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Narrator Date Project Content Transcript Tapes
Crabbe, Margaret Eleanor Bain January 19, 2004 Blue Diamond Oral History Project This is the history of Blue Diamond Village. Blue Diamond is located 26 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The village, originally known as Cottonwood Springs, changed its name when the Blue Diamond Company took ownership of the Gypsum mine and built corporate housing for the workers in the early '20s. Near the base of the Red Rock canyon, Blue Diamond Village was originally a stop on the Old Spanish Trail for traders from Santa Fe, N.M., to California between 1830 and 1848, according to the history committee's findings. road for the The Blue Diamond School opened in 1929. The company built bunk housing and homes for the workers that it started selling to the public in 1965. yes 3
Craddock, John E. Dr. 04/14/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Dentist at Nellis Air Force Base, homes of Las Vegas, economy, hotels, Mines in Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Motel, Old Land Mark Golden Nugget, Red Rock, Atomic Bomb experience as a Navy Commander, hunting in Mt. Charleston, prohibition in Mt Charleston, Argentine mine, Wagon Train story and making a tooth brush, Airport in 1952 in Las Vegas. no 1
Craddock, Nancy Lee 03/16/1976 - 04/14/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas "Frontier" Dentists, opening night of Sands Hotel, Flooding, Twin Lakes Estates, Topography and drainage problems, early clubs and groups, Nellis, Girl Scouts, Sunrise Hospital, Sky Harbor Airport, Leona Mack, James R. Dickerson, Alpine Village, Community Swimming Hole, 1955 Las Vegas, Tule Springs Digs and Margaret Wheat, exploring the mines. no 1
Craddock, Patricia Carmichael 03/02/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Education Las Vegas History, "Occupational Residence and Travel History", Home life community, Helldorado, city growth. no 1
Craig, Junior 1974 and 02/15/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske Searchlight, Mining, Prostitution, Gold Mining, Casinos, Boulder (Hoover) Dam no 2
Crawford, Ernest O. 10/26/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas history, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), "The Strip", Fremont, Kyle Ranch, Stewart Ranch, Southern Nevada and Changes in and around the Dam no 1
Crawford, Richard T/ 4/30/2014 BELVOHP Business operations in Las Vegas. importance of business collaboration, History of Green Valley Grocery Stores, supporting the arts yes 0
Credico, Randy 11/05/1995 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Bill Willard no 1
Creighton, Stella 01/28/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Crickman, Oliver 03/03/1979 Prostitution Prostitution, Cooking in Las Vegas (1955 - 1979), Restaurant Industry 1955 - 1979 no 1
Crine, James D. 02/08/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Crisp, Robert 06/22/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Cristie, Lou 12/12/1986 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Gwen Castaldi no 1
Crocker, Clark 03/03/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Henderson, Education, general Las Vegas History, Las Vegas 1932 - , Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam), Pahrump, Religion and Organizations, Pilot and Navigator in Navy, School System no 1
Crockett, Peg 5/21/2012 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Beginning of the airport, stories about Howard Hughes yes 0
Crosby, Gary 07/25/1980 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Crosby, Kathryn 12/05/1995 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Crosby, Kim 04/07/1995 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Joe Delaney no 1
Crosby, Norm Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Crowe, Cecile Local Oral History Project-Roske Boulder Canyon, Boulder Canyon Project, Technical Data, no 1
Cruz, Belia C. Local Oral History Project-Roske no 1
Cruze, Charlene Cox 08/09/2010 Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project CT247 .C78 2007 Charlene Cox Cruze was born in Las Vegas. Her early ancestors traveled through the area in the 1850s, and her grandparents settled in Las Vegas in 1905, the year it was founded. She is a registered Cherokee, Daughter of the American Revolution, and Daughter of the Utah Pioneers. She is a Las Vegas tour guide and talks of her memories of the evolution of Las Vegas from a small town to a city with casinos owned by corporations yes 0
Culver, Mary Ann 03/22/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas Sands, Culinary Union - Sands Silverbird, 1950's Union, Entertainers, Showrooms, Strikes, Organized Crime, Elvis, shows at T-Bird 1960 's, Frank Sinatra, Joe Wells, Zigfield Follies", Smog in Las Vegas, "Ice Follies", , Weather, Bus System, traffic, Howard Hughes, Sands Entertainers 1950 's (Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin), Filming "Ocean's 11", Al Bramlett, Casinos Uptown and on "The Strip", Cash Registers in early 1950 's, no 1
Cummings, Laverne & Midnight 08/29/2000 Oral History Interview-Dennis McBride yes 2
Cunningham, Eldon W. 11/30/1975 and 03/14/1981 Mining, Gambling in Searchlight Tape 1: History of Las Vegas 1943 - 1975, Henderson, Las Vegas in the 1950 's, Prospecting and Gambling, World War II (WWII) Tape 2: Testing and Nevada Test Site, Atomic Testing, travel, Air Fields, the MX in Nevada, Testing Rockets, U-2, Hunting, Fishing at Twin Lakes, Prospecting in Nevada, Setting up Bylaws no 2
Cunningham, Erma 07/04/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Curley, Elmer 11/1/2011 Boyer Early Las Vegas OPH - Library CT247 .C87 2007 Elmer Curley came to work in public services at UNLV Library in 1967 and worked in the libraries for a number of years under a long list of library directors. yes 0
Current, Ron 3/16/2012 Boyer Early Las Vegas OPH - African American Experience \Las Vegas Black Panther Party. yes 0
Curtis, Archie 03/07/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Las Vegas History, Atomic Testing, Discrimination, Politics, UNR (University of Reno, Nevada), Sports in High School, Boxing in the Olympics, Children in the Casinos, Hotels in 1959 and 1979, Bob Rose campaign, Atomic Testing, Weather Changes no 1
Curtis, Elmore B. 03/01/1975 Local Oral History Project-Roske 1942 Las Vegas, Early Test Site Manager, Atomic Testing, Tourist Industry, Life in Nevada since 1942 no 1
Curtis, Hal G. 02/24/1977 and 03/09/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Tape 02/24/1977: Early Las Vegas, Agriculture, property values, Lombard Plane Crash, construction of El Rancho Hotel, Hoover (Boulder) Dam, Spring Mountain Ranch, prostitution, Mormons (Religion), early Downtown Las Vegas, Cashman Field. Tape 03/09/1978: Early recreation in Las Vegas, Lake Mead, work in Henderson, pay rates and money value, Goldrange Mountains, Old Ranch, Indian Grave sites, Downtown in the 1930 's, "Block 16" "Cat Houses" (prostitution), Blacks in Las Vegas, Native American Indians in Las Vegas area, the first Unions in Las Vegas, Construction Work, Union Violence, Races in Unions, Los Angeles Times Building Destroyed, Magnesium Plant (BMI), Las Vegas during the Depression. no 2
Curtis, Isabella 02/15/1979 and 07/15/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Las Vegas history, Waitess Sandy Valley, Emma Curtis, Atomic Testing, Telephones in Las Vegas, Helldorado, The Roundup, The Showboat, The Tropicana, Sandy Valley, Energy Crisis 1973 - 1974, no 1
Cuti, Frank 02/25/1979 Local Oral History Project-Roske Gaming 40's and 50's, Early Gaming, Casino Dealer, wages and salary in the 1940 's, Boulder Club, Frontier Club, Apache, Westerner, Magnesium Plant, WWII, Tommy Hull - El Rancho Las Vegas, Development of "The Strip", Benny Siegel and The Flamingo, Downtown VS "The Strip" - 1940 's and 1950 's, Development of Gambling houses, Organized Crime and The Mafia, Desert Inn, Sam Boyd, Unions (AFL - CIO), Riviera Casino, Caesars Palace, Liberace, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, Teamsters Union no 1
Cutright, Ray M. 04/22/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Colorado River, Boating on the Colorado River at Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) no 1
D'hondt, Ruth Eppenger 8/25/2011 AfAm Collaborative - Black Experience in LV F850.N4 E66 2012 Family business on Jackson Street - restaurant. One of first families with house in Berkley Square. President of Berkley Square Neighborhood Association. yes 0
Daffner, Max 10/27/2003 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Cork Proctor no 3
Daimond, Renee 11/20/14 Southern nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project Community activist (Operation Life, ERA, NOW) and former Nevada Assembly person (1989). Renee and husband Leo, a gaming executive, moved to Las Vegas in 1972. Founding members of Congregation Ner Tamid, board of Jewish Federation, and much more. no 0
Dalton, Marian 02/11/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske No Tape - Hand Written Interview yes 0
Daltry, Roger (The Who) 1994 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Mike Weatherford no 1
Daly, Ralph 02/25/1977 Local Oral History Project-Roske Prostitution, Block 16, Arizona Club - Last Frontier Hotel, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) Construction, Gambling - Boulder Club, Las Vegas Club, Cal Hauser, Miss Thurman, Miss Allen, Mrs. Roosevelt, US Army and Prostitution, Black and Spanish People in Southern Nevada, Golden Nugget, Guy MacAfee, Railroad division, Ice Plant, Air Conditioning, Hotels on Fremont Street no 1
Daly, Sandy 06/20/1972 Local Oral History Project-Roske no 2
Dane, Walter 03/11/1978 Local Oral History Project-Roske Indian Springs and Las Vegas history, Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam), World War Two (WWII), Railroad, Will Rogers, Mayo Brothers, Scotty 's Castle, Death Valley, Corn Creek Ranch, Tule Springs, Gill Crease Ranch, Lorenzi Park, Prohibition and Moonshiners, Native American Indians and Piautes, Nuclear Testing, Boulder City and Henderson, Mining no 1
Dangerfield, Rodney 06/17/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1
Dangerfield, Rodney 01/28/1976 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Daniels, Billy December 1970 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Daniels, Billy 02/06/1971 Arnold Shaw Entertainment. Interviewer: Arnold Shaw no 1
Daniels, Faye 10/18/1998 Women in Gaming & Entertainment F850.N4 D36 1998 Faye Duncan Daniels worked in mid-level management positions in the LV Hotel industryvas one of the first black women to do so. Talks of training, mentors, and the black experience in LV. yes 2
Daniels, Jinetta 11/30/2014 AfAm Student Project (Rani Dunn) Culinary Union member, Worked at Dunes Hotel as a maid. Member of victory Baptist Church, property owner. no 0
Danzinger, Edwina E. 02/26/1980 Local Oral History Project-Roske Plane Crash UNLV, Bishop Creek deer Hunting, working at University of Las Vegas, Mercury Nuclear Test site (Atomic testing), Baker Creek, Snake Creek, Weaver Creek, Mount Wheeler, Buckley Amendment no 1
Dark, Johnny 03/31/1981 Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1

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