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Narrator Collection # Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Newton, Wayne 01/19/1996 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Newton, Wayne 04/11/1991 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Newton,Mabel OH-01382 02/26/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history, Social organizations, Economic growth, Henderson, Industry days parade no 1
Nicholas, Alexander OH-01383 02/24/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history, changes in Nevada no 1
Nickell, Clara Ann OH-01384 03/05/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske Boulder City, Nickell moved from California to Boulder City to work at the Hoover Dam. no 1
Nickell, William OH-01385 01/07/1975 Hoover Dam Hoover Dam, Operations of the Hoover Dam no 1
Nielson, Howard E. OH-01386 Local Oral History Project-Roske no 1
Nighswonger, Elmer H and Eleanor OH-01387 02/02/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Fire Department WWII Depression Era no 1
Nighswonger, Elmer H. OH-01388 04/02/1976 Ralph Roske Interviews Fire Department, WWII Depression Era. Interviewer: Larry Davis. no 1
Nighswonger, Elmer H. OH-01389 02/21/1979 Ralph Roske Interviews Fire Chief. Interviewer: James Sullivan. no 1
Nightingale, Mark 09/21/1992 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Ken Hanlon no 1
Nitz, William Owen OH-01390 03/12/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Attorney in the 1960's, Member of the Air Force, grow of the Nellis area no 1
Noblitt, Mary OH-01391 03/13/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Nolen, Jewel OH-01392 03/05/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, Boardwalk on Fremont no 1
Norman, D.W. "Dub" OH-02300 undated Received as part of the Young Electric Sign Company Records (MS-00403). no 1
Norman, Norma OH-01393 11/30/2004 Public School Principalship Oral History Project Norma Norman is a retired principal from California and Kansas, she retired in 1983 as a elementary principal from the Hayward Public School District. Norman graduated from the University of Kansas, Lawrence with a Juris Doctorate with an emphasis in public education and social science. yes 1
Norris, Nancy OH-01394 03/11/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nursing, Casinos, Wartime no 1
North, Ertis Mr. OH-01395 03/13/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Norton, Paul OH-01396 03/07/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, Nellis history, Hoover Dam no 1
Norton, Ruth OH-01397 03/09/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Education, Racial situation no 1
Novotny, Vincent OH-01398 03/05/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history, Prohibition, Kyle Ranch, Air travel no 1
Nowicki, Mitch OH-02377 2012 December 12 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada Nowicki began EMT training in 1978. He started working in pre-hospital medicine in Reno, Nevada in 1979. no 0
Noyes, Wilma (Billie) OH-02492 2007 April 11 BELVOHP Life in Las Vegas since 1921 yes 0
Noyles, Billie OH-01399 04/11/2007 BOYER EARLY LAS VGAS OHP yes 2
Nozero, Victoria OH-02124 12/3/2012 BELVOHP Work in Washington, DC, law degree, work at UNLV Libraries, changes in the city over time yes 0
Nugent, Ted Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Nunley, Tex & Dorothy OH-01400 06/09/1996 Gay Archives-Dennis McBride no 1
Nyberg, Lucille & Richard OH-01401 02/22/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Education, Prostitution Overton Area no 1
O'Brien, Eve OH-01406 03/06/1979 Early Las Vegas-Roske Life with Sam Boyd, Pichoe Nevada no 1
O'Brien, Rosemary OH-01407 9/25/2001 Public School Principalship Oral History Project Principal, Education, Elementary school teacher, Nye county school district; Rosemary O'Brien retired as an elementary school principal from the Nye County school district in Nevada. O'Brien received a bachelor's degree in education from Fort Wright College in 1969, then a master's degree in administration from Portland State University in 1981. O'Brien also did post master's work at the University of Nevada, Reno and Las Vegas. Before becoming a principal O'Brien was a teacher at the same school for 10 years. yes 0
O'Callaghan, Michael OH-01408 First 100 Las Vegas Review Journal no 3
O'donnell, Alfred J. OH-01409 First 100 Las Vegas Review Journal no 1
O'Donnell, Marian OH-02378 2013 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada O'Donnell started in the medical field as a runner for a medical clinic in the early 1980s. She then took EMT classes and began working for the ambulance service in White Pine County. no 0
O'Reilly, John OH-02129 6/6/2014 Ward 1 yes 0
Oakes, Marian OH-01402 02/28/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Oakfield, Thelma OH-01403 03/03/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history no 1
Oakridge Boys 01/22/1991 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Bill Willard no 2
Oatis, Mark and Rose OH-03190 2017 June 10 Oatis, Mark and Rose Interviewed by Claytee White, Anna Frederick and Remy Chwae. Mark and Rose are artists and sign painters, an art that is taking on new life. This interview begins a project by Anna Frederick and Remy Chwae of interviewing sign painters across the country. Mark and Rose know everyone in the industry and talked about artists who brought various innovative techniques to the craft. They explore the significance of the Letterheads, sign design, knowledge sharing, evolving themes, mentoring young people in the field, and regional styles in various cities of the country. Subjects: Letterheads, sign style, knowledge-sharing, YESCO, Conclave, air brushing no 0
Oats, Jocelyn L. OH-02922 2016 April 29 Folklife Program of the Nevada Arts Council and the Oral History Research Center at UNLV Libraries no 0
Oats, Joycelyn OH-01404 11/30/2012 AfAm Collaborative F850 N4 O27 2012 Oats lived the life of the spiritual community and used it to tell the story of the Las Vegas black church life and its influence. yes 0
Ober, David OH-03251 2017 October 11 Building Las Vegas Oral History Project Tucson native David Ober arrived in Las Vegas in 1978 in the middle of his junior year in high school. The youngest of D'Vorre and Harold J. "Hal" Ober's five children, David followed his siblings to the University of Arizona and graduated in 1983. After working in Phoenix for three years, he returned to Las Vegas in 1986 to join his father's company, RA Homes, as it began to develop the award-winning master-planned community of Desert Shores, and in 1999 he opened his own real estate company, Jorant Commercial. In this interview, he focuses on his siblings and on his parents' values and careers. David and his siblings were raised in the conservative Jewish tradition, and all became Bat/Bar Mitzvahs. Once in Las Vegas, the Ober family joined Temple Beth Sholom; David and his family continue as members of that congregation. When Hal served as president of the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, and the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association David served with him. He continues to support Jewish charities. Hal Ober introduced vaulted ceilings and compact lots to Las Vegas; he developed Desert Shores without a Special Improvement District (SID), and he attracted to Las Vegas national builders like William Lyon Homes, KB Homes, and Woodside Homes. After Hal sold RA Homes to Pageantry Homes he briefly opened Ober Homes and then joined the Vista Group as a consultant for Avante Homes before he retired. D'Vorre "Dee" Ober taught for the visually impaired at the Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind; in Las Vegas she continued that path when she designed and taught in Clark County School District's (CCSD) first program for the visually impaired. In 2001 CCSD honored the Obers by dedicating the D'Vorre and Hal Ober Elementary School. David's children attended the school and his older brother Scott was the school's first principal.Subjects: Las Vegas, NV; Tucson, AZ; RA Homes; Desert Shores; Development; Master planning; Jewish heritage; Jewish charities; Temple Beth Sholom; D'Vorre & Hal Ober Elementary School no 0
Ober, Scott OH-01405 11/11/2009 Public School Principalship Oral History Project Education, Principle, Scott Ober is a retired elementary school principal from Nevada. Ober graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's in education, and then with a master's in education as well from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1988. Ober's career has been spend in the Clark County School District, first as a elementary teacher, then an assistant principle and then in 1993 until 2008 Ober was a principal. yes 0
Ochoa, Arturo F. OH-02964 2006 October 21 Public School Principalship Oral History Project Experiences as public school principal in Southern Nevada. yes 0
Oddo, Paris OH-03208 2017 July 20 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project In 1984, Paris Otto moved to Las Vegas after high school in Michigan. This, her second attempt to live in the desert was a wonderful experience and she decided to stay. She joined the electrician's union and went through the 5-year apprenticeship program. Assignments during and after the apprenticeship include the Aladdin, Planet Hollywood, Mohave Electric, the Bellagio, and the Nevada Test Site where in 1991, she worked on wiring the Bristol Bomb for testing. After the test, Paris and fellow electricians detached the wiring from the framework without protective clothing. Today, she suffers from several illnesses and has been included in the government's program to repay some Test Site workers for various cancers. The payment has been meager. Oddo believes that storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain is not a good idea. no 0
Ohman, Frances OH-01410 12/12/2013 Boyer Early LV OHP Moved to Las Vegas in 2004 but visited often over the years. In 1968, she witnessed continued racism by hotel IF they could get away with it. Works as Research Technician and Circulation Department at Lied Library. Father was a POW in WWII - captured at the Battle of the Bulge. no 0
Ohrn, Elda OH-01411 02/25/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history no 0
Olive, Witt C. OH-01412 04/13/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Elks Lodge Entertainment no 1
Olive, Witt C. OH-01412 04/13/1977 Ralph Roske Interviews Elks Lodge Entertainment. Interviewer: Gordon Brusso. no 1
Oliver, Emma OH-01414 3/19/1981 Nevada history, Las Vegas history no 0
Oliver, Robert OH-02477 1993-08-03 Friends of Red Rock Oral History Project yes 0

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