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American Association of University Women - Las Vegas Branch (AAUW)
Coll #: 96-09
Date: 1962 - 1990
Extent: 2.94 linear feet. (7 document boxes)
Location: 5:5:1 - 5:5:2
This collection contains the organizational records of the Las Vegas Branch of the American Association of University Women which has participated in activities relating to ERA, "Get Out the Vote," and other national and community social issues. The records include administrative materials such as financial records, directories, bylaws, meeting minutes, and scrapbooks. Another series focuses on the issues and programs the AAUW has been involved with.
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American Red Cross Records
Coll #: MS 2013-16
Date: 1943-2012
Extent: 7 document boxes, 14.06 linear feet
Location: 13:7:4, RS 2:6:2
The collections contains extensive newspaper clippings, photographs, and operational materials. There are gaps in some years.
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Anderson, Eddie
Coll #: 2002-27
Date: 1965-2000
Extent: 4 linear feet (4 record storage boxes)
Location: 10:12:1 - 10:12:2
Anderson is a political and social activist and this collection contains news articles about his work for various diseases, political campaigning and social issues, particularly Gay Rights and teaching tolerance. There is also a photo of Anderson with President Nixon during the Apollo 11 splashdown in July, 1969. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Anthanasoglou, Micheal
Coll #: MS-00230
Date: 1979-1983
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 2:2:5
The Michael Anthanasoglou Collection on Taxi Driver Rights (1979-1983) contains the records of Las Vegas, Nevada taxicab activist Michael Anthanasoglou. The collection is made up of clippings, correspondence, flyers, and memoranda that document Anthanasoglou's struggle to organize taxi drivers into a union in Las Vegas.

Berkley, Shelley Papers
Coll #: 2013-05
Date: 1982-2013
Extent: 18 boxes, 15.210 linear feet.
This collection documents the political career of Rochelle "Shelley" Berkley when she served as U.S. Representative for Nevada's 1st Congressional District. Included are correspondence and constituent mail; congressional documents and subject files, a variety of materials about Yucca Mountain, awards, and multimedia materials, including VHS and beta video tapes and an external hard drive. Topics documented include Las Vegas, health care, veteran's affairs, the hepatitis C outbreak of 2008, and Yucca Mountain and the nuclear waste controversy.
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Bristol, Shelly
Coll #: MS-00398
Date: 1982 - 1998
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 box)
Location: 7:8:5
The Shelly Bristol Collection dates from 1993 to 1998 and consists of the personal testimony of Bristol and her experience with AIDS and AIDS activism, her correspondence with the "Nevadans Against Prostitution," and a newsletter from WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases).
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Campaign for Choice
Coll #: 95-11
Date: 1989 - 1990
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: 4:3:4
Collection is comprised of materials regarding the Campaign for Choice, organized in 1989, to carry out the initiative on the Nevada ballot regarding abortion. Materials include financial documents, minutes, newspaper clippings, fact sheets, video and audiotapes, and artifacts such as campaign buttons and bumper stickers.
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Carratelli Collection
Coll #: MS-00536
Date: 1992-2002
Extent: 1.67 Linear Feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize folder)
Location: 13:6:3
The Carratelli Family Collection on Gay Rights in Nevada (1992-2002) consists of documents and ephemera from various gay rights organizations and events in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to documents, fliers, and meeting minutes, the collection houses a box of t-shirts from various gay events and campaigns. The collection is especially focused on issues of Gay Pride organizing.
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Children's Service Guild
Coll #: 93-29
Date: 1947 - 1990
Extent: 2.68 linear feet (4 document boxes and 1 record storage box)
Location: 4:7:4 - 4:7:5
Collection contains documents compiled by the Children's Service Guild, a volunteer group organized in 1969 to provide support for children through Clark County Family and Youth Services. Much of the collection consists of news clippings pertaining to juvenile crime and other juvenile-related issues in Las Vegas. The collection also contains materials pertaining to the operation of Clark County Juvenile Court Services.
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Clark, Donald
Coll #: T68
Date: 1953 - 1972
Extent: .84 linear feet ( 2 document boxes)
Location: 1:12:3
The collection of Rev. Donald M Clark, who played a major role in the development of the black community in Las Vegas and in the struggle for civil rights, is comprised of materials ranging from 1953 to 1972, detailing Rev. Clark's activities with his community, NAACP, and Economic Opportunity Board. Types of documents include correspondence, organizational plans, newspaper clippings and personal memorabilia. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
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Cunningham, Cynthia
Coll #: 87-37
Date: 1974 -1977
Extent: 2 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 box of audio-visual material)
Location: 3:4:5
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of Cynthia Cunningham, a Las Vegas resident who served on the State Board of Education, 1971-1979, and was involved in numerous volunteer organizations. Collection includes material on her work with the Equal Rights Amendment, sexism in the schools and the Health Systems Agency of Clark County. Collection includes audiotapes, films, posters and news clippings on the ERA and organization bylaws, memberships, agendas, minutes, correspondence and publications on the Health Systems Agency. There is little information on Cunningham herself.
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Dorothy, Dorothy
Coll #: 95-20
Date: 1783 -1985
Extent: 7.67 linear ft. (12 document boxes, 3 slim document boxes, 1 oversize box)
Location: 4:2:4 - 4:2:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.4-2.1.6
Related Materials: 0131
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of noted Las Vegan Dorothy Dorothy and documents her life in the Pahrump Valley, her many civic interests, and her early interest in songwriting. The Personal series contains biographical material about Dorothy's family dating to 1783 and lengthy family genealogies, along with material on her friend Lionel "Rusty" Horgan and miscellaneous cards and correspondence with others. The Interests and Activities series contains a wide variety of materials from the 1930's to 1986 that reflect Dorothy's diverse interests. The materials document Dorothy's involvement in Las Vegas civic and animal rights groups, her interests in songwriting (as Dorothy Varnum) and flying, and the settlement of the Pahrump Valley.
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Duncan, Ruby
Coll #: 96-08
Date: 1979 - 1992
Extent: 22.14 linear feet (18 record storage boxes, 2 document boxes, 3 oversize folders)
Location: 5:3:3 - 5:4:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.7
Collection contains the organizational records of Operation Life Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that worked to improve living conditions in West Las Vegas by providing a variety of community development services. The organization began in May 1972, in the wake of a welfare protest march orchestrated by the Clark unty Welfare Rights Organization and Ruby Duncan. Operation Life grew from this organization and was directed by Ruby Duncan, as executive director from 1972 until her health forced her to retire in 1990. In general, this collection documents part of the history of a non-profit community development corporation. In addition, the material provides a glimpse of the regulations and protocol governing the public and private funding process. The collection also provides a partial documentation of the lives and struggles of West Las Vegans and the improvements they endeavored to make to their community.
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Eisenberg, Dorothy
Coll #: 2007-08b
Date: 1980-1989
Location: 12:11:5 - 12:11:6
Personal papers of Dorothy Eisenberg who has worked as an activist and "professional volunteer" in Las Vegas for over 35 years. Comprised of photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, and other documentation including her work on the Bullfrog County Comission, Las Vegas Clark County consolidation. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Equal Rights Nevada
Coll #: MS-00607
Date: 2000-2002
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: 11:5:4
The Equal Rights Nevada (2000-2002) collection is comprised of organizational records documenting the group's unsuccessful fight against Question 2, a referendum voted upon in 2000 and 2002 to amend Nevada's state constitution to forbid same-sex marriage. It includes campaign files, financial records, publicity, correspondence, ephemera, and other supporting documentation from national and regional marriage equality organizations.
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Ford, Jean
Coll #: MS25
Date: 1958 -1998
Extent: 15.57 linear feet. (25 document boxes, 13 slim document boxes, and 1 record storage box and 1 oversize box)
Location: 1:8:6 - 1:9:5 and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:2
Related Materials: 0295
A partial collection of the political papers of Jean Ford, longtime community and political activist in Nevada. Ford served in the Nevada state legislature as an assemblywoman and senator, and was active in many women's organizations. This collection focuses primarily on her legislative work and her work on a number of women's issues facing Nevada. There are also numerous materials on her work to preserve the environment. Documents include campaign literature, financial records, correspondence, news clippings, minutes, working files, flyers, and press releases.
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Coll #: 95-51
Date: 1980-1990s
Extent: 5 linear feet (5 record storage boxes)
Location: 5:1:5 - 5:2:1
Collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Las Vegas chapter of Greenpeace. This includes the organizations opposition to the MX Missile Complex, tax records, other environmental newsletters, and Greenpeace distribution materials—bumper stickers, lapel pins, coloring books and catalogs.

Gregory, Mollie
Coll #: MS-00516
Date: 1970-1974
Extent: 7.2 Linear Feet (13 boxes)
Location: 11:11:1 - 11:11:4
The Mollie Gregory Collection of Oral Histories contains audio interviews and transcripts that focus on welfare, family, and women's issues in Nevada from 1970 to 1974. Gregory interviewed people who described their lives during the anti-poverty and women's rights campaigns in the early 1970s. The collection documents views on welfare, the Equal Rights Amendment, political campaigns, race, discrimination, civil rights, youth, and political music.
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Hazard, H. E.
Coll #: T22
Date: 1939 - 1977
Extent: 5 linear in. (1 box)
Location: 1:10:3
Collection consists of political (as a member of the Nevada State Legislature) and personal correspondence re: supporting Union Labor, the need for proper housing for African Americans, appointment to the Council of Defense of Nevada by the Governor, and visits from the governor. Clippings on political and social issues, memorabilia—war ration books, invitations to attend JFK, LBJ and Jimmy Carter’s inaugurations, Democratic Party National Convention papers: application for State Gambling License (blank form). INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Hill, Charlotte
Coll #: 96-20
Date: 1978-1992
Extent: 11 linear feet (11 record storage boxes)
Location: 5:8:2 - 5:9:2
Collection consists of the personal papers of Charlotte Hill, a Las Vegas community volunteer who founded the Friends of Channel 10, Las Vegas Summer Camp Fund, and the Voluntary Action Center (now known as HELP of Southern Nevada). She has also worked with the Frontier Girl Scout Council, United Way, and the Home of the Good Shepherd Auxiliary. The collection includes files documenting her extensive volunteer activities in Southern Nevada, particularly her work with the Friends of Channel 10.

Hinkley, Dan
Coll #: MS-00525
Date: 1999-2001
Extent: 0.42 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 12:11:5
The Dan Hinkley papers are comprised of material documenting Hinkley's work on behalf of the gay community in Las Vegas, Nevada between the years of 1999 to 2001. It includes Hinkley's files on the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, the campaign against Question 2, and various subjects related to the gay community in Las Vegas.
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Hoggard, Mabel
Coll #: 2009-29
Date: ca. 1950s-1970s
Extent: 3 linear feet
Location: See Manuscripts Librarian
Collection is comprised of the personal papers, clippings, scrapbooks of Mabel Hoggard,the first African-American public school teacher in Las Vegas who taught from 1946-1970 in various schools around Las Vegas including the Westside School. Hoggard was also respected for her work as a civil rights activist and a civic and educational leader in Las Vegas. Other materials in the collection include her early student notes, curriculum notes from teaching days, documents from her wartime work in West Virginia, letters and cards from students and friends, and various documents on Blacks and the civil rights movement in Las Vegas and the US. Note: Collection is partially processed, please consult Manuscripts Librarian to access materials.

Howell, Kathryn
Coll #: MS-00481
Date: 1960-2002
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 10:4:1 Roller Shelf 2.4.6
The Kathryn Howell Papers cover 1960 to 2002. The material contains newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, photographs and some personal writings of Kathryn Howell, a teacher, activist, and lobbyist in Southern Nevada.
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Hurley, Strutt
Coll #: 2003-06
Date: 1990-2000
Location: 10:6:3 Roller Shelf 2.4.3
Collection contains commemorative material (hats, pins,shirts) from Gay Pride celebrations, AIDS Walks and Pridefest from various years from around the country. Also included in this collection is organizational information for SNAPI (Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc.). COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Junior League of Las Vegas Records
Coll #: MS-00179
Date: 1946-2010
Extent: 51.4 Linear Feet (25 document boxes, 17 oversized boxes, and assorted loose placards, framed photographs and pictures)
Location: 10:2:1-2-3-4, RS 1:4:1-2-3-4-5-6-7, RS 7:1
The Junior League of Las Vegas Records were compiled from 1946 through 2010, and are comprised of materials that include annual reports, training manuals, articles, minutes, photographs, scrapbooks, cookbooks, placards and framed photographs. Also included are materials on advocacy projects and fundraising efforts.
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Key, Alice
Coll #: 95-47
Date: 1936-95
Extent: .5 linear feet
Location: 5:1:3
Collection consists of the papers of Alice Key, who came to Las Vegas in 1955 as Public Relations Director for the Moulin Rouge Hotel. Key had been a chorus girl in her early days in Los Angeles. Key was active in the Civil Rights movement in Las Vegas, and in a number of political and community service organizations such as the NAACP. Collection consists of clippings, photographs, correspondence, and videos regarding civil rights and entertainment, in particular, the preservation of the Moulin Rouge Hotel. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
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Las Vegas GLBT Archives
Coll #: MS-00251
Date: 1955-1997
Extent: 3.4 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 3:1:1 - 3:1:3
The Las Vegas Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Collection documents the social and political activities of Las Vegas, Nevada's LGBT community from 1955 to 1997. The collection includes hundreds of newspaper articles about LGBT issues, ranging from AIDS to Nevada legislation. The collection also documents the presence of the LGBT community in Las Vegas, including information from gay bars, clubs, advocacy and political organizations,entertainers, and student groups.
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Las Vegas/Clark County Urban Action Committee.....
Coll #: 90-84
Date: 1972 - 1974
Extent: 1 document box
Location: 4:9:1
The Las Vegas/Clark County Urban Action Committee Task Forces were formed to study and report findings for consolidation of Clark County and Las Vegas government entities. Collection is comprised of the reports, meeting minutes and recommendations of this task force.

MacEachern, Jan
Coll #: 97-15
Date: 1958-1980s
Extent: 7.0 linear ft.
Location: 6:6:2 - 6:6:6 Roller Shelf 2.2.3
Collection consists of the papers of Jan MacEachern, Nevada political activist and teacher. Collection consists of clippings, programs, correspondence, financial reports, rosters, and photographs relating to her work on various Las Vegas and Boulder City legislative and local political advisory boards such as League of Women Voters, Boulder City Democratic Club, and Common Cause. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

McCaffrey, Bob Collection on the Save the Spruce Goose Campaign
Coll #: MS-00693
Date: 1980
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: B 2.2.3
The Bob McCaffrey Collection on the Save the Spruce Goose Campaign documents efforts by activists to preserve the plane from destruction and its subsequent acquisition by the Aero Club of Southern California in 1980. The collection contains photographs and news clippings about the Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat nicknamed the "Spruce Goose" from the 1980s.
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McClure, Florence
Coll #: 2003-23
Date: 1969 – 2003 (inclusive), 1970-1999 (bulk)
Location: 10:5:1 - 10:5:2
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of Florence McClure, Las Vegas activist, and founder of the Rape Crisis Center who helped establish the local women's prison. Collection contains news clippings and reports based on her civic activities and interests.
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MGM Mirage Corporation
Coll #: 2002-11
Date: 1990-2005
Extent: 15.07 linear feet, 31 boxes.
The collection encompasses news clippings, correspondence, marketing and events, photographs and a variety of audio-visual materials from 1990-2005. There are advertising, contracts, and corporate officer's bios as well as conference materials and an impact study done by the American Gaming Association. Diversity efforts of the corporation are also documented.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
Coll #: MS-00354
Date: 1971-1974
Extent: 3.3 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Location: 4:2:6 - 4:1:1
The National Organization for Women, Las Vegas Chapter Records document the philosophy, activities, and politics of the National Organization for Women (NOW) from 1966 to 2005 with most materials covering the period of 1971 to 1974. The records demonstrate the activities and political positions of NOW and they include correspondence, policies, memoranda, files, publications, and ephemera from the Las Vegas, Nevada chapter.
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Nevada Council on Problem Gambling
Coll #: 2004-19
Date: 1978-1995
Location: 10:4:2
Collection consists of material documenting the orgins of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Nevada Desert Experience
Coll #: MS-00524
Date: 1957-2007
Extent: 24 Linear Feet (24 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Location: 11:12:5-12:12:1
The Nevada Desert Experience Records (1957-2007) comprise the files of the anti-nuclear organization called the Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) and the NDE's predecessors, the unincorporated Nevada Test Site protests and the Sagebrush Alliance. Materials document the NDE's anti-nuclear activism, including protests such as the August Desert Witness (1985-2005), the Lenten Desert Experience (1982-2006), and the Millennium 2000 protests (1999-2000). The records date from 1957 to 2007 and include administrative files, publications, photographs, conference notes, government reports, speeches, audio and video recordings of NDE events and interviews, and files on organizations related to the NDE.
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Nevada Empowered Women
Coll #: MS-00517
Date: 1996-2001
Extent: 1.4 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 11:11:4 - 11:11:5
The Nevada Empowered Women's Project (NEW Project) Collection (1996-2001) consists of brochures, newsclippings, federal and state agency reports, and manuals about poverty and welfare rights pertaining to the activism of NEW Project, headquartered in Reno, Nevada. The material chronicles the battles over welfare reform in the 1990s and also includes the full agenda and report for the 1999 Welfare Reform Conference held in Washington, D.C.
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Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada
Coll #: 96-01
Date: 1980-1995
Extent: 17 document boxes (7.14 linear feet)
Location: 5:2:2 - 5:2:5
Collection consists of the administrative and educational records of Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada. Much of the collection focuses on administrative concerns such as grants and fundraising, and speakers, but there is also material pertaining to education and programs sponsored by PPSN. Types of material include brochures, flyers, grant records, news clippings, and training materials. Access to certain materials is restricted -- please see finding aid for details.
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Plotkin, Lee
Coll #: MS-00518
Date: 1955-2006
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 11:11:5
The Lee Plotkin papers document Plotkin's political work and associations as an LGBT activist and spokesman for the Las Vegas gay community, and include correspondence, press releases, copies of his columns, institutional and legislative documents, brochures, fliers and other ephemera from 1955 to 2006.
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Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
Coll #: MS-00526
Date: 1994-2002
Extent: 0.21 Linear Feet 1 box
Location: 12:11:5
The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) records span the years 1994 to 2002 and are comprised of material documenting the organization's involvment in gay issues in Las Vegas, Nevada. PLAN was founded in 1994 as the umbrella organization for Nevada's progressive groups and institutions. This collection is comprised of material documenting the Minority Status and Child Protection Act of 1994 and the Coalition for Unity and Equal Rights Nevada, and contains a number of files from that effort, including opinion surveys, meeting agendas and campaign plans.
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Rusco, Elmer Professor
Coll #: T123
Date: 1964 - 1972
Extent: 1 document box (.42 linear feet)
Location: 2:7:2
Collection is comprised of the papers of Elmer Rusco, former UNR professor, who has done extensive research into civil rights and race relations in Nevada. Topics include school integration, welfare, black employment, poverty, and Clark County School District staff training pertaining to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is also information on Local 357 regarding discrimination cases against blacks by the union, and information on the number of minorities working at the major Strip hotels. Types of material in the collection include correspondence, news clippings, and research notes.
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Service League [Las Vegas]
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1948-1970
Extent: 4 oversize boxes, 4 double oversize boxes (6.68 linear feet)
Location: Roller Shelf 1:4:1 - 1:4:3
Collection consists of the Las Vegas Service League scrapbooks containing newspaper articles about the members, various charitable acts performed by the league and league gatherings. (see also Junior League of Las Vegas collection 97-12 and the Junior Service League of Las Vegas on the roller shelf)

Shade Tree Shelter
Coll #: 96-006
Date: 1990 - 1994
Extent: 3 record storage boxes ( 3.75 linear feet)
Location: 5:3:1 - 5:3:2
The Shade Tree is a Las Vegas-based homeless shelter for women and women with children. The Shade Tree Collection contains staff logbooks for 1991 - 1994 and volunteer journals for 1990 - 1991 for this women's and children' safe house.

Sierra Club Records – Toiyabe Chapter, Southern Nevada Group
Coll #: 87-96
Date: bulk, 1980-1997 (inclusive, 1970-2003)
Extent: 15 linear feet (3 document boxes and 11 record storage cartons)
Location: 3:7:3-3:8:2
The Sierra Club Collection at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is composed of files from Sierra Club officers and activists in the Southern Nevada (formerly Las Vegas) Group of the Toiyabe Chapter. A major portion of the archive comes from the work of Jeff van Ee, who has been active in the Sierra Club in Nevada since the early 1970s. The collection documents the involvement of the Southern Nevada Group in a variety of environmental issues. Comprised of correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes and agenda, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, legislation, recommendations, resolutions, and general information, the collection showcases the variety of environmental issues in which the chapter has expressed interest. Due to the group’s location in the heart of the Mojave Desert, the collection provides excellent case studies of significant changes in the post-World War II American environmental movement, notably the increased acceptance of the worth of desert lands.
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Stand Out for Equality Records
Coll #: 2012-01
Extent: 1 linear foot (1 record storage carton)
Location: 10:8:5
Collection is comprised of organizational records of Stand Out for Equality a Las Vegas-based LGBT activist organization formed to advocate for gay marriage rights and other LGBT-friendly legislation in Nevada. Inventory Available.

Trudell, Harriet
Coll #: 2007-31
Date: 1948-2006
Extent: Two record storage cartons
Location: 13:6:4
Collection is comprised of personal papers of Harriet Trudell, noted Democratic political activist in Las Vegas from 1970s-present

Van Ee, Jeff
Coll #: 2003-13
Date: 1988-2005
Extent: 6.67 linear feet (1 document box, 5 record storage cartons, 2 oversize map storage)
Location: 3:11:4-3:12:1
The collection consists of the papers of John Jeffrey van Ee, an active environmentalist in Southern Nevada from roughly 1972 to 2010. The collection documents a portion of van Ee’s record of environmental activity, notably his participation on dozens of environmental committees in the Las Vegas and Clark County areas as well as his interest in the development of the Coyote Spring Valley. Comprised of correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, and meeting agenda and minutes, the collection showcases the breadth of van Ee’s environmental awareness and the extent of his activism. As van Ee was active at a time when Las Vegas’s population exploded and new demands were placed on the environment and its resources, the collection documents the increased importance awarded to environmental issues in both American culture-at-large as well as American national and local governments.
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White, Jaunita Greer
Coll #: 85-125
Date: 1927 - 1980
Extent: 22 doc boxes
Location: 3:1:5 - 3:2:2
The Juanita Greer White Collection contains personal, professional and business material pertaining to Dr. Juanita White in her capacity as a member of UCCSN Board of Regents, American Association of University Women and numerous other activities in education, health, youth and aging. Note: additional material added later included documents from her work in the Nevada State Legislature, Board of Regents, books, catalogs, chemistry papers, plaques, and campaign materials.
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Zucker-Bozarth, Blanche
Coll #: 96-13
Date: 1970 - 1993
Extent: 11 record storage boxes (12.5 linear ft.)
Location: 5:5:5 - 5:6:5
The Zucker-Bozarth collection focuses on activities of the Mesquite Club including, correspondence, member rosters, news clippings with some material on child abuse, libraries and legislation.