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Active Republican Womens Club Collection
Coll #: MS-00576
Date: 1977-2010
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 11:9:3 -11:9:4
The Active Republican Womens Club Collection (1977-2010) consists of scrapbooks and a video documenting the history and activities of the Active Republican Womens Club (ARW) of Las Vegas, Nevada. The scrapbooks contain numerous newspaper clippings, photographs, and some personal correspondence. Many of the clippings have also been annotated with notes by various ARW members.
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Alan Bible Speeches Collection
Coll #: MS-00506
Date: 1967-1974
Extent: 0.4 linear feet (1 box)
Location: MS 11.2.1
The Alan Bible Speeches Collection contains speeches made by Alan Bible while he was serving as a United States Senator representing Nevada from 1967 to 1974. The collection documents Bible's work around the state of Nevada, including dedication and commencement speeches, policy speeches, and promotion of the Democratic Party, as well as some speeches delivered in Washington, D.C.
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Anti Defamation League Nevada Region Office Photographs and Sign
Coll #: MS-00076
Date: 2003-2012
Extent: 0.1 linear feet (1 folder and 1 flat file)
Location: B 01.01.5, Map case 11:H
Collection is comprised of photographs from 2003 to 2012 depicting Anti Defamation League (ADL) Nevada Region Office events. The collection also includes a sign advertising ADL's "No Place For Hate" program.
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Baker, C.D. Engineering Field Notebooks
Coll #: MS-00272
Date: 1909-1966
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 3:3:6 - 3:4:1
The C.D. Baker Engineering Field Notebooks are comprised of the notebooks and informational texts Charles Duncan "C.D." Baker created and used between 1909 and 1966 while he served as the County Surveyor for Clark County, Nevada and the City Engineer for Las Vegas, Nevada. The field notebooks contain survey coordinates and elevation data for much of early Las Vegas and provide important information on early property boundaries, historical elevations, and lengths of existing streets from the 1920s to the 1960s.
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Baker, C.D. Engineering Field Notebooks
Coll #: MS-00272
Date: 1909-1966
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 3:3:6 - 3:4:1
The C.D. Baker Engineering Field Notebooks are comprised of the notebooks and informational texts Charles Duncan "C.D." Baker created and used between 1909 and 1966 while he served as the County Surveyor for Clark County, Nevada and the City Engineer for Las Vegas, Nevada. The field notebooks contain survey coordinates and elevation data for much of early Las Vegas and provide important information on early property boundaries, historical elevations, and lengths of existing streets from the 1920s to the 1960s.
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Baker, Charles Duncan (C.D.)
Coll #: MS-00141
Date: 1951-1972
Extent: 1.8 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 1:10:5
Related Materials: 0099
The Charles Duncan (C.D.) Baker Papers (1951-1972) consist of clippings, correspondence, and political brochures related to the life and career of Las Vegas, Nevada Mayor Charles Duncan (C.D.) Baker. The collection also houses several scrapbooks of clippings and a mayoral plaque of appreciation from the City of Las Vegas.
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Berkley, Shelley papers
Coll #: MS-00599
Date: 1999-2012
Extent: 13.25 linear feet (16 boxes), 2,059 Digital Files (1.26 GB)
Location: MS Map Case 11:H, A IS 1.1.2, A IS 1.1.3, A 2.1.1 - A 2.1.7, A 2.2.1
The Shelley Berkley papers chronicle the political career of Congresswoman Berkley from the years 1999 to 2012 and are comprised of correspondence, files on the nuclear waste controversy at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, education, women's rights, health care, foreign affairs, and homeland security.
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Cannon, Howard W.
Coll #: MS2
Date: 1958 - 1983
Extent: 300.3 linear feet (715 boxes)
Location: LASR
Related Materials: 0192
Collection is comprised of the senatorial papers of U.S. Senator (from Nevada) Howard Cannon from 1959 to 1982. Cannon strongly supported the Great Society programs and the War on Poverty. As a decorated WWII pilot, he was particularly interested in aviation issues. Collection materials include correspondence, speeches, invitations, press releases, appointment books, audio, video, and film. There are specific files on Las Vegas and an index file. There are two boxes with U.S. Senator George Malone's papers. NOTE: THIS COLLECTION IS STORED IN LIED LIBRARY’S LASR SYSTEM, PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO OBTAIN BOXES.
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Charles P. and Delphine Squires Collection
Coll #: MS-00009
Date: 1887 -1964
Extent: 4 boxes, 1 oversize folder (3.2 linear feet)
Location: MS 1:3:1, MS Map Case 11:N
Related Materials: 0002
This collection contains the family papers of Las Vegas pioneers Charles "Pop" Squires (editor of the Las Vegas Age and member of the Colorado River Commission) and his wife, Delphine, who helped found Christ Church Episcopal and the Mesquite Club. The Squires Papers concentrate on the Las Vegas years (1905- 1964), although there is some material from earlier periods. The Civic interests series contains miscellaneous items relating to early life in Las Vegas (1905-1958). The Manuscripts series contains book and short story manuscripts, articles, press releases and radio scripts written by Squires and his wife. The Correspondence series reflects the period 1910-1958 (many letters relating to his work on the CRC including some from President Herbert Hoover) with a few items dated earlier. The Family series contains items related to family life such as report cards, certificates, Parent Teacher Association, club activities, news clippings, and church activities. These items cover the years 1887- 1951.
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Clark, Ed W.
Coll #: 1017-1
Date: 1936
Extent: 2 folders
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of photographs of Las Vegas pioneer Ed W. Clark, ephemera from the 1936 Democratic National Convention, invitation and program to 1945 U.S. Presidential Inauguration and the book "Key Pittman Late Senator from Nevada -- Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress." The latter has Clark's name embossed in gold on the cover. There is also a copy of the Philadelphia Record with a story on the Democratic National Convention on the front page.

Dondero, Thalia M.
Coll #: 94-48
Date: 1966 - 1994
Extent: 28.3 linear feet (57 document boxes, 11 slim document boxes)
Location: MS 4:5:4 - 4:3:2
Collection is comprised of the political papers of Thalia Dondero during her last four years as a Clark County Commissioner from 1990 - 1994. Dondero, a long-time political and community activist in Las Vegas, currently serves on the Nevada Board of Regents. The collection consists of a variety of documents, brochures, reports and statements pertaining to Clark County, Las Vegas and Nevada. Issues covered in the collection include: environment, liquor, gambling, public works, water management and nuclear waste.
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Ford, Jean
Coll #: MS25
Date: 1958 -1998
Extent: 15.57 linear feet. (25 document boxes, 13 slim document boxes, and 1 record storage box and 1 oversize box)
Location: 1:8:6 - 1:9:5 and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:2
Related Materials: 0295
A partial collection of the political papers of Jean Ford, longtime community and political activist in Nevada. Ford served in the Nevada state legislature as an assemblywoman and senator, and was active in many women's organizations. This collection focuses primarily on her legislative work and her work on a number of women's issues facing Nevada. There are also numerous materials on her work to preserve the environment. Documents include campaign literature, financial records, correspondence, news clippings, minutes, working files, flyers, and press releases.
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Governor's Commission on Status of People
Coll #: T176
Date: 1975 - 1977
Extent: 1 linear foot (1 record storage box)
Location: 2:2:1
This collection is on the Commission on the Status of People which was formerly called Commission of the Status of Women, established in 1965 by Governor Grant Sawyer. Governor Mike O'Callaghan requested the Commission to investigate state laws that adversely affect Nevadans. The Commission was appointed from 1975 - 1977 and this collection contains the reports and a variety of documents pertaining to the Commission and several publications from other states concerning the status of women. (Collection was previously named the Felicia Campbell collection.)

Gragson, Oran
Coll #: T86
Date: 1959 - 1974
Extent: 33.25 linear feet (15 record storage boxes ; 2 document boxes and 13 oversize boxes)
Location: 1:12:5 - 2:12:5 (Boxes 1-35) and ROLLER SHELF 1:7:4 -1:7:5 (Boxes 36-43)
Collection is comprised of the political papers of Oran Gragson, Las Vegas mayor from 1959-1974. Collection includes news clippings, city documents, memos, daily planners and correspondence. The bulk of the collection consists of Gragson's mayoral files which are arranged alphabetically . Subjects include crime, labor union arbitration, race relations, pollution abatement, and there is much information concerning the city's involvement with county and federal agencies regarding law enforcement, economic opportunity projects and planning. The collection also documents Gragson's failed bid to win the 1962 Nevada gubernatorial election. In 2005, there was an additional donation of materials from Gragon's family that consisted primarily of scrapbooks kept during his various campaigns and his time in office.
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Hendel, Charles A.
Coll #: MS-00157
Date: 1960-1976
Extent: .0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 1:12:2
The Charles A. Hendel Notebook is comprised of one notebook of poetry and prose written by Charlie Hendel between 1960 and 1976. Topics include the state of Nevada, World War II, American nationalism, and biographical materials about Charles Hendel.
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Hickey, Liliam Lujan Papers
Coll #: MS-00103
Date: 1940-2010
Extent: 4.2 Linear Feet (2 boxes, 2 flat files)
Location: B 1:5:5, Map Case 11:O
The Liliam Lujan Hickey Papers (1940-2010) document her run for the Nevada State Board of Education District A as well as her work with the Latin Chamber of Congress. The collection contains assorted newspaper and magazine articles, documents, books, a transcript of her oral history interview, photographs, correspondence, and awards.
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Hickey, Thomas
Coll #: 86-20
Date: 1969-1999
Extent: 56 linear feet (48 record storage cartons, 15 document boxes, 1 slim doc box and 1 oversize box)
Location: LASR
Collection consists of the political papers of Nevada state senator and legislator Thomas Hickey. State Assembly and State Legislature material relates to issues such as children, health, education, budget, nuclear testing, Yucca Mt., Dept of Energy, women's issues, women's prison, abortion, charitable organizations and mental health. Includes correspondence. INVENTORY AVAILABLE - THIS COLLECTION IS IN LASR, PLEASE CONTACT MANUSCRIPTS LIBRARIAN TO RETRIEVE

Inspector of Election (Griffith, Robert)
Coll #: Mss4
Date: 1911
Extent: 1 folder (containing 4 slim volumes, bound)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of tally list, poll list, challenge list, and rejected ballots tally list, and cover envelope for the first election of mayor and commissioners in Las Vegas. Records of a precinct in the election for adoption of the charter of the City of Las Vegas. The poll list provides the names of each individual voting in this first election, including pioneers such as "Pop" Squires, A.S. Henderson, and Harley Harmon.

Jeffrey, Jack
Coll #: 99-12
Date: 1980-1981
Extent: 1 record storage box, 1 document box
Location: 7:12:2
This is a partial collection of the legislative papers of Nevada state assemblyman Jack Jeffrey, who represented Boulder City, part of Henderson and the Moapa Valley area. Collection is comprised of records from the 1980-81 session of the Nevada State Legislature. Contains appropriations report, Springer Legislative reports, fiscal notes, assembly and senate bills and resolutions, and Minutes from the Committee on Governmental Affairs.
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Kathryn Howell Papers
Coll #: MS-00481
Date: 1960-2002
Extent: 3 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 10.4.1, RS 2.4.6
The Kathryn Howell Papers cover 1960 to 2002. The material contains newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, photographs and some personal writings of Kathryn Howell, a teacher, activist, and lobbyist in Southern Nevada.
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Krenzer, Sandi
Coll #: 96-19
Date: 1990-1994
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: MS 5:2:5
Collection contains a brief biography of Krenzer, a copy of a brief description of her achievements from �Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada�, a letter of endorsement from the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriff�s for election race to Assembly District 3, campaign and fundraising materials-mailers, etc.

Las Vegas (Nev.) Board of Commissioners Records
Coll #: MS-00245
Date: 1921-1946
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: Ms 2:1:3
The City of Las Vegas, Nevada Board of Commissioners Records comprises documents produced by the City of Las Vegas Board of Commissioners from 1921 to 1946. The records document the transition of the Las Vegas municipal government from a commission form of government (1911-1944) to a council-manager form of government (1944-present). Materials include meeting minutes,resolutions, budgets, petitions, leases, reports, and correspondence. Subjects include the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, a World War One Memorial Building, city elections, the Las Vegas drainage channel, the Las Vegas city library, and the Department of Recreation.
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Las Vegas/Clark County Urban Action Committee.....
Coll #: 90-84
Date: 1972 - 1974
Extent: 1 document box
Location: 4:9:1
The Las Vegas/Clark County Urban Action Committee Task Forces were formed to study and report findings for consolidation of Clark County and Las Vegas government entities. Collection is comprised of the reports, meeting minutes and recommendations of this task force.

League of Women Voters
Coll #: MS-00024
Date: 1964-1993
Extent: 11.2 linear feet (20 boxes, 1 flat file, 1 roll)
Location: MS 1.8.2 - MS 1.8.6, MS Map Case 11:G, RS 2.7.3
This collection contains the records and publications of the League of Women Voters of the Las Vegas Valley from 1964 to the 1990s. The majority of the material covers the 1960s and 1970s, and consists of administration records and information on specific issues. The material in the collection provides a clue to the relative importance of various issues at specific times and outlines the basic administrative workings of a chapter of the League of Women Voters.
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Lowman, Zelvin Papers
Coll #: MS-00184
Date: 1966-1976
Extent: 8 boxes (7.2 linear feet)
Location: MS 2:9:5 - 2:8:2
The collection is comprised of the papers of Assemblyman Zelvin "Zel" Lowman who served in the Nevada State Legislature from 1967 to 1977. Included are court records, publications, correspondence, reports, and newspaper clippings pertaining to his time in office. Subjects include the Clark County School District, school busing, water and air quality issues, capital punishment, medical malpractice, mental health legislation, and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
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MacEachern, Jan papers
Coll #: MS-00395
Date: 1960-1988
Extent: 7.5 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Location: 6:6:2 - 6:6:5, Roller Shelf 2.1.4
The Janet MacEachern Papers (1960-1988) consist of programs, correspondence, financial reports, rosters, clippings, scrapbooks, and photographs relating to her work on various Las Vegas, Nevada, Boulder City, Nevada, and State legislative and political advisory boards.
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Malone, Mike
Coll #: 98-21, 2002-22
Date: 1984-1996
Extent: 8.5 linear feet (9 boxes)
Location: MS 7.11.3 - 7.11.6
Collection is comprised of the papers of Mike Malone, Nevada State Assemblyman and former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer. Collection consists of newspaper clippings, campaign material, minute books, assembly and senate materials from the 1983 and 1989 legislative sessions. PARTIAL COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

May, Paul Collection
Coll #: MS-00178
Date: 1969 - 1984
Extent: 1 record storage box and 2 document boxes
Location: MS 2:11:5
Collection is comprised of the papers of Paul May, who represented Las Vegas in the Nevada State Legislature. Collection contains correspondence, legislative documents, reports of taxation in Nevada, and invitations to casino and show openings, and community events. PARTIAL INVENTORY AVAILABLE

McLaughlin, Thomas Papers
Coll #: MS-00247
Date: 1937-1985
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: MS 2:1:2
The Thomas McLaughlin Papers (1937-1985) are comprised of newspaper clippings and other papers about real estate, the Clark County Democratic Party, and local fraternal organizations, especially the Knights of Columbus and the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick in Las Vegas, Nevada. Materials also include some clippings on McLaughlin's appointment as trustee of the Las Vegas Park Racetrack in 1955.
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MX Missile
Coll #: T157
Date: 1981
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 2:3:1
MX review committee and subcommittee reports and draft environmental statement for the MX Missile Project.

Nevada Democrat Newsletter
Coll #: 87-150
Date: 1965 - 1970
Extent: 2 doc boxes
Location: MS 3:10:3
Collection contains copies of the Political Race Dope Sheet, a humorous description of candidates designed to resemble a horse race sheet, and copies of the Clark County Democrat.

Nevada Political Buttons Collection
Coll #: MS-00302
Date: 1972-2000
Extent: 0.7 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 9.10.3
The Nevada Political Buttons Collection contains campaign buttons from 1972 to 2000. The collection includes buttons for political candidates at the federal, state, and local levels, including Bill Clinton and Al Gore for President of the United States, Harry Reid for United States Senate from Nevada, Bob Miller for governor of Nevada, and various candidates for Nevada's state legislature and other elected positions. The collection also contains buttons from some of Nevada's local political organizations, including Las Vegas, Nevada's branch of the Culinary Union, Nevada Fair Pay Coalition, and No Nuclear in Nevada.
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Ortiz, Cynthia Collection on Election Campaigns in Nevada
Coll #: MS-00058
Date: 1967-2006
Extent: 2.8 linear feet (4 boxes)
Location: MS 9.9.5, 9.9.6
Related Materials: Nevada Political Buttons Collection, MS-00302.
Collection is comprised of published campaign materials collected by Nevada resident Cynthia Ortiz from 1967 to 2006 with an emphasis on years 1998, 2004, and 2006. Also included are campaign T-shirts and bumper stickers.
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Poll tax [receipt] (State of Nevada)
Coll #: Mss13
Date: 1915
Extent: 1 folder (containing 1 item)
Location: 1:1:1
Consists of the poll tax receipt of Oscar Ikonen [Enonen?] from Esmeralda County, Nevada. The Poll Tax Collector is the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Co., and Clyde P. Johnson is listed as County Auditor. It is dated April 1, 1915.

Republican Women of Las Vegas, Nevada Records
Coll #: MS-00371
Date: 1953-1992
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: B 2:3:5
The collection is comprised of the records of the Republican Women of Las Vegas, Nevada dating from 1953 to 1992. The collection includes scrapbooks, photographs, invitations, fliers, magazines, and awards.
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Rodgers, Kerin Scianna
Coll #: 97-08
Date: 1973 - 1986
Extent: 1 record storage carton (1 linear foot)
Location: 6:6:1
Collection is comprised of news clippings, campaign materials, correspondence and photographs pertaining to Rodgers’ work with the Democratic party and her political activities in Southern Nevada and Las Vegas. Rodgers also owned the Gipsy, a Las Vegas gay dance bar located on Paradise Road near Naples Ave.

Sabbath, Dennis and Roberta Papers
Coll #: MS-00731
Date: 1970s-1991
Extent: 17 Digital Files
Location: Digital Collection
The Dennis and Roberta Sabbath papers are comprised of photographs, newspaper clippings, and ephemera created and collected by Dennis and Roberta Sabbath. Photographs and ephemera document the Sabbaths' personal and social lives and their involvement in the Jewish community in Las Vegas, Nevada. Newspaper clippings document the law career of Dennis Sabbath and his campaign for Nevada State Senate in 1986.
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Senator Chic Hecht Papers
Coll #: MS-00003
Date: 1943-1989
Extent: 62 Linear Feet (123 boxes)
Location: LASR, A 3.9.3
The Senator Chic Hecht Papers (1943-1989) contain the political papers of United States Senator and Las Vegas, Nevada businessman Chic Hecht. The papers include legislation, notes, correspondence, and speeches from Senator Hecht's term in the Senate from 1982 to 1988.
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Southern Nevada Women's Political Caucus
Coll #: 94-46
Date: 1983 - 1984
Extent: 2 document boxes (.84 linear feet)
Location: 4:5:4
The Southern Nevada Women's Political Caucus was a chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus. It was active in child care issues and in aiding women who desired to be elected to public office. The collection contains two small boxes pertaining to their activities from 1983 - 1984. There are also a number of documents pertaining to the national organization dating back to the 1970s.
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Trudell, Harriet
Coll #: MS-00540
Date: 1949-2006
Extent: 2 linear feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 13:6:3
The Harriet Trudell Papers span 1949-2006. The collection consists of personal items such as items from Trudell's high school, personal correspondence, holiday cards and photos of family, friends, trips and gatherings. Harriet Trudell was a Democratic Party advocate, feminist, Civil Rights activist, campaign advisor, and precinct organizer. The bulk of the collection contains documents from Trudell's various political activities. These items include correspondence from political entities, election memorabilia in the form of buttons and bumper stickers, information on political campaigns, and documents concerning the National Organization of Women (NOW).
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Vergiels, John
Coll #: 87-060
Date: 1972-1993 (inclusive), 1975-1983 (bulk)
Extent: 4 boxes
Location: LASR
The Senator John M. Vergiels Papers document his career in the Nevada Legislature in the 1980s. Materials include legislative reports, bills, correspondence, committee reports and studies from the Nevada Legislature. Subjects covered include nurses, living wills, animal rights, and occupational therapy among others. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Williams, Aaron Collection
Coll #: MS-00276
Date: 1965 - 1975
Extent: 2 boxes (10 linear in.)
Location: MS 3:4:5
Related Materials: 0234
Collection is comprised of the papers of Aaron Williams, North Las Vegas City Councilman and Clark County Commissioner. Consists mainly of material from scrapbooks and newspaper clippings chronicling Williams' political career and the issues he dealt with. Issues included are those related to community and infrastructure development, such as airports, sewage treatment plants, senior citizens, health, and urban planning, as well as local government activities during the late 1960's and early 1970's. The remainder of the materials in the collection consist primarily of correspondence from 1966-1976, various certificates, and a very limited number of items pertaining to affirmative action programs and the organization "Poor People Pulling Together."
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