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Narrator Collection # Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Bennett, Marion Reverend OH-00128 01/12/2004 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B45 2007 Marion D. Bennett, Sr. came to Las Vegas in 1960 to be the pastor of the Zion United Methodist Church. He also served in the Nevada State Assembly and fought for civil rights and school desegregation yes 2
Bennett, Toney 05/26/1989 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Bennett, Tony Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 2
Bennett, Tony 01/03/1980 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Bennett, Tony 06/11/1992 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Benson, George 04/29/1994 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Mike Weatherford no 1
Benson, Ray 08/12/1992 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Bill Willard no 1
Bergin, Robert Francis OH-00189 03/05/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Desert Inn Casino History, "the Strip", MGM Grand, Wilbur Clark and Howard Hughes, women in gambling. yes 1
Berkley, Shelley OH-00112 2006 I Remember When: Recollections from Jewish LV Leaders F850.J5.B47 2006 Berkley served as NV Assembly from 1982 - 84; Bd of Regents 1990 - 1998 and US Representative for NV 1st Congressional District 1999 - 2013. no 0
Berkley, Shelley OH-02275 Feb 12, 2015 Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project Former US Congressperson from NV talks about growing up Jewish in Las Vegas; involvement in youth programs and Temple Beth Sholom and more. yes 0
Berkovits, Myra OH-02152 August 21, 2014 Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project Oral history interview regarding Myra's background, ownership of Las Vegas Menu Service, work with Holocaust Resource Center as interviewer and education specialist. F850.J5.B473 2014 yes 1
Berle, Milton Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 2
Berle, Milton 12/29/1979 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Bernstein, Jay 04/04/1983 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Berry, Jack Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Berry, Lydia OH-00191 02/22/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Labor, Nellis Air Force Base, Desert National Wildlife Range, Corn Creek Field, Atomic Testing, Growth and changes in Las Vegas, flooding. yes 2
Beville, John M. OH-00192 03/11/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Banks and Banking Industry, Boulder Canyon Project, growth of Las Vegas. Effects of Gambling and Gaming on the Banking industry. yes 1
Bhatnagar, Satish OH-02450 8/20/2015 BELVOPH 41 years at UNLV; migration from India, importance of Mathematics, Indian community in Las Vegas, The History of Math. no 0
Bihari, Joe 07/25/1973 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Bilbray, James H. OH-00194 09/06/2006 UNLV Oral History Project @ Fifty LD3745 .B54 2007 Jim Bilbray attended UNLV right after it was founded. He helped found the alumni association, was a member of the Board of Regents, and is a lawyer. Second interview with the John S. Park OHP - growing up in a middle class neighborhood - 1 CD Transcribed and bound and 3rd interview with Jeff Vann Ee for the environmental project - transcribed; not edited. yes 1
Bingham, Marsha Lamb OH-00195 03/02/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Nevada history, School in Alamo, Warm Springs, Nevada Legislature, Fremont, Gambling, UNLV, Las Vegas 1950 's and 1960's growth, The Beatles, Rock and Roll, President Kennedy visiting Las Vegas, Landmark Hotel, Howard Hughes, The Tropicana, The Hilton, Atomic Testing, Helldorado, McCarran Airport, Floyd Lamb. yes 1
Binion, Benny OH-00017 circa 1975-1977 Gaming and Gambling, The Westerner, El Dorado, The "Horseshoe", Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 1950 's, Boom Town, "The Strip", Downtown, "Livewire Fund", Tax Commission, The Flamingo, Convention Center. yes 1
Binion, Benny OH-00016 02/08/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Binion, Benny OH-02489 circa 1975-1977 Kaufman no 2
Binion, Jack OH-00190 10/17/2008 Gaming in Las Vegas and Atlantic City; Interviewer: David Schwartz yes 0
Bird, Kim and Martin, Pamela OH-02229 02/08/2013 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project Rancho High School Class of 1962 no 0
Bishop, Joey 06/02/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Bishop, Larry 02/14/1997 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Bill Willard no 1
Black, Clint 11/20/1993 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Mike Weatherford no 1
Black, Irene Sprague OH-00196 03/16/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Nevada history, Early Las Vegas Schools, Downtown, Red Light district (prostitution), Hover Dam, Old Fort and Mormon Church, Religion, Pony Express, Bunkerville, Mesquite, Native American Indian Reservation. yes 1
Black, Margaret J. OH-00113 04/16/1985 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview; Clark County School District 1965-1982, creation of Sunset High first night school, changes in students, education theories, introduction of the computer in educational setting, murder of fellow teacher Mr, Piggott in 1982 yes 0
Blackhurst, Jan Jones OH-02166 9/19/2014 BELVOHP Mayor of Las Vegas, tenure in gaming industry yes 0
Blaine, G.C. "Buck" OH-00198 02/11/1975, 03/10/1975 Social and economic growth of Southern Nevada, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Lake Mead, Stewart Ranch, Mormon Fort, Religion, El Rancho, The Meadows, Floods and Epidemics in Southern Nevada, Organized Crime in Las Vegas, Law Enforcement, Mining in Henderson and Blue Diamond, Moapa Valley and Overton, Saint Thomas, Railroad, Gypsum Cave, Tule Springs, El Dorado Canyon, "the Strip", Henderson, Growth of Las Vegas during Dam Construction, Rodeos, Howard Cannon, Helldorado, Atomic Testing, Nells Air Force Base, Golden Nugget, Churches in Las Vegas. yes 2
Blair, Hobart D. OH-00200 1975/04/20 Growth of Boulder City from 1931 to 1975.Collector: Jay Brewer yes 1
Blair, Hobert D. OH-00199 1975/03/10 Early Las Vegas and Boulder City. Collector: Arnold Wilks yes 1
Blake, Donn I OH-00201 04/17/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas and Nevada history, UNR (University of Nevada, Reno), Sandy Valley - Copper mining business, Dead Valley - Lead Mining, Virginia City documents from Comstock Loda 1860 's, historic preservation project for Nevada 1974, Diamond Jubilee project, Early Las Vegas Airports and Western - Air Express, 1931 start of gambling, 1946 tourism, 1905 Railroad , growth 1950 - 1960, Native American Indians of Southern Nevada and Cultural Center in Las Vegas. yes 1
Blake, Lindell OH-00202 01/12/2006 Living to Dance F850.N4 B43 2012 A dance instructor and entertainer who specializes in tap. Dances with various Las Vegas shows yes 2
Blanchard, Lucius Dr. OH-00203 10/03/2003 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B53 2008 Lucius Blanchard is a surgeon who worked in a practice with Dr. Harold Boyer here in Las Vegas. He specialized in skin cancer surgery. Dr. Blanchard was very active in community and civic affairs, especially in Rotary Club. He also was in charge of a skin cancer education program yes 1
Blankinship, Jerome Reverend OH-00204 11/24/2004 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B54 2007 Jerome Blankinship founded University Methodist Church in 1966. He has also taught nursing at UNLV and is the senior chaplain at Sunrise Hospital yes 2
Blevins, Betty OH-00114 03/18/2008 Heart to Heart:: A History of Las Vegas Health Care Oral History Project R154.B625.A3 2009 Betty Blevins was an operating room nurse at Sunrise, Southern Nevada Memorial, and Valley Hospitals. She also talks about Las Vegas Hospital and about the first open-heart surgery, the first corneal tranplant, and the first kidney harvest for a transplant here yes 0
Block, Brian OH-00206 02/27/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Construction Industry, Elk's Club, UNLV sports program, BB Development Company, Building Terrible Herbst Gas Station and shopping center, Mall on Spring Mountain Road, Social Changes in Las Vegas, "the Strip", Mass Transit System, Horse and Dog Track in Henderson, Atomic Testing, Legalization of Gambling. yes 1
Block, Edith & Arthur OH-00115 09/15/2009 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .B57 2007 Arthur and Edith Block talk about living in rural towns in northern Nevada, his career in law enforcement and her career in banking, and living in Las Vegas since the sixties yes 0
Block, Harry OH-00208 02/24/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Nevada history, Railroad Pass, Water and Air Conditioning 1934. December 7th, 1941. WWII effort in Las Vegas, Clark County Court House, Golden Nugget During WWII, the Blue Room (city Jail), Fremont Street, Cornell 's Shoe Store, Huntridge 1947, Silver Dollar Market, Gilbert Brother 's Market, Union Pacific Tar Pits 1948, Busy Bee Restaurant, "the Strip", Swamp Cooler 1946, Atomic Testing, Nellis Air Force Base, North Las Vegas, Landmark Hotel, Helldorado 1950 's, "Queo the Indian", Mt. Charleston 1940 to 1970, Block 16 and Prostitution, Searchlight, Lake Mead 1930 's, Hospitals 1938 to 1944. yes 2
Blue, Ivory OH-00116 2/22/2013 AfAm Collaborative F850.N4 B48 2012 Blue lives of life of the church; man is the head of the house. Attended school at UNLV. Blue was influenced by Dr. McGaugh in the School of Engineering. yes 0
Blues Brothers Tribute 11/15/1996 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Kaye, Willard no 1
Bluestone, Harry 02/04/1970 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Blut, Arlene OH-02421 05-26-2015 Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project Moved to Las Vegas in 1971. Talks about involvement in local and national arts; being an actor, professional game show contestant, and promoter/director of events. Recalls the Jewish community experiences. Grew up in Duluth MN and recall classmate/singer Bob Dylan. F850.J5.B58 2014 yes 0
Blythin, Evan OH-00210 September 26, 2006 Blue Diamond Oral History Project This is the history of Blue Diamond Village. Blue Diamond is located 26 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The village, originally known as Cottonwood Springs, changed its name when the Blue Diamond Company took ownership of the Gypsum mine and built corporate housing for the workers in the early '20s. Near the base of the Red Rock canyon, Blue Diamond Village was originally a stop on the Old Spanish Trail for traders from Santa Fe, N.M., to California between 1830 and 1848, according to the history committee's findings. road for the The Blue Diamond School opened in 1929. The company built bunk housing and homes for the workers that it started selling to the public in 1965. yes 2
Boag, Tina OH-00117 3/28/2014 West Charleston - Ward 1 Founder of volunteer organization - Touch of Love Foundation. Early work in the gaming industry. Role of bartenders in the 1960s - 1970s. Group interview with Cynthia Cisero, Jan Ravetti, and Betty Brown. no 0
Boag, Tina OH-00117 3/28/2014 West Charleston OHP Four friends - Tina, Joanne Ravetti, Cynthia Cicero, and Betty Brown - share stories of their lives and friendship over 50 years. they discuss jobs, family, LV entertainment, dating, and changes that women faced. yes 0

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