - 1976, water, heating and cooling, church and religion, politics, Las Vegas Executive Association, gambling, Mt Charleston, Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, Lee Canyon, Atomic testing, economic change in Las Vegas, Casinos: Flamingo, El Rancho Vegas, Sahara, Riviera, Sands, Stardust Gambling taxes, Downtown, pollution, floods, sandstorms, Rodents and pest control, ranches. no 1
Bowler, Alene OH-02310 2013 February 01 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada Bowler received EMT training in Las Vegas, Nevada, and rode with ambulances in the Las Vegas area until the 1990s. no 0
Bowler, Grant M. OH-00226 02/20/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske Moapa Valley High Schools, Las Vegas 1920 's, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), Mormon Church, religion, General Nevada history. no 1
Bowman (Kaye), Patricia OH-00227 11/16/1978 - 01/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske America's first Prima Ballerina. yes 26
Bowman, Junell OH-02093 3/9/2014 BELVOHP Description will be added after Oral history is catalogued. yes 0
Bowman, L.J. OH-00228 10/11/2004 Education - Principalship - Pat Carlton Educational leadership policies and practices. yes 1
Bowser, Ida OH-00159 08/30/2007 UNLV UNLV yes 2
Bowser, Ida M. OH-00159 08/30/2007 UNLV Oral History Project @Fifty LD3745 .B68 2007 Ida Bowser worked in the UNLV libraries for 37 years yes 0
Bowsher, Francis and Wilson OH-00229 02/26/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Atomic Testing, building atomic testing facilities, Las Vegas 1950 's, Howard Hughes, changes in Las Vegas, Mercury. yes 1
Boyd, Essie OH-00121 9/9/2008 Boyer Early LV OHP - Blacks in LV Boyd was born in 1910. Worked positions in the back-of-the-house and at the Desert Inn CC. Worked for Toni Clark but decided not to talk about the work or the people who surrounded her. (missing use agreement) yes 0
Boyd, Patty OH-00231 10/24/2003 BOYER EARLY LAS VEGAS OHP Early Las Vegas yes 2
Boyd, Sam A. OH-00232 05/09/1973 - 02/28/1977 - 5/1979 Local Oral History - Roske Gaming and Gambling, Catholic Church, religion, Board of Trustees of the Rosa de Lima Hospital, Governor Sawyer, Carole Lombard Plane Crash, meeting President Johnson, blackout after Pearl Harbor, WWII, Atomic Testing, Industry and Corporate growth in Southern Nevada, flash flooding, racial changes, Monte Carlo, The Jackpot Casino, El Rancho, Flamingo, the Thunderbird, the El Cortez. Was an owner of the Sahara Hotel, owner of the Eldorado Club in Henderson, President of Union Plaza Hotel. Howard Hughes, Bugsy Siegel. Hoover Dam, General Patton, Korean War, Airplanes in Las Vegas, Schools and Education. (1973 - No Use Agreement, handwritten transcription; 1977 - Has use Agreement; 1979 - Has Use Agreement) yes 3
Boyd, William OH-00122 8/21/2013 & 9/25/2013 UNLV Gaming Law Journal OHP History of family, introduction into gaming industry, history of the Boyd Group's evolution. no 0
Boyd, William W. OH-00233 03/16/1981 Gaming and Gambling, Golden Nugget, High Hat Club, Cheating at Poker, Howard Hughes, Winning the World Series of Poker, effects of Prohibition on gambling, Downtown, "Block 16" and Prostitution. no 1
Boyer, Brendan 10/30/1992 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Boyer, Harold L. Dr. OH-00235 11/15/2000 Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B68 2007 Dr. Harold Boyer went into a medical practice in Las Vegas in 1952. He has also been active in many community organizations yes 3
Boyer, Judith OH-00236 11/08/2005 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B682 2007 Judith Boyer moved to Las Vegas in 1948 and worked at Ronzoni's Department Store and as a stewardess for Bonanza Airlines. Her second husband was Dr. Harold Boyer, who was a dermatologist in Las Vegas for many years yes 2
Boyle, John M. OH-00237 03/14/1981 Local Oral History - Roske Airlines, Airplanes, Airports, Howard Hughes, Senator Pat McCarran, Hawthorn, relations with FAA, Crime rate, politics, trains. no 1
Bradley, George OH-02293 1/29/1990 Received as part of the Young Electric Sign Company Records (MS-00403). no 0
Bradstreet, James Arthur OH-00238 03/08/2003 Principalship OHP yes 2
Brand, Susan B. OH-00239 11/20/2004 Principalship OHP Nevada changing educational growth yes 1
Brandise, Eugene OH-00240 03/03/1980 Construction Industry, Brandise Construction, Hearbst Oil, Nevada growth and changes. no 1
Branigan, Laura Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Brannon, Maureen OH-00241 Local Oral History Project-Roske Folder missing no 1
Brantley, Jackie OH-00123 10/27/1996 Women in Gaming & Entertainment F850.N4 B73 1998 One of the first black women to work in mid-level management at the Desert Inn; early 1970s. yes 2
Brascia, Charlotte OH-00242 02/24/1977 Gambling and Airline Industry. Hospitals since the 1950 's, dealers in the 1950 's, growth of Las Vegas and Entertainment, prostitution, racial problems, social groups, organized crime in the 1950 's, Church groups, religion, local politics in the 1950 's and 1970 's, "the strip", Downtown gambling, housing, crime in Las Vegas, Police force. no 2
Brawley, Mike OH-02311 2013 April 11 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada After serving in the military from 1966 to 1968, Brawley became involved with the Tonopah, Nevada fire station. Around 1974, Brawley received EMT training in Beatty and became re-involved with the ambulance service. In 1976, he became director of the EMS region covering Nye, Lincoln, Mineral, and Esmeralda counties, and he served in other positions until his retirement in 1998. no 0
Brazelle, Wayne OH-00243 03/17/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Construction Industry and early Las Vegas, Thunderbird Hotel (Silver Bird hotel), construction of Davis Dam, construction of MGM Grand hotel, Downtown, North Las Vegas, changes around UNLV. no 1
Breedlove, Mildred OH-00244 02/18/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Ranch life, water problems, transportation. no 1
Brenner, David 01/28/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1

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