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Berkley, Shelley Papers
Coll #: 2013-05
Date: 1982-2013
Extent: 18 boxes, 15.210 linear feet.
This collection documents the political career of Rochelle "Shelley" Berkley when she served as U.S. Representative for Nevada's 1st Congressional District. Included are correspondence and constituent mail; congressional documents and subject files, a variety of materials about Yucca Mountain, awards, and multimedia materials, including VHS and beta video tapes and an external hard drive. Topics documented include Las Vegas, health care, veteran's affairs, the hepatitis C outbreak of 2008, and Yucca Mountain and the nuclear waste controversy.
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Florence--Goldfield Mining Company Records
Coll #: MS 11E
Date: 1912-1918
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:3:4
This collection is comprised of financial records from the Florence--Goldfield Mining Company, one of the leading producers in the Goldfield mining district in Esmeralda County, Nevada. It contains a single series – financial – with over five hundred documents, primarily bills and receipts, that reflect the purchases of the Florence-Goldfield Mining Company between 1912-1918. The majority of the bills have the original billhead of the contracted company attached. A partial list of the Goldfield businesses in the collection include: Nevada-California Power, Al Mills-General Blacksmithing, Wood & Sullivan Hardware, Verdi Lumber Company, Ferrys Transfer Company, and the Union Drayage Company.
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Frederickson Family Papers
Coll #: MS-00448
Date: 1904-1917
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 9:10:6
Collection is comprised of family photographs and papers of the Frederickson The Frederickson Family Papers (1904-1917) consists of bank statements, correspondence, and mining statements of the Goodsprings, Nevada pioneers John C. Frederickson and Elizabeth Perkins Frederickson. The collection also houses documents pertaining to the Masonic Las Vegas, Nevada Lodge.
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Gill, Benjamin
Coll #: 2010-07
Date: 1905-1922
Extent: 2 linear feet (2 boxes)
Location: A 3:4:5
Benjamin Gill was a friend and business partner of Charles Sprague (editor of Goldfield News and President of Goldfield Chamber of Commerce), who served as Secretary-Treasurer for a number of southern Nevada mining companies in Pioneer, Bullfrog, Tonopah and Goldfield, NV. Collection is comprised of his business correspondence (over 800 letters) 1916-22; Fairplay Mining District record Book 1905; and misc. mining reports, pamphlets from the Bullfrog Mining District.

Jones, Sam
Coll #: 1031-3
Date: 1938(?)
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of one handwritten letter addressed to Sam Jones of Goodsprings, dated [19]38. The author of the letter is not identified.

Kane Springs Ranch Collection
Coll #: 2009-11
Extent: 1.42 linear feet (1 document box, and 1 record storage carton)
Location: Consult Director of Special Collections for access
Collection is comprised of records from the Kane Springs Ranch in Meadow Valley Wash, and those of Mrs. Joan Stuart, its last owner . The ranch was originally known as the Kane Springs Ranch, then the Huntsman Ranch after the Huntsman family who owned it, then the Stuart ranch when the ranch was purchased by Bradley Stuart. Bradley’s son, Robert was Joan Stuart’s husband. The ranch had a large orchard and small mining operations. It was located on the wagon road between the Muddy River Mormon settlements and Pioche, now the Union Pacific railroad tracks. Records include history of the Huntsman family, acquisition of right of way by the railroad, water rights, mining, and acquisition of the ranch by the BLM. There is a 5-year restriction on the documents relating to the sale and sale price of the ranch.

Laird, Nell
Coll #: T55
Date: 1908
Extent: 3 linear inches (1 slim document box)
Location: 1:11:5
Collection consists of the receipt book of the J. R. Lane Illuminating, Lubricating and Fuel Oil (Company) located in Rhyolite, Nevada. Receipt book lists the names of customers and purchases made in Rhyolite in 1908.

Lanman Collection
Coll #: 1031-9
Date: 1828 -1923
Extent: 5 folders
Location: 1:1:2
Lanman wrote a Dictionary of the United States Congress and General Government in the late 19th century. This collection contains the title page and the table of contents of the Dictionary and responses to his solicitation requesting biographical information from notable government figures such as Silas Rody Ashley, Thomas Fitch, Gordon N. Matt, , Henry Worthington, S.M. Worts, and Ernest B. Norris. Of particular interest with reagard to Nevada are the original holograph letters of James W. Nye and William M. Stewart.

Lee, Henry Hudson
Coll #: T31
Date: 1811-195(?)
Extent: 1 box; 5 linear inches
Location: 1:10:5
Collection is comprised of manuscript copies of Henry Hudson Lee's memoirs entitled "My Memoirs" and his biography of his father entitled "A Brief Sketch of the Life and Family of Milton LaFayette Lee." Henry Hudson Lee worked as the County Recorder and Auditor of Lincoln County in the early 1900s. He was also involved in cattle ranching most of his life.

Liberty Engine Company No. 1
Coll #: T11
Date: 1846
Extent: 1 box (letter-sized)
Location: 1:10:2
Collection consists of two ledger books and some bank records for the Liberty Engine Company No. 1. Ledger books date from 1876 to 1917. Bank deposit records date from 1926-1927. Liberty Engine Company No. 1 was the volunteer fire fighting unit for Gold Hill, Nevada until it closed in 1938.

Liddle, Samuel
Coll #: Mss31
Date: 1885 -1890
Extent: 7 folders (containing 164 items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of ledgers, accounts and correspondence for the General Store of Samuel Liddle, located in Leadville, Nevada, from 20 October 1885 to 11 November 1890.
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Lisle Family
Coll #: T153
Date: 1914 - 1948
Extent: 1 slim doc box
Location: 2:3:1
Collection contains the 1914 Primary Election register for Beatty Precinct, Nye County, Beatty School Registry of Students from 1933-1948 and correspondence re: attempting to obtain government funding for the Beatty High School.

Logan Family Collection
Coll #: 2011-16
Date: 1906
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: 7:8:4
Collection is comprised of photos, documents, correspondence, and memoirs related to the life and family of Thomas Logan, (1861-1906) sheriff of Nye County, shot and killed while apprehending a suspect on April 7, 1906 in Manhattan, NV.

Logan Family Collection
Coll #: 2011-16
Date: 1906
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: 7:8:4
Collection is comprised of photos, documents, correspondence, and memoirs related to the life and family of Thomas Logan, (1861-1906) sheriff of Nye County, shot and killed while apprehending a suspect on April 7, 1906 in Manhattan, NV.

Neely, William
Coll #: 1029-4
Date: [18]64
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of one typescript letter (photocopied) transcribed from an original dated Dec 4, [18]64 from W[illiam] Neely In Virginia City NV to his nephew. The letter discuss Nevada's impending statehood and the business and financial situation at the time. Contains some detail about mining work and advises nephew "not" to come to Nevada.

Nevada Banking History
Coll #: 86-03
Date: 1880 -190(?)
Extent: 2 doc boxes
Location: 3:2:3
Collection contains information on the history of banking, primarily in Worcester, NV and a history of the Worcester bank. Included in this history are pamphlets and promotional publications on early Nevada banks, contemporary newspaper clippings and correspondence about Butch Cassidy and common banking correspondence. Of interest is a copy of a proclamation and report by the governor of the Territory of Nevada about an international mineral exhibition dated 1863.

Nevada Library Directories, Statistics, and Handbook
Coll #: MS-00706
Date: 1954-1992
Location: B 2:2:3
The Nevada Library directories and statistics date from 1954 to 1992. The Library Association Handbook is dated December 31, 1987. Records were created by the Nevada State Library and Archives and its predecessor the Nevada State Library.
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Nevada-Utah Miners & Smelters Corporation Records
Coll #: MS-11C
Date: 1905-1937 (inclusive), 1907-1909 (bulk)
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:3:4
The collection is comprised of a single series of financial records of the Nevada-Utah Miners & Smelters Corporation which was located in Lincoln County, Nevada just outside of Pioche. It is arranged alphabetically by record type and it incorporates bank records, accounts, bills, receipts, and some correspondence from the years 1905-1937.
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Rinker, C.A. Earle
Coll #: 2006-09
Date: 1883-1965
Extent: 14 document boxes; 1 large oversize box (ON ROLLER SHELF) (7.3 linear feet)
Location: 11:4:6-11:5:2; Oversize box on Roller Shelf 2.4.6
This collection is comprised of materials that document the history of early twentieth century Goldfield, a mining boom town in central Nevada, as well as the life of its collector. Materials include highly descriptive correspondence and images of Goldfield during its peak years of 1906-1910, as well as mining prospectus, maps, ledgers, souvenirs and ephemera that document mining activity specifically and daily life in a mining boom town more generally.
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Sawyer, Byrd
Coll #: 90-052
Date: 1880-1969
Extent: 1 slim document box (.21 linear feet)
Related Materials: 0256
Collection is comprised of the papers of Byrd Wall Sawyer and contains a variety of materials related to Nevada history. Collection includes Nevada State Library materials and publications, news clippings, correspondence, speeches and memos relating to Reno, Carson City and Washoe County. There are research notes and copies of the books; "Midwifery" and "The Open Range of Nevada, 1826-1900." The collection also contains some photographs and numerous slides of foreign countries. There are also audio recordings and video of the Boulder City anniversary. book manuscript - "Here is Nevada"; bibliography 1939; Co-authors - Byrd Wall Sawyer and Effie Mona Mack INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Sieffert, Mrs.
Coll #: 1015
Date: 1908 - 1921
Extent: 1 folder
Location: 1:1:2
Consists primarily of correspondence between U.S. Senator George S. Nixon and William B. Ogden regarding the appointment of a postmaster in Gold Mountain and Drumville (both Esmeralda County), Nevada.

Spicer, Jim & Effie
Coll #: T158
Date: 1932-1991
Extent: 1 slim document box (.21 linear feet)
Location: 2:3:1
Collection consists of materials relating to the Spicer family, Nye County, Nevada, and the Boiling Pot Ranch, Beatty, and the transcription of Jack Milligan's diary (1932-1935). Also contains a photocopy of chapter 18 from the History of Pahrump Valley with comments on the Spicers by David Lynch.

Sprague, Charles
Coll #: 2010-08
Date: 1906-1922
Extent: .84 linear feet (2 document boxes) and 9 bound volumes.
Location: 10:3:2 and bound newspaper volumes located on Oversize roller shelves
Charles Sprague, (1865 - ?) born in Ohio, newspaper editor in Ohio, Colorado Springs, Denver . Bought Goldfield News in 1906, of which he was the editor. President of Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Democrat in 1910, later went into the mining brokerage business. He had interests in and was an executive officer in a number of mining companies in southern Nevada. Collection consists of his mining business correspondence 1909-1921 (over 1200 letters) , a photograph album and loose photos of Tonopah, 5 bound volumes of Goldfield News 1917-1922; company ledgers of Midway Mining and Milling Co., Tonopah,1902-1913; Goldfield Consolidated Water Company, 1905-14; Nevada Gold Center Mines Co., 1906-6; misc. mining maps, brochures, reports, publications from Goldfield & Tonopah.

State of Nevada-Water Resources Reconnaissance Records
Coll #: MS-00699
Date: 1935-1968
Extent: 0.85 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: B 1:1:3
The State of Nevada Water-Resources Reconnaissance Records (1935-1968) contain studies and appraisals of ground water resources in the lakes and valleys of various Nevada counties. The documents were created by the Nevada Division of Water Resources.
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Syphus - Bunker Papers
Coll #: T85
Date: 1891 -1994
Extent: 1 record storage box, and 1 doc box
Location: 1:12:5
Collection is comprised primarily of the correspondence of John Bunker and Mary Etta Syphus from 1891-1895. Mary Etta was one of ten children of Luke and Christina Syphus, a pioneer Mormon family who settled in Panaca, Nevada in the late 1800s. In September 1895, Mary Etta married John Bunker, but passed away just two months later in November 1895. The earliest correspondence was written when Bunker was living in El Dorado Canyon Nevada and Syphus in Panaca Nevada, and the later correspondence when Bunker was in Logan Utah and Syphus attending the BYU Academy Church Normal School in Provo UT. There is additional correspondence between Mary Etta Syphus and various friends along with some certificates and wedding announcements. The collection also includes a genealogy chart and the Syphus family history. Collection contains both originals, and typed transcriptions of the correspondence. Subjects discussed include the Muddy River, sicknesses, weather, neighbors, LDS church, school and leisure activities.

Techatticup Mine Records
Coll #: MS 11A
Date: 1914-1923 (inclusive), 1915-1920 (bulk)
Extent: .84 linear feet (2 document boxes)
Location: 1:3:3 - 1:3:4
The Techatticup Mine Records are comprised primarily of administrative and financial materials that document the history of the Techatticup Mine (located in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada) in the years between 1914-1923. There is no material documenting the early years of the mine in the 19th century. Administrative documents include foreman reports, insurance, warehouse inventories and correspondence. Financial records include account balances, statements, bills, receipts, company vouchers and purchasing records.
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Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad
Coll #: MS6
Date: 1910 -1940
Extent: 3 boxes; 1.5 linear ft.
Location: 1:2:1
The Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad Collection contains miscellaneous correspondence, waybills, requisitions and other records relating to the company's operation. Incorporated in 1904, the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad operated for 35 years, connecting Ludlow, California (on the Santa Fe Railroad main line) with Beatty Nevada by way of Death Valley. “Tidewater” referred to dreams of eventually completing connections with San Diego, California. Declining mining fortunes and waning borax operations in Death Valley after 1927 caused the slow decline of the railroad, which finally ceased operations in 1940.
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Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada Collection
Coll #: MS 11B
Date: 1907-1928
Extent: .21 linear feet (1 slim document box)
Location: 1:3:4
The Tonopah Mining Company was the largest producer in Tonopah, Nevada in the early 20th century. The collection consists of a single series that includes several annual reports on the Tonopah Mining Company from the years 1907-1928, and a small number of time cards and insurance information. The annual reports are small booklets that discuss the mine’s location, geography, minerals, stocks, quotas, and financial gains.
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Vance, Paul
Coll #: 86-041
Date: 1829 -1986
Extent: 1 slim doc box
Location: 3:2:6
This collection consists of the Nevada cemetery censuses from the following Lincoln County towns: Buillionville, Panaca, and Caliente INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Western Nevada Project
Coll #: 91-24
Extent: 2 record storage boxes
Location: 4:9:2
Collection consists of approximately 2,000 aerial photographs of Southern and Western Nevada. Photographs are not indexed.

Wilson, James B.
Coll #: T1
Date: 1875-1940
Extent: 3 doc boxes
Location: 1:9:6
Related Materials: 0011
Collection contains the business records-supply invoices for the Sand Stone Ranch - Nevada; Lincoln County - Nevada; Pioche - Nevada; Goodsprings - Nevada; and general family correspondence and the Wilson Family photograph album PARTIAL INVENTORY AVAILABLE