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Dorothy, Dorothy
Coll #: 95-20
Date: 1783 -1985
Extent: 7.67 linear ft. (12 document boxes, 3 slim document boxes, 1 oversize box)
Location: 4:2:4 - 4:2:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.4-2.1.6
Related Materials: 0131
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of noted Las Vegan Dorothy Dorothy and documents her life in the Pahrump Valley, her many civic interests, and her early interest in songwriting. The Personal series contains biographical material about Dorothy's family dating to 1783 and lengthy family genealogies, along with material on her friend Lionel "Rusty" Horgan and miscellaneous cards and correspondence with others. The Interests and Activities series contains a wide variety of materials from the 1930's to 1986 that reflect Dorothy's diverse interests. The materials document Dorothy's involvement in Las Vegas civic and animal rights groups, her interests in songwriting (as Dorothy Varnum) and flying, and the settlement of the Pahrump Valley.
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Dottie Dee Dancers
Coll #: MS-00544
Date: 1940s-2002
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 box)
Location: 13:7:1
The Dottie Dee Dancers Collection (1940s-2002) is comprised of newspaper clippings and photographs documenting the career of Dorothy (Dalton) Tomlin, who led a line of dancers known as the Dottie Dee Dancers in the 1940s and 1950s. The dancers performed in nightclubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities in the western United States. Other items in the collection include original costume drawings by Hollywood costume designer Lloyd Lambert for costumes that were created for the Dottie Dee Dancers, and the transcript of an oral history interview with Dottie and her husband, Donald Tomlin.
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Doughty, Nan
Coll #: MS21
Date: 1845 -1987
Extent: 26.05 linear ft. (3 record storage boxes, 21 slim document boxes, 42 document boxes, 1 oversize box)
Location: 1:6:2 - 1:7:6 and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:2
Related Materials: 0240
Collection consists of two series related to the life of Las Vegas writer Nan Doughty. The Correspondence series contains letters written by many members of Doughty's family. The Family papers series contains news clippings, school papers, diaries, genealogy records, deeds, stock certificates, manuscript drafts, Desert Research Institute Grant information and notes from UNLV classes. Much of the material in both series pertains to early mining in Nevada and the southwest.
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Duncan, Ruby
Coll #: 96-08
Date: 1979 - 1992
Extent: 22.14 linear feet (18 record storage boxes, 2 document boxes, 3 oversize folders)
Location: 5:3:3 - 5:4:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.7
Collection contains the organizational records of Operation Life Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that worked to improve living conditions in West Las Vegas by providing a variety of community development services. The organization began in May 1972, in the wake of a welfare protest march orchestrated by the Clark unty Welfare Rights Organization and Ruby Duncan. Operation Life grew from this organization and was directed by Ruby Duncan, as executive director from 1972 until her health forced her to retire in 1990. In general, this collection documents part of the history of a non-profit community development corporation. In addition, the material provides a glimpse of the regulations and protocol governing the public and private funding process. The collection also provides a partial documentation of the lives and struggles of West Las Vegans and the improvements they endeavored to make to their community.
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Dunes Hotel
Coll #: 93-08/2010-14
Date: 1955 - 1992
Extent: 10.34 linear feet (19 document boxes, 1 oversize box )
Location: 4:8:1 - 4:8:4 (93-08); 11:5:5-11:5:6 (2010-04) Roller Shelf 2.1.2
Collection is comprised of publicity files of the Dunes Hotel. Material includes scrapbooks, budgets, employee files, contracts, correspondence, press releases, news clippings, advertising and publicity. Notable subjects include the Casino de Paris production show and showgirls, Major Riddle and Dunes Hotel restaurants such as the Sultan's Table. In 2010, the Las Vegas News Bureau donated additional materials to this collection and they can be found under collection number 2010-14. They are listed in the updated collection guide.
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Dungan, Flora
Coll #: T117
Date: 1929 - 1973
Extent: 3.13 linear feet. (7 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 1 oversize folder)
Location: 2:8:6 - 2:7:1
Related Materials: 0293
Collection is comprised of the personal and professional papers of Flora Dungan, a Las Vegas businesswoman (accountant) who was elected to the Nevada State Assembly and served on the Nevada Board of Regents. Collection contains documents pertaining to her education, community activism, legislative and regent terms. There is also a box of confidential material.
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Eisenberg, Dorothy
Coll #: 2007-08b
Date: 1980-1989
Location: 12:11:5 - 12:11:6
Personal papers of Dorothy Eisenberg who has worked as an activist and "professional volunteer" in Las Vegas for over 35 years. Comprised of photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, and other documentation including her work on the Bullfrog County Comission, Las Vegas Clark County consolidation. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

El Cortez Hotel
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1963
Extent: 2.3 linear feet (1 DBL OVERSIZE box)
Location: Roller Shelf 1:5:1
Collection contains a scrapbook from 1963 of news clippings of promotional events, performers and events held at the El Cortez Hotel.

Eliot, Valerie Chapman
Coll #: 2012-28
Date: 1954-2010
Extent: 2 archival folders (legal) and several oversize collages
Location: Backstacks
Collection is comprised of photographs, programs, newspaper and magazine clippings and collages of her time as a Bluebell in the Lido de Paris in Paris, Argentina and Las Vegas from 1954-1970. Also includes photographs of her time as dancer in show Hello America at the Desert Inn Hotel in the mid 1960s.

Esau, Valda and Esper
Coll #: 2006-23
Date: 1958-2006
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim doc box)
Location: 11:5:2
Photographs, news clippings, and ephemera detailing Australian dancer Valda Esau's career in the 1st edition of the Lido de Paris production show at the Stardust Hotel in 1958. Includes numerous publicity shots and newspaper clippings from British and Australian newspapers and magazines. Also includes DVD transfer of 16mm film about the making of the 2nd ed of Lido de Paris -- Ca C'est L'Amour.

Flamingo Hilton
Coll #: 85-10
Date: 1973 - 1983
Extent: 1.67 linear feet (4 document boxes)
Location: 2:1:2
Collection consists of select organizational and promotional records of the Flamingo Hilton Hotel from the 1970s and 1980s. Materials include press releases, invitations, brochures, table tents, staff meeting minutes, design proposals/bids for neon signs, ad copy and some artifacts.

Fong, Lilly
Coll #: T148
Date: 1960 - 1996
Extent: 38 linear feet (38 record storage boxes)
Location: LASR
Collection consists of the personal papers of Lilly Fong, the first woman and first Asian-American member of the Nevada Board of Regents. Material focuses on her community activities in various organizations and her work on the Board of Regents. Materials include clippings, magazines, correspondence, conference programs, and reports. INVENTORY AVAILABLE NOTE: THIS COLLECTION IS STORED IN LIED LIBRARYíS LASR SYSTEM, PLEASE CALL AHEAD 702-895-2234 TO OBTAIN BOXES.

Ford, Jean
Coll #: MS25
Date: 1958 -1998
Extent: 15.57 linear feet. (25 document boxes, 13 slim document boxes, and 1 record storage box and 1 oversize box)
Location: 1:8:6 - 1:9:5 and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:2
Related Materials: 0295
A partial collection of the political papers of Jean Ford, longtime community and political activist in Nevada. Ford served in the Nevada state legislature as an assemblywoman and senator, and was active in many women's organizations. This collection focuses primarily on her legislative work and her work on a number of women's issues facing Nevada. There are also numerous materials on her work to preserve the environment. Documents include campaign literature, financial records, correspondence, news clippings, minutes, working files, flyers, and press releases.
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Frazier, Maude
Coll #: Mss30
Date: 1955 - 1962
Extent: 4 folders (containing 19 items )
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of programs, awards, certificates and annual (1958 yearbook) concerning the life of Maude Frazier, Nevada stateswoman and educator. Frazier taught school in Nevada from 1906 to 1946, was elected to the State Legislature in 1950 and appointed Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, the highest position ever held by a woman in Nevada. She was instrumental in establishing Nevada Southern University (later UNLV).
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Frontier Council Girl Scouts
Coll #: 96-14
Date: 1945 - 1995
Extent: 24 record storage boxes and 35 rolls of microfilm
Collection contains the organizational records of the Las Vegas chapter of the Frontier Council Girl Scouts. INVENTORY AVAILABLE NOTE: COLLECTION HAS BEEN MICROFILMED AND IS AVAILABLE in R&I (2nd floor).

Frontier Hotel - Casino
Coll #: MS-00297
Date: 1942-1988
Extent: 26.5 Linear Feet (35 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Location: 3:10:3 - 3:11:2 Roller Shelf 1.8.7 and 1.8.8
The Frontier Hotel and Casino Collection documents the history, promotions, entertainers, and events at the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1942 to 1988. The collection includes promotional material, correspondence, invoices, legal documents, and newspaper clippings.
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George, Sadie and Hampton
Coll #: 2001-15
Date: 1890s-1920
Extent: 2.10 linear feet (5 document boxes)
Location: 9:4:4
Collection is comprised of the correspondence of Kiel Ranch residents Sadie and Hampton George. Notable correspondents include Helen Stewart. Two significant letters tell of the infamous Kiel Brothers murder/suicide at the Kiel Ranch. Collection also contains title deeds to various properties.
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Gillhouse, Fred & Eva
Coll #: T56
Date: 1951 - 1966
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:11:5
Related Materials: 0032
Collection is comprised of correspondence, speeches, and newsclippings of Eva Gillhouse, Las Vegas author (with Frank Eaton) of "Pistol Pete: Veteran of the Old West." Also contains presentation notes, Mesquite Club material, memos from the Southern Nevada Historical Society, and numerous publications from Friends of the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, California. Photographs from the collection appear in the Eva Gillhouse Photo Collection (0032).

Gold Star Mothers (Nita Londo Reiter)
Coll #: 99-13
Date: 1954-1995
Extent: 1.34 linear feet (1 oversize box)
Location: 2:2:5
Related Materials: 0315
Collection is comprised of a scrapbook of the Gold Star Mothers, an organization of mothers who have lost children in American military conflicts. Collection contains scrapbook with photographs, minutes, newspaper clippings, and an additional photo album.

Goldfield, Nevada
Coll #: MS10
Date: 1904 - 1923
Extent: .63 linear feet (2 boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Location: 1:3:1
Collection is comprised of documents chronicling the history of the town of Goldfield, Nevada, which began as a mining camp in May 1903. It had a short lived boom following several large gold strikes. The collection contains material such as mining company minutes, ledgers, prospectuses, Nelson-Gans fight program, stock certificates and minutes from the Goldfield Women's Club. Contains information from the following mining companies: Forward Mining Development Co., General Washington Mining Co., Goldfield Mascot Mining Co., Goldfield Rex Mining Co., Goldfield Consolidated Mines Co., and the Sandstorm -Kendall Consolidated Mining Co.
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Governor's Commission on Status of People
Coll #: T176
Date: 1975 - 1977
Extent: 1 linear foot (1 record storage box)
Location: 2:2:1
This collection is on the Commission on the Status of People which was formerly called Commission of the Status of Women, established in 1965 by Governor Grant Sawyer. Governor Mike O'Callaghan requested the Commission to investigate state laws that adversely affect Nevadans. The Commission was appointed from 1975 - 1977 and this collection contains the reports and a variety of documents pertaining to the Commission and several publications from other states concerning the status of women.

Governor's Conference on Women
Coll #: 95-013
Date: 1989
Extent: 1 folder (13 items)
Location: 4:3:6
This collection contains programs, organizational records and reports relating to the Governor's Conference on Women held in March 1989 in Nevada.

Gragson, Oran
Coll #: T86
Date: 1959 - 1974
Extent: 33.25 linear feet (15 record storage boxes ; 2 document boxes and 13 oversize boxes)
Location: 1:12:5 - 2:12:5 (Boxes 1-35) and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:4 -1:7:5 (Boxes 36-43)
Collection is comprised of the political papers of Oran Gragson, Las Vegas mayor from 1959-1974. Collection includes news clippings, city documents, memos, daily planners and correspondence. The bulk of the collection consists of Gragson's mayoral files which are arranged alphabetically . Subjects include crime, labor union arbitration, race relations, pollution abatement, and there is much information concerning the city's involvement with county and federal agencies regarding law enforcement, economic opportunity projects and planning. The collection also documents Gragson's failed bid to win the 1962 Nevada gubernatorial election. In 2005, there was an additional donation of materials from Gragon's family that consisted primarily of scrapbooks kept during his various campaigns and his time in office.
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Grant, Archie and Zora
Coll #: T25
Date: 1918-1990
Extent: .84 linear feet (2 document boxes, 1 oversize folder)
Location: 1:10:4
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of Archie and Zora Grant. Materials such as scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence, award certificates and membership records document Archie Grant's many contributions as a member of the Nevada State Legislature, State Board of Education, Las Vegas Housing Authority and Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. There is a significant amount of correspondence from Grant to his mother during his time with the AEF in France during WWI. One scrapbook documents Zora Grant's work as President of the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs in the 1940s.

Gregory, Matt
Coll #: 96-22
Date: 1959-1986
Extent: 3 linear feet (3 record storage cartons)
Location: 6:7:4 - 6:7:5
Related Materials: 0308
Collection is comprised of the papers of Las Vegas producer, manager/agent Matt Gregory. Gregory was also known as creator of the Las Vegas-style mini-revue. Collection includes contracts, costume sketches, press releases, videos, show reviews, and advertisements. Shows documented include Fancy That, Feminine Touch, Mad Mod World, La Nouvelle Eve, and Kanpai.
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Gregory, Mollie
Coll #: MS-00516
Date: 1970-1974
Extent: 7.2 Linear Feet (13 boxes)
Location: 11:11:1 - 11:11:4
The Mollie Gregory Collection of Oral Histories contains audio interviews and transcripts that focus on welfare, family, and women's issues in Nevada from 1970 to 1974. Gregory interviewed people who described their lives during the anti-poverty and women's rights campaigns in the early 1970s. The collection documents views on welfare, the Equal Rights Amendment, political campaigns, race, discrimination, civil rights, youth, and political music.
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Ham, Jane
Coll #: T168
Date: 1980 -1981
Extent: 2.52 linear feet (6 document boxes)
Location: 2:3:3 - 2:3:4
Collection is comprised of the legislative records of Nevada state assemblywoman Jane Ham for the 1981 legislative session. Materials include bills and amendments, correspondence, reports, studies, memos and booklets pertaining to issues of concern in that particular session. Subjects include crime, gaming, health and welfare, education and the MX in Nevada.
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Hammond, Lena
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1910-1920s
Extent: 1 linear foot (1 oversize box)
Location: Roller Shelf 1:5:7
Collection contains a scrapbook and photo album of miscellaneous family photos of picnics, posing in Sunday best, etc. circa 1920ís. Also included are newspaper articles from the Tonopah Times Bonanza about the history of and behind the local school, local mines, the railroad etc. and a legal document declaring the executor of the estate of Teresa M. Kendall.

Hansen, Tom
Coll #: MS-00106
Date: 1995-2012
Extent: 1.68 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: B 1:1:2 - B 1:1:3
The Tom Hansen Collection on the Jubliee! stage show documents his work with this Las Vegas production from 1995 to 2012. The files include programs, set designs, lyrics, programs, badges, business cards, photographs, costume drawings, and video/audio tapes of the Jubilee! auditions and rehearsals.
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Harrington, Elizabeth
Coll #: T165
Date: 1975 - 1979
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: 2:3:3
Related Materials: 0291
This collection contains the original drafts of the thirteen essays that Elizabeth Harrington wrote about her life in early Las Vegas. These articles were written from her memory and experiences of life in Las Vegas from ca. 1904-1940s, and were published in the Nevadan section of the Las Vegas review-journal from 1975-1979.
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Hayes, Grace
Coll #: MS-00271
Date: 1957-1962
Extent: 1.75 Linear Feet (4 boxes, 1 oversize box)
Location: 3:3:6 Roller Shelf 1.8.5
Related Materials: 0292
The Grace Hayes Papers (1957-1962) include the personal and financial papers of actress and singer Grace Hayes, who owned the Red Rooster, a nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip. The papers include financial documents, newspaper clippings about Grace Hayes and her family, personal correspondence, career mementos, legal documents, and photo albums.
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Hill, Charlotte
Coll #: 96-20
Date: 1978-1992
Extent: 11 linear feet (11 record storage boxes)
Location: 5:8:2 - 5:9:2
Collection consists of the personal papers of Charlotte Hill, a Las Vegas community volunteer who founded the Friends of Channel 10, Las Vegas Summer Camp Fund, and the Voluntary Action Center (now known as HELP of Southern Nevada). She has also worked with the Frontier Girl Scout Council, United Way, and the Home of the Good Shepherd Auxiliary. The collection includes files documenting her extensive volunteer activities in Southern Nevada, particularly her work with the Friends of Channel 10.

Houssels, Nancy
Coll #: 97-11
Date: 1972-1997
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 6:6:2 and Roller Shelf 2.2.3
Collection consists of newsletters, programs, posters, magazine articles, anniversary reports, and news clippings on the Nevada Dance Theatre (now Nevada Ballet Theatre). Nancy Houssels co-founded the Nevada Dance Theatre with Vassili Sulich in 1974.

Howell, Kathryn
Coll #: MS-00481
Date: 1960-2002
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 10:4:1 Roller Shelf 2.4.6
The Kathryn Howell Papers cover 1960 to 2002. The material contains newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, photographs and some personal writings of Kathryn Howell, a teacher, activist, and lobbyist in Southern Nevada.
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Humphries, Kathy (Quinn)
Coll #: 1017-3
Date: 1960 - 197(?)
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of various items regarding the Paiute Indians of Southern Nevada. Includes photo negatives, kinship chart, audio tape of Paiute vocabulary, family history, a paper listing Paiute words, their meanings, and the uses of various herbs and plants, and a brief autobiography of Stella Smith of the Las Vegas Indian Village.

Iaconis, Stella (Champo)
Coll #: 1031-7
Date: 1924 - 1927
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Related Materials: 0190
Collection contains papers from Stella Champo Iaconis,an Italian immigrant who was raised on a ranch in Cow Springs on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Iaconis worked as a waitress in many different establishments including the Paradise Club, Greeen Shack, Apache, and Desert Inn. She was noted for her philanthropy later in life as a charter member of St. Jude's Women's Auxiliary, Salvation Army Auxiliary, and Southern Nevada Museum Guilde. She was a charter member of the Italian American club as well. The collection contains a school autograph book, grammar school certificate of promotion, a certificate in business writing and three photo albums containing general family photographs.

International Training in Communications, Vegas Valley Chapter Records
Coll #: MS-00423
Date: 1965 -1994
Extent: 4.5 Linear Feet (3 Boxes)
Location: 8:4:5 - 8:4:6
The International Training in Communication, Vegas Valley Club Chapter Records document the history of the organization in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1965 to 1994. The organizational records are comprised of scrapbooks that include photos, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and miscellaneous ephemera.
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International Training in Communications, Vegas Valley Chapter Records
Coll #: MS-00423
Date: 1965 -1994
Extent: 4.5 Linear Feet (3 Boxes)
Location: 8:4:5 - 8:4:6
The International Training in Communication, Vegas Valley Club Chapter Records document the history of the organization in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1965 to 1994. The organizational records are comprised of scrapbooks that include photos, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and miscellaneous ephemera.
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Jacques, Marge
Coll #: MS-00438
Date: 1960-1990
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 9:6:2
The Marge Jacques Papers (1960-1990) comprise the personal papers of Marge Jacques, a prominent member of the Las Vegas, Nevada gay and lesbian community, and owner of the gay bar, Le Cafe. The papers contain correspondence, licensing records, financial statements, and artifacts from clubs that Jacques owned or managed. Also included are photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, newspaper clippings, and Gipsy Nightclub promotional material.
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James, Virginia
Coll #: MS-00523
Date: 1949-1982
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 11:12:5
The Virginia James Papers (1949-1982) consist of the correspondence and contracts of Las Vegas, Nevada performer Virginia James. The materials document James' employment history at the Tropicana, Flamingo, and Sands hotels and her involvement in the famous "Les Folies Bergere" show, which debuted in Las Vegas in 1959.
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Janish, Jeanne Russell
Coll #: 95-31
Date: 1917-1994
Extent: 6 doc boxes, 4 slim doc boxes, 1 record storage box, 2 OVERSIZE boxes
Location: 4:1:1 - 4:1:3 Roller Shelf 2.1.4 -2.1.7
Related Materials: 0296
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of Jeanne Russel Janish, a Nevada artist and illustrator noted for her botanical illustrations. Janish traveled widely in China as a young woman and produced numerous pencil drawings and watercolors of that country. In her later years, she focused on the American Southwest. She was a graduate of Vassar and held a Masters degree from Stanford. Material in this collection includes school report cards, detailed diaries from 1918-1964, 1968, and 1973, personal correspondence, family papers, and two original manuscripts. The collection also contains several publications pertaining to her and her husband's interests, craft materials, drawing tools, photocopies of dried flowers, watercolor paintings, and pencil sketches. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Jensen, Ellen B.
Coll #: MS-00133
Date: 1966-1969
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 1:10:3
The Ellen B. Jensen papers comprise the research notes, drafts with edits, carbons, and articles written by the Las Vegas, Nevada journalist Ellen Jensen who was the editor of and writer for the monthly Las Vegas Review Journal Jr. and writer for the Las Vegas Sun ("Sunday Scene") and Las Vegas Review Journal ("The Nevadan") from 1966 to 1969. Jensen wrote about many topics of interest to Las Vegans, including travel and recreation in southern Nevada, hotel and casino administration and construction, and local nightlife and entertainment.
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Jones, Clifford (Cliff)
Coll #: 2012-19
Location: back stacks
Collection is comprised of materials from the estate of former Lieutenant Governor and gaming executive Cliff Jones. Includes photographs, plaques, correspondence, trophies. A number of photographs document the family's time in the Dutch West Indies in the 1920s and there is correspondence from family members including his sister, noted Las Vegas journalist, Florence Lee Jones Cahlan.

Junior League of Las Vegas Records
Coll #: MS-00179
Date: 1946-2010
Extent: 51.4 Linear Feet (25 document boxes, 17 oversized boxes, and assorted loose placards, framed photographs and pictures)
Location: 10:2:1-2-3-4, RS 1:4:1-2-3-4-5-6-7, RS 7:1
The Junior League of Las Vegas Records were compiled from 1946 through 2010, and are comprised of materials that include annual reports, training manuals, articles, minutes, photographs, scrapbooks, cookbooks, placards and framed photographs. Also included are materials on advocacy projects and fundraising efforts.
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Junior Mesquite Club
Coll #: MS-00444
Date: 1962-1998
Extent: 6.2 Linear Feet (11 boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Location: 9:10:1
This collection comprises records of the Junior Mesquite Club, a womens service organization in operation from 1962 to 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Included are board and membership minutes, correspondence, newsletters, photographs, and reports on the philanthropic efforts of the club. A collection of scrapbooks also chronicle yearly events.
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Katz-Yarchever, Edythe
Coll #: 96-17
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.34 linear feet (5 document boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 large oversize box)
Location: 5:6:5 and Roller Shelf 2:1:8
This collection is a comprehensive look at the community, religious, and educational endeavors of the Lloyd and Edythe Katz family as depicted in photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles and awards. In addition to being prominent members of the Las Vegas Jewish community, they were also owners of the Nevada Theater Corporation, and the collection contains many photographs and a scrapbook about the theaters they owned and managed in Las Vegas (Fremont Theatre, Huntridge Theatre, and Guild Theatre).
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Katz-Yarchever, Edythe
Coll #: 96-17
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.34 linear feet (5 document boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 large oversize box)
Location: 5:6:5 and Roller Shelf 2:1:8
This collection is a comprehensive look at the community, religious, and educational endeavors of the Lloyd and Edythe Katz family as depicted in photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles and awards. In addition to being prominent members of the Las Vegas Jewish community, they were also owners of the Nevada Theater Corporation, and the collection contains many photographs and a scrapbook about the theaters they owned and managed in Las Vegas (Fremont Theatre, Huntridge Theatre, and Guild Theatre).
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Kearns, Ardis
Coll #: 95-012
Date: 1960s-1970s
Extent: 6.0 linear feet
Location: 4:3:5 - 4:3:6
Collection consists of the papers of Ardis Kearns, Las Vegas resident and longtime member of the Nevada branch of the League of Women Voters. Subjects include juvenile delinquency, criminal justice, Clark County land use, energy and the League of Women Voters. The collection is comprised of notes, publications, reports, and correspondence on women's organizations, and various social and political issues.
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Keeler, Dorothy V.
Coll #: T121
Date: ca. 1920 -1970s
Extent: 1 record storage box
Location: 2:7:2
Collection consists of newsclippings, telegrams, and photographs relating to the career of Dorothy Keeler, who was Las Vegas Deputy City Clerk from the late 1920s to 1938. There are also materials relating to the career of Eva Adams, Nevada-born director of the U.S. Mint from 1961-1969, and programs from the 100th Anniversary of Nevada celebration and the Nevada's Outstanding Women of the Century celebration.

Kelly, Margaret
Coll #: MS-00604
Date: 1935-1997
Extent: 1 document box and 21 oversize boxes
Location: A 3:8:1 - A 3:8:5
This collection is comprised of the personal scrapbooks of Margaret Kelly and programs from her shows. The scrapbooks date from 1935 to 1984 and include thousands of press clippings covering her work at the Folies Bergere and Lido de Paris, and her long career as creator and manager of the world famous Bluebell Girls. Included are materials from 1958 about the Bluebell Girls shows in Las Vegas, Nevada. The collection also includes press cuttings (dating to 1997), brochures, and numerous programs from the Lido de Paris, Folies Bergere and other international production shows for which Kelly provided dancers.
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