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Narrator Collection # Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Christensen, M.J. OH-00374 10/23/1974 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, 1941-1974. Career history: narrator established a jewelry store in Vegas that continues today (2012). Locations of the jewelry stores and abodes. Involvement within the LDS Church. Political activism: narrator was a state Assemblymen and Senator. Activity with social organizations. Leisure activities. Reflection of atomic testing. Economic change in Las Vegas. Gambling essential to Nevada. Mob influence in Vegas. Drawbacks of economic and population growth. Visit to Vegas of the President of Turkey. no 1
Christensen, Norman G. OH-02319 2013 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada After completing his residency at the University of New Mexico, Christensen moved to Ely, Nevada in 1968. In 1969, he began conducting training exercises for emergency situations. Christensen serves as medical director for the county system and for the Ely City fire and ambulance service. no 0
Christensen, Paul J. OH-00188 02/19/2008 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .C47 2007 Personal history of Las Vegas through the eyes of a public servant. Growing up in Las Vegas during the 1940s. Education history and childhood memories. Downtown. Experiences in the US Air Force: flying B-47s loaded with nuclear bombs; training. NV Test Site. Family jewelry business in Las Vegas. Election to the board of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Election to the Las Vegas City Council and the beginning of a career in politics. �Jam auction.� Tussle with the Clark County Commission over wastewater in the valley: details of the dispute, extended to the state and Environmental Protection Agency. Move to the County Commission and why? The Mob during the 1950s and 60s. The Mormon community in Las Vegas. Howard Hughes. Experiences sitting on the County Commission. Chairman of the Convention Authority. Remarks on Las Vegas� future water supply. Election defeat. Corruption on the County Commission (Erin Kenny). �Distinguished Nevadan� award. County Hospital. Quick Care Centers. Opinion on the growth of Las Vegas. Speedway Children�s Charities. Dina Titus. Experiences with African Americans. Lucy Stewart. Beaver, NV. yes 0
Christian, Ray OH-00376 03/19/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, 1940s-1978, from an African American perspective. Education of narrator. Schools in Las Vegas. Sunday school. Leisure activities. Utilities. Boy scouts. Cleaning job at El Portal. Race relations and racial conflict in Las Vegas with a focus on schools�a couple of stories from narrator. Westside. Relations between white and black baseball teams. Depression during 1947-1948 depression. Narrator was the first black mail carrier in Las Vegas. Philosophy of a successful marriage. Segregated theatres. According to the narrator, white and black veterans were influential in improving of race relations in Las Vegas. [No file] no 1
Christiansen, Norman R. OH-00377 11/28/1986 Local Oral History Project-Roske Family history. Red Lodge, MT mining disaster in 1943. Philosophy of life. Transition from residing in Montana to living in Las Vegas. Changes in Las Vegas: highways; construction; schools; pollution. Teaching in Las Vegas. Change in the attitudes of students. Comparison between Montana and Las Vegas. Price of entertainment on the Strip. Comparison between the Las Vegas of the late 1950s and the city in the 1980s: teaching. Reminiscences of working at the Nevada Atomic Testing Site. Economic and environmental changes. Strengths of Las Vegas. no 1
Christie, Gordon OH-00378 06/30/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, 1959-1975. Narrator moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in 1959�too many people in southern California. Narrator was a carpenter, specializing in the crafting of high end furniture. Worked on the construction of the several high rise casinos including the original MGM hotel, Desert Inn, Frontier, and the Landmark. In the 1950s Las Vegas became a ghost town during the week, once Californians returned to their state. Meeting with Governor O�Callaghan. Reflections on atomic testing. Influence of Howard Hughes. Standard of living in Las Vegas. Northern Nevada. Narrator�s salary in 1959 compared with 1975. Leisure activities: fishing in the Colorado River; hunting in northern Nevada, for example the area around the town of Midas. El Rancho fire.[Interview summary on file] no 1
Cicero, Cynthia OH-00117 3/28/2014 Boyer Early Las Vegas OHP Work at airport in 1960s and 1970s. LV entertainment. Group interview with Tina Boag, Betty Brown, and Joanne (Jan) Ravetti. Audio and Video no 0
Cicero, Cynthia OH-00117 3/28/2014 West Charleston - A Ward One OHP This interview with four women - Cynthia, Tina Boag, Betty Brown, and Joanne Ravetti - contains stories of Las Vegas from the late 1960s. They discuss jobs, entertainment, dating, and what the MOB meant for locals. yes 0
Cichoski, George D. OH-00380 03/15/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske History of the Cumorah Credit Union�served members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Background to the Credit Union�s establishment in 1965. Notable charter members: Gerry Schneider (President), Edward Bunker, A. A. Stevenson, and Virgil Slade. Development of the Credit Union from 1966-1981. Financial Institutions Act (1980). Future of credit unions and Cumorah Credit Union itself. [Interview summary on file] no 1
Ciliax, Betty & Gus OH-00381 03/02/1977 Local Oral History Project- Roske An interesting, detailed, and entertaining recollections at Las Vegas during the early 1930s encompassing many topics. Small population and close community. Softball teams. Swimming pool and local prostitutes. Prostitution and Block 16 and �Four Mile.� Local economy�Nellis AFB, Boulder Dam, and railroad. Mr. Tomiasu (?) a Japanese resident. Vineyards in Las Vegas. The Street Shop�a gathering place for the whole community. Flora in Las Vegas. Gambling. Keeping cool! Hellorado festival. Lorenzi Park dance. First radio station. St. Thomas (city, near Overton, evacuated and submerged under water as part of the Lake Mead project). Family relative travelling to Las Vegas in 1909. Tourism. Frank Williams. Clara Bow and Rex Bell. Carol Lombard airplane crash. Flight to LA in 1940. Medical facilities. House purchase in 1942. Japanese internment. El Rancho and shows. Racial segregation. [Helpful interview summary on file] no 1
Ciliax, Carl OH-00382 03/08/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Nevada history, hunting, water, Spring Range Mountains, Goodsprings, Test Site Contamination (Atomic Testing), trail mapping - surveys, Lake Shore Road, Pollution, Conservation. no 1
Clancy, Alan OH-02261 2/12/2015 BELVOHP Danced in the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana for 3 years. Started with Vassili Sulich in Nevada Dance Theater. Opened store, Vintage Madness. no 0
Clark (Bearden), Betty Joyce OH-00383 02/16/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, General Family history, Charleston Blvd., "the Strip", Las Vegas High School, Rancho High School, 1953 - 1954 Rancho High School, Jim Bilbray, Roy Parrish, Hyde Park, Twin Lakes, 1947 - 1953 life in Las Vegas, early Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital, Rose De Lima Hospital and Woman �s Hospital in 1959, El Rancho, Helldorado, growth from 1950 's and 1960 's, Railroad, Mormon Fort (Stewart Ranch), Mormon Church (religion), old McCarran field (Nellis Air Force Base) between 1940 's and 1950 's, Blacks in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Police Department, Clark County Law Enforcement, Crime in Las Vegas. no 1
Clark, Dick Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 2
Clark, Dominic OH-00384 Local Oral History Project-Roske no 1
Clark, Georgie OH-00385 03/02/1980 Glenn Canyon Dam "River Runner" Glenn Canyon Dam "River Runner", Colorado River and Lake Mead, changing water levels 1944 - 1980, Swimming in the Colorado River, Las Vegas in the late 1940 's, Phantom Ranch, Native American Indians in the Area, Rules and regulations of the River, Current Issues and Future of the River, Outlawing Motors on the river - Congressional Bill. no 2
Clark, Helen M. OH-00386 03/05/1979 Gambling, Boulder Dam Prohibition Gambling, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam, Prohibition, Education, Women�s Occupations, Depression Years, early WWII, early casinos, Nellis Air Force Base, Red Light District (prostitution), Helldorado, Atomic Testing, development of hotels, growth of Real Estate. no 1
Clark, Phyllis Webb OH-00387 10/23/1972 and 04/07/1976 Local Oral History Project-Roske Changes in Las Vegas. no 1
Clark, Roy 09/10/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Clark, Roy 01/13/1989 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Clark, Virginia OH-00197 06/20/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Clarke, Angela Dr. OH-00205 10/03/2008 Heart to Heart:: A History of Las Vegas Health Care Oral History Project R154.C344.A3 2009 Dr. Angela Clarke is a board-certified family practitioner who moved to Las Vegas in 1976; became head of the County Medical Association. yes 0
Clarke, Steven OH-02903 2016 November 17, 2016 December 08 Building Las Vegas Oral History Project Talks about growing up in suburban Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where he also went to architecture school, and later practicing in Vancouver. He came to Las Vegas in 2011 as an assistant professor in the UNLV School of Architecture and in 2014 became the director of the Downtown Design Center. In that role, he directed his students to create The Hundred Plan for the Historic Westside Community (Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment). no 0
Clary, Ernest Henry OH-00390 02/10/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Atomic Testing, President Johnson and Carole Lombard crash, economics and environment of Las Vegas, History of Illnesses, Surveying acreage, minerals in Nevada, Jim Henry (prospector), Mark twain, Comstock Lode, Geothermal in Southern Nevada, Old Ranch (Stewart Ranch), Geological Tests, Henderson Housing, "Strip" Hotels. no 1
Clary, Pat and Diane OH-00207 5/20/2009 Boyer Early Las Vegas OHP Spoke of early city and state leaders and figures who owned early Strip hotel casinos. yes 0
Claxton, eunice OH-01119 6/4/2015 AfAm Lived in LV and Reno, attended Westside School, worked as shield in El Morocco, and memories of Jackson Street life. Donated small collection containing photographs; memorial programs containing some history of COGIC; and two bulletins of regional COGIC convocations, one at Nucleus Plaza; and the Gully Family History. no 0
Clayton, Clifford R. OH-02208 11/11/2014 AfAm Student Project (Mechia Sydnor) Arrived in LV at 20 years of age, stationed at Nellis AFB. Later worked for Sears, EG&G. no 0
Clegg, Bill OH-02320 2012 December 03 History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada Clegg moved to Fernely, Nevada in 1971 and worked for the volunteer fire department. no 0
Cleman (Conner), Rosemary C. OH-00392 03/08/1981 Educator Teacher at Nellis, physical changes in Las Vegas, Blacks in Las Vegas, Employment of Blacks on "the Strip", Mormon influence, semi - Integration, entering the Coffee Bean business in Las Vegas, Parole counseling - contact with Judges - early days of the girls school in Caliente, teaching emotionally disturbed and handicapped children, work with the YMCA, Nevada as the Las Frontier, drug programs, Dr. Ravenholt influence, George Franklin 's help, Boulder Dam project (Hoover Dam), Boulder City resistance to growth, Elko, Mining industry, Tonopah - Mining - MX missile, Political Leaders (Grant Sawyer, Paul Laxalt, Mike O'Callaghan). no 1
Clement, Jonce T. OH-00209 03/07/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Clemmens, Martin A. OH-00211 June 19 (Year - Unknown) Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Clinesmith, Kathie OH-00395 10/30/2010 Blue Diamond Oral History Project This is the history of Blue Diamond Village. Blue Diamond is located 26 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The village, originally known as Cottonwood Springs, changed its name when the Blue Diamond Company took ownership of the Gypsum mine and built corporate housing for the workers in the early '20s. Near the base of the Red Rock canyon, Blue Diamond Village was originally a stop on the Old Spanish Trail for traders from Santa Fe, N.M., to California between 1830 and 1848, according to the history committee's findings. road for the The Blue Diamond School opened in 1929. The company built bunk housing and homes for the workers that it started selling to the public in 1965. yes 1
Cloe, Don 12/05/2002 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Cork Proctor no 2
Clooney, Rosemary Arnold Shaw no 1
Close, Hilda OH-00215 11/26/1973 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Cloud, Barbara OH-00397 05/30/2006 UNLV LD3745 .C46 2007 yes 2
Coates, Della OH-00398 03/18/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Public Services, Phone Company and its growth from 1952, Atomic testing, Nellis Air Force Base, Education, School System, people of Las Vegas, Military, difference in wages and wage changes. no 1
Cobeaga, Mitchell A. OH-00399 03/14/1976 Retirement in Nevada Early life in Nevada, development and growth of Nevada State Bank in Las Vegas, Nevada ranch life, schools in the 1920 's and 1930 's, University of Reno (UNR) in the 1930 's. no 1
Coblentz, Thelma OH-00400 02/17/1980 Early Las Vegas-Roske, Jewish, Indians, Basque, WWII Lovelock 1936, Lavant Lovelock, Ruth Ruddell, Alfalfa Crops, Basques for sheep herding, prostitute shakes owned by Ruth Ruddell, Medical Care to the Indians(Native Americans), Native American Indian childbirth, Sheriff Chapman, Dr. Ballinger (dentist), Mr. Gardner (Newspaper publisher), Jewish community and Nellis during WWII, Ladies Hebrew Society, El Cortez, CCC Organizations, Last Frontier, Twin Lakes Pool, Depression, John S. Park School, Training area for flyers during WWII, Basic Magnesium in Henderson, changes Downtown, Huntridge Home prices, Charleston home build by George Franklin 's father, Downtown Sears store, development of Maryland Parkway, Cloudbursts, Dust Storms, early entertainers on "the Strip", opening of the Flamingo Hotel, Elvis performance, Liberace 's first performance, early physicians, Doctor Woodbury, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, El Rancho Hotel. no 1
Cochrell, Jinx OH-00401 03/20/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Old Cowboy statue, first hotel, Navy, Airplanes, Airport, Airlines, Reservationist, Howard Hughes, entertainment, Mt. Charleston, weather, Underworld Figure, Equipment at airport, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), Secretary at UNLV, ranches, Chuck wagon, Mob. yes 1
Coe, David Allan 09/23/1988 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Coffin, Bob (James Robert Coffin IV) OH-00220 01/29/2010 Voices of the historic John S. Park Neighborhood F849.L35 C66 2010 Bob Coffin arrived in Las Vegas in 1951. His family moved to the John S. Park Nieghborhood in 1960. He and his wife Mary Hausch, who also has been interviewd as part of this porject, bought the Gubler home in that neighborhood in 1987. He worked as a janitor at the Nevada Test Site as as a journalist for Las Vegas Review Journal. Bob was elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 1982 and to the State Senate in 1986. He has a special interst in neighborhood preservation yes 0
Cohen, Burton OH-02592 05/31/1995 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Bill Willard no 1
Cohen, Burton OH-00230 01/09/2009 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .C63 2007 Burton Cohen served in management of some of Las Vegas's most famous casinos starting with his involvement in the transformation of the Frontier Hotel in the mid-1960s yes 0
Cohen, Burton OH-00221 2005 I Remember When: Recollections from LV Jewish Leaders F850.J5.C63 2005 Cohen served as a casino executive for several Strip locations; great knowledge of early casino operations and community involvement of those owners. no 0
Cohen, Burton OH-01438 1/26/2010 Jay Sarno Project Gaming; Interviewer: David Schwartz yes 0
Cohen, Gil OH-02148 8/5/2014 BELVOHP Grew up at LV Country Club. Worked at the Stardust learning the casino business after college at UNR. Currently at Monte Carlo. F850.J5.C666 2014 yes 0
Cohen, Malcolm (Rabbi) OH-02521 Dec. 15, 2015 Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project Malcolm Cohen moved to Las Vegas from London, England in 2009 to become the clergy for Temple Sinai. He talks about local Jewish community and the growth of Temple Sinai, which is a merger of sorts between two smaller congregations: Adat Ariel and Temple Beth Am. F850.J5.C635 2014 yes 0
Cohen, Myron OH-02591 11/25/1975 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Cohen, Oscar 05/21/1974 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1

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