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Active Republican Womens Club Collection
Coll #: MS-00576
Date: 1977-2010
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 11:9:3 -11:9:4
The Active Republican Womens Club Collection (1977-2010) consists of scrapbooks and a video documenting the history and activities of the Active Republican Womens Club (ARW) of Las Vegas, Nevada. The scrapbooks contain numerous newspaper clippings, photographs, and some personal correspondence. Many of the clippings have also been annotated with notes by various ARW members.
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Allied Arts Council
Coll #: MS-00187
Date: 1972-1999
Extent: 32 boxes (31.4 Linear Feet)
Location: MS 8:5:1 - 8:7:6
This collection contains the organizational records of the Allied Arts Council, a Las Vegas-based non-profit organization that promoted the arts in Southern Nevada. Materials include minutes, correspondence, membership information and project files. For earlier materials, see collection T109. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

American Association of University Women - Las Vegas Branch (AAUW)
Coll #: 96-09
Date: 1962 - 1990
Extent: 2.94 linear feet. (7 document boxes)
Location: MS 5:5:1
This collection contains the organizational records of the Las Vegas Branch of the American Association of University Women which has participated in activities relating to ERA, "Get Out the Vote," and other national and community social issues. The records include administrative materials such as financial records, directories, bylaws, meeting minutes, and scrapbooks. Another series focuses on the issues and programs the AAUW has been involved with.
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American Booksellers Association Collection
Coll #: MS-00317
Date: 1990
Extent: 1.8 Linear Feet (1 box, 1 oversize folder)
Location: MS 4:10:5; MS Map Case 11:H
The American Booksellers Association Collection (1990) consists of catalogs, directories, and magazines pertaining to the Annual Meeting of the American Booksellers Association (ABA) in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1990.
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American Red Cross, Southern Nevada Chapter Records
Coll #: MS-00600
Date: 1917-2004
Extent: 11 boxes (16 Linear Feet), 433 Digital Files (4 DVDs, 4.96 Gigabytes) JPG, MP4
Location: MS 13.7.4, RS 2.6.1 - 2.6.2, AIS 01.7.5, BIS 01.04.4
The American Red Cross, Southern Nevada Chapter records, dating from 1917 to 2004, include office records, legal files dealing with property, news clippings, program descriptions, pamphlets, events, scrapbooks, and documentation of disaster relief efforts. The early records from 1917 until 1943 are newspaper clippings.
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American War Mothers
Coll #: 97-17
Date: 1950 - 1960
Extent: 9.4 linear feet (5 boxes, 2 oversize folders)
Location: MS 6.6.6, MS 6.5.1, RS 1.6.6, RS 2.2.1, MS Map Case 11:N
Collection consists of the organizational records of the American War Mothers, a patriotic organization founded in 1918 for those mothers whose children were members of the armed services. Collection contains materials from Las Vegas and Henderson AWM chapters and includes scrapbooks, photo albums, meeting minutes, AWM booklets, and various artifacts.
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Anti Defamation League Nevada Region Office Photographs and Sign
Coll #: MS-00076
Date: 2003-2012
Extent: 0.1 linear feet (1 folder and 1 flat file)
Location: B 01.01.5, Map case 11:H
Collection is comprised of photographs from 2003 to 2012 depicting Anti Defamation League (ADL) Nevada Region Office events. The collection also includes a sign advertising ADL's "No Place For Hate" program.
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Aplin, Hilda
Coll #: MS-00152
Date: 1927 - 1971
Extent: 1.77 linear feet, 1.12 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Location: 1:11:6 and Roller Shelf 1.7.3
The Hilda A. Aplin Papers (1927-1971) include 3 albums of photographs, cards, newsclippings, letters, and Eagles auxiliary memorabilia. There is an index for the albums, a family history sheet, a program for a Grand Eagles event, and an obituary for Aplin's mother-in-law.
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Aquavision Records
Coll #: MS-00410
Date: 1986-1997
Extent: 1.1 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Location: MS 7:12:3
The Aquavision Records include bylaws, correspondence, and publications by Aquavision, a community action group concerned with water conservation in Southern Nevada's Las Vegas Valley. The collection spans 1986 to 1997. The records show Aquavision's activities, including its public information campaigns, awards for water conservation, and newsletters.
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Archaeo-Nevada Society Records
Coll #: MS-00728
Date: 1938-2005
Extent: 7 boxes (6.82 cubic feet, 7.17 linear feet), 185 digital files
Location: MS 13.07.05, B IS 01.05.03, B IS 01.10.06
Collection is comprised of articles, correspondence, brochures, newsletters, programs, maps, information on atlatl, Native Americans, and the flora and fauna of Nevada collected by three members of the Archaeo-Nevada Society from 1938 to 2005. The collection also includes scrapbooks and photo albums detailing the activities of the Archaeo-Nevada Society, particularly from the 1960s to 1990s.
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Bass, Burt and Wilma Photographs and Programs
Coll #: MS-00716
Date: 1976-1987 and undated
Extent: 28 Digital Files
Location: Digital Collection
The Burt and Wilma Bass photographs and programs mainly document the Bass' involvement in the Jewish community of Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as their personal and professional lives. Images date from 1976 to 1987 and are entirely digital.
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Boyer, Judith
Coll #: 2007-18
Extent: 3 linear feet (3 record storage cartons)
Location: A 1:1:1 A 1:1:2
Collection consists of material documenting Judith Boyer's work with Creative Las Vegas and Soroptomists International of Henderson.

Brookman, Eileen Papers
Coll #: MS-00620
Date: 1941-2002
Extent: 9.6 linear feet. (17 document boxes, 1 oversized box)
Location: MS 4:2:1 - 4:2:4, MS MC 11:O
Related Materials: 0303
The materials in this collection document the political career of Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman, a Nevada Democratic legislator. Materials span from 1941 to 2002 and include Brookman's speeches, research material, constituent correspondence, bumper stickers, election returns, and other campaign material; clippings and programs from Jewish service organization B'nai B'rith; documents reflecting Brookman's legislative committee and conference work; correspondence; clippings; pamphlets; invitations; photographs; and scrapbook materials.
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Carratelli Family Collection on Gay Rights in Nevada
Coll #: MS-00536
Date: 1992-2002
Extent: 3.4 Linear Feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize folder)
Location: MS 13.6.2, MS Map Case 11:J
The Carratelli Family Collection on Gay Rights in Nevada (1992-2002) consists of documents and ephemera from various gay rights organizations and events in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to documents, fliers, and meeting minutes, the collection houses a box of t-shirts from various gay events and campaigns. The collection is especially focused on issues of Gay Pride organizing.
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Celesta Lowe Papers
Coll #: 95-48
Date: 1943-95
Extent: 2 linear feet
Location: MS 5:1:2, RS 2.1.7
Collection consists of Celesta Lowe's clippings, published writings ("Echoes from the Archives" and "Southwestern Bookshelf" columns), correspondence, and photographs related to local history. Also contains National League of American Pen Women and Pen-Hens material. Celesta Lowe grew up in Goodsprings and worked for James R. Dickinson, who was the first head of Nevada Southern University (later UNLV). She played a large part in developing the Special Collections Division of the library.
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Center Stage Inc. Records
Coll #: MS-00551
Date: 1999-2008
Extent: 1.4 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 13.7.6
The Center Stage Inc. Records are comprised of bylaws, meeting minutes, publicity, scripts, programs, cast lists and video recordings related to the Las Vegas, Nevada theater company's operation from 1999 to 2008. Center Stage Inc. was established in 1999 by Lenore Andrea Simon and Alana Brown.
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Citizen Alert
Coll #: 2000-08
Date: 1980-1999
Extent: 6 linear feet (6 record storage boxes)
Location: MS 8.12.1 - 8.12.3
Collection consists of the organizational records of Citizen Alert, a grassroots environmental group based in Nevada. They provide education, advocacy, and empowerment to citizens on matters of environmental policy and environmental justice. They have been particularly active with regard to Yucca Mountain. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Clark County Child Care Association
Coll #: T83
Date: 1957-1975
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:12:4
Collection is comprised of the organizational records of the Clark County Child Care Association, a professional association of child care center operators. The collection contains correspondence, financial records, minutes and membership information. There are numerous chronological gaps in the records.
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Clark, Donald
Coll #: T68
Date: 1953 - 1972
Extent: .84 linear feet ( 2 document boxes)
Location: 1:12:3
The collection of Rev. Donald M Clark, who played a major role in the development of the black community in Las Vegas and in the struggle for civil rights, is comprised of materials ranging from 1953 to 1972, detailing Rev. Clark's activities with his community, NAACP, and Economic Opportunity Board. Types of documents include correspondence, organizational plans, newspaper clippings and personal memorabilia. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
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Collection on the Las Vegas Jewish Community
Coll #: MS-00426
Date: 1964-2006
Extent: 6.85 Linear Feet (11 boxes)
Location: A 2:2:2 - A 2:2:3 and B 1.5.3. IS
The Collection on the Las Vegas (Nevada) Jewish Community spans from 1964 to 2006 and is mainly comprised of scrapbooks, genealogies, ephemera, and other material produced by or for the community. The Hadassah scrapbooks date from 1964 through 1971 and contain invitations, photographs, and records of events and fundraising efforts. Material related to various congregations includes bulletins, fliers, correspondence (form letters), photographs, newspaper clippings, and recorded media. The Jewish Genealogy Society records include bulletins, newsletters, and meeting agendas. Also included is a family genealogy.
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Cragin, (Seely) Mrs. E. W.
Coll #: MS-00233
Date: 1940
Extent: .21 linear feet. (1 slim document box)
Location: MS 2:2:3
Related Materials: 0017
Collection contains material gathered by Mrs. E.W. (Seely) Cragin (wife of Las Vegas mayor Ernie Cragin) and includes information on women's organizations in Las Vegas, correspondence, news clippings, photos and programs. There is also information on the christening of SS Las Vegas Victory.

Credit Professionals of Las Vegas Records
Coll #: MS-00569
Date: 1941-1999
Extent: 7.6 linear feet (6 boxes)
Location: MS 11.6.3, MS 11.6.4, MS 11.6.5
The Credit Professionals of Las Vegas Records span from 1941 to 1999 and include information about the organization and its two predecessors, the Credit Women's Club of Las Vegas and the Credit Women's Breakfast Club of Las Vegas in Nevada. The collection includes scrapbooks, procedure manuals from the local and international division of the organization, as well as awards received by the local division, and regional and local newsletters.
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Daughters of the American Revolution
Coll #: MS-00292
Date: 1950-2010
Extent: 22.1 Linear Feet (24 boxes)
Location: MS 7.7.2 - 7.8.1 and Roller Shelf 1:8:5 - 1:8:6, RS 2.6.7
The Southern Nevada Daughters of the American Revolution Records primarily document the activities of three Southern Nevada chapters of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution from 1950 to 2010. The materials center around the records of three chapters from Southern Nevada: Old Spanish Trail, Francisco Garces, and Valley of Fire. Materials include administrative records, scrapbooks, photographs, news clippings, and correspondence about the activities of the Daughters of the American Revolution chapters, and also contain records from the Nevada State Society.
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Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Las Vegas, Nevada Records
Coll #: MS-00234
Date: 1861-1970, bulk 1948-1954
Extent: 0.42 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: MS 2:2:1
The Daughters of Union Veterans (DUV) of the Civil War, Las Vegas, Nevada Records comprise various materials from the organization ranging from the years 1861 to 1970, with a bulk of the material dating from 1948 to 1954. The contents consist of a scrapbook of memorabilia and newspaper clippings, magazine articles profiling the Grand Army of the Republic, reissues of Harper������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½s Weekly from 1861, and the correspondence and ephemera of Henrietta Denny.
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Desert Sculptors Association Records
Coll #: MS-00779
Date: 1913-2015
Extent: 1.5 linear feet (2 boxes)
Location: 11.11.4
The Desert Sculptors Association Records (1913-2015, bulk dates 2000-2015) contain agendas, minutes, reports, financial records, photographs of sculptures, and descriptions of community service projects. There is also a scrapbook that chronicals the organization's activities, members, and various sculptures.
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Dorothy, Dorothy
Coll #: 95-20
Date: 1783 -1985
Extent: 8.7 linear ft. (11 document boxes, 4 slim document boxes, 1 oversize box)
Location: MS 4:2:4 - 4:2:6 Roller Shelf 2.1.5
Related Materials: 0131
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of noted Las Vegan Dorothy Dorothy and documents her life in the Pahrump Valley, her many civic interests, and her early interest in songwriting. The Personal series contains biographical material about Dorothy's family dating to 1783 and lengthy family genealogies, along with material on her friend Lionel "Rusty" Horgan and miscellaneous cards and correspondence with others. The Interests and Activities series contains a wide variety of materials from the 1930's to 1986 that reflect Dorothy's diverse interests. The materials document Dorothy's involvement in Las Vegas civic and animal rights groups, her interests in songwriting (as Dorothy Varnum) and flying, and the settlement of the Pahrump Valley.
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Edythe and Lloyd Katz Papers
Coll #: MS-00376
Date: 1934-2002
Extent: 5.50 Linear Feet (5 boxes, 2 oversize boxes, and one flat file)
Location: MS 5:6:5, MS Map Case 11:I, and RS 2:1:8
The Edythe and Lloyd Katz papers (1934-2002) provide a glimpse of the social, religious, and educational contributions that they made to the community of Las Vegas, Nevada. Materials include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and awards dating from 1934 to 2002.
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Eisenberg, Dorothy Papers
Coll #: MS-00528
Date: early 1900s-2009
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (4 boxes), 8 Digital Files transferred electronically; no physical carrier.
Location: MS 12:11:5
The Dorothy Eisenberg Papers (early 1900s-2009, bulk 1970-2000) are comprised of organizational records, photographs, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks reflecting her activism and volunteer work related to education, the Bullfrog County Commission, Las Vegas Clark County consolidation, League of Women Voters (LWV), Las Vegas Jewish Federation, Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and Silver State Political Action Committee.
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Exchange Club
Coll #: 2003-19
Date: 1952-1992
Extent: 4.4 linear feet (3 boxes)
Location: MS 10.6.5, RS 2.4.5
Collection documents the charitable acts of the Exchange Club through newspaper articles and photographs; their work raising money for children's rodeos, introducing McGruff and other crime prevention programs to children, working on street paving projects and building a girl scout camp. There are also several copies of the Exchange Club newsletter The Exchange Club Bullsheet and its earlier incarnation Las Vegas Exchangite.

Fayle Family Papers
Coll #: 98-18, 2009-18
Date: 1900-1983
Extent: 21.8 linear feet (25 boxes, 2 flat files)
Location: MS 7.10.2 - 7.11.2, RS 2.2.3, MS Map Case 11:G
Collection consists of the personal and business papers of the Fayle family of Goodsprings, Nevada, including patriarch George Fayle and wife Jean, and son Leonard Fayle, and his wife, Anna. Collection contains documents relating to their business, civic and personal activities and includes correspondence, hotel registers, account books, quit claim deeds, mine records, and photographs. Extensive documentation on the Yellow Pine Mine.
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Fraternal Order of Eagles, Las Vegas Chapter Records
Coll #: MS-00449
Date: 1950-2001
Extent: 3.7 linear feet (3 boxes)
Location: MS 9.10.6, RS 1.7.7
The Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) Las Vegas Chapter Records consist of scrapbooks, photo albums, and attendance record journals from the Women’s Auxiliary #1213 and Retired Eagles Activities Club (REAC) #1213 from 1950 to 2001. The scrapbooks contain newspaper articles, photographs, memos, and state and national F.O.E. convention information pertaining to the Las Vegas chapter of the F.O.E. The REAC folder contains information about the founding of the REAC chapter in 1984, the constitution, bylaws, charter, and founding members. The REAC attendance record journals contain listings of members as well as meeting minutes.
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Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries
Coll #: MS-00550
Extent: 21 linear feet (15 boxes, 1 flat file, 1 rolled banner)
Location: A 1.3.7, A 1.4.1 - 1.4.7
Collection is comprised of organizational records of the Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries consisting of financial, membership records etc), publications, flag, hats, bags etc. Mostly regarding book sales circa 1979-2009.

Frontier Girl Scouts Records
Coll #: MS-00421
Date: 1945 - 1995
Extent: 40 boxes (40.83 Linear Feet, 45.05 Cubic Feet)
Location: LASR
The collection consists of records of the Frontier Girl Scouts Council (FGSC) dating from 1944 until 1999. The majority of the collection dates from 1990 to 1999. It contains annual reports and publications of the FGSC, committee minutes and agenda, troop financial records, membership data, and leader training records. It also includes correspondence and publications of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). Note: Materials are stored in the Lied Automated Storage and Retrieval Unit (LASR). Advanced notice may be required to access these materials. Microfilmed records in this acquisition were separated from the paper collection and placed in the microforms collection of the University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Fun One Bowling League Records
Coll #: MS-00592
Date: 1987-1997
Extent: 1.6 linear feet (2 boxes)
Location: A 1.5.5
The Fun One Bowling League Records (1987-1997) contain league books, schedules, membership lists, and other organizational records from the lesbian, gay, and bisexual Fun One Bowling League, which was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1985.
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Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada
Coll #: MS-00537
Date: 1992-2002
Extent: 1.2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 13:5:5
The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada [GLCCSN], a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in the fall of 1992 through efforts inspired by the Friday Night Men's Rap Group at the Community Counseling Center. The collection is comprised of material that documents the GLCCSN and includes news articles; institutional records such as bylaws, agendas, and meeting minutes; ephemera; and programs for the Center's annual Honorarium fundraiser.
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Generations of the Shoah – Nevada Records
Coll #: MS-00720
Date: 2001-2015
Extent: 0.2 linear feet (1 box)
Location: B-1.5.4
The Generations of the Shoah - Nevada (GS-N) records (2001-2015) are mainly comprised of meeting notes, correspondence, fliers, event programs, speeches, planning documents, and educational materials created by GS-N president Esther Finder and collaborators in the local Jewish community and the international Holocaust education and remembrance community. The collection also includes personal stories of Holocaust survivors and their families, which are recorded in virtual books, publications, videotaped interviews, and Las Vegas, Nevada filmmaker Brett Levner's videos: Holocaust Survivors Reflect and Passing the Torch.
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Geological Society of America
Coll #: 1029-2
Date: 1972-1974
Extent: 3 folders
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists of correspondence between members of the Geological Society of America regarding plans for their annual conference in Las Vegas. Includes numerous letters from Chester Longwell. Also includes planning documents such as lists of speakers, preliminary program schedule, etc.

Gillhouse, Fred & Eva
Coll #: T56
Date: 1951 - 1966
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:11:5
Related Materials: 0032
Collection is comprised of correspondence, speeches, and newsclippings of Eva Gillhouse, Las Vegas author (with Frank Eaton) of "Pistol Pete: Veteran of the Old West." Also contains presentation notes, Mesquite Club material, memos from the Southern Nevada Historical Society, and numerous publications from Friends of the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, California. Photographs from the collection appear in the Eva Gillhouse Photo Collection (0032).

Gold Hill (Nevada) Masonic Lodge Records
Coll #: T10
Date: 1866- 1916
Extent: .42 linear feet (1 document box)
Location: 1:10:2
Collection is comprised of two ledger books and one minute book for the Silver Star Masonic Lodge that was located in Gold Hill, Nevada. Ledger books date from 1866-1916 and the minute book from 1866-1872.

Grace Clement Papers on the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
Coll #: MS-00746
Date: 1950-1986
Extent: 1.65 Linear Feet, 1.80 Cubic Feet (4 boxes)
Location: 4.3.3-4.3.4
Papers are comprised of information on the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Nevada State Society of DAR, Children of the American Revolution (CAR), and the Francisco Garces Chapter of the DAR, of which Grace Clement was a founding member. Papers date from 1950 to 1986 and include correspondence, bulletins, conference programs, booklets, newspaper clippings, and yearbooks. Also included are correspondence and reports from the Friends of the Museum organization, bylaws of the Nevada Society, and DAR ritual books.
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Grant, Archie and Zora
Coll #: T25
Date: 1918-1990
Extent: 6 linear feet (4 boxes, 1 oversize folder)
Location: MS 1.10.4, RS 2.3.1, RS 2.6.7, MS Map Case 11:N
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of Archie and Zora Grant. Materials such as scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence, award certificates and membership records document Archie Grant's many contributions as a member of the Nevada State Legislature, State Board of Education, Las Vegas Housing Authority and Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. There is a significant amount of correspondence from Grant to his mother during his time with the AEF in France during WWI. One scrapbook documents Zora Grant's work as President of the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs in the 1940s.

Greenpeace Pacific Southwest Records
Coll #: MS-00323
Date: 1962-1994
Extent: 5 linear feet (5 record storage boxes)
Location: MS 5:1:4 - 5:1:6
The Greenpeace Pacific Southwest Records are comprised of files and documents pertaining to environmental activism in Southern Nevada from 1962 to 1994, primarily addressing the organization of protests at the Nevada Test Site. The collection contains newspaper articles, newsletters, publications, financial records, protest information, correspondence, meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, Freedom of Information Act requests, and Nevada Test Site information. Also contained in the collection are maps and documents related to various environmental issues such as nuclear waste, land use, wildlife protection, and international environmental activism.
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Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies Records
Coll #: MS-00712
Date: 1989-2012
Extent: 0.6 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: B 1.2.2
The Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies Records (1989-2012) contain reports, research articles, correspondence, and proposals. The Harry Reid Center is located on the grounds of University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Hazel Baker Denton Papers
Coll #: MS-00387
Date: 1907 - 1955
Extent: 3.8 linear feet (7 boxes)
Location: MS 6:7:6 - 6:6:1, Roller Shelf 2.1.8
Related Materials: 0312
Collection is comprised of the personal papers and writings of Hazel Baker Denton, educator and writer. In addition to her work with the Lincoln Co. Board of Education, National Education Association of Nevada, and the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs, Denton was also elected to the Nevada State Assembly twice. Collection consists of correspondence, personal diaries, news clippings and speeches. Other materials include drafts and published versions of her writing including the columns "Caliente All the Time" and "While the Toast Burns" and the book Ironing Day. Personal items such as baby books and scrapbooks also form part of the collection.
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Henderson, Betty Professional Papers
Coll #: MS-00253
Date: 1963-1985
Extent: 3 linear feet (3 boxes)
Location: MS 2:1:5-2:1:6
The Betty Henderson Professional Papers (1963-1985) are comprised of materials produced by Betty Henderson in her capacity as a private music teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada and as a member of the Nevada Music Teachers Association (NMTA). The collection includes scrapbooks of concert programs and NMTA events, materials from Henderson's experiences in Europe as a People-to-People ambassador with the Music Teachers National Association, and recordings on reel-to-reel tapes of concerts Henderson performed in or judged.
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Henry and Anita Schuster Papers
Coll #: MS-00580
Extent: 5 Linear Feet (3 boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Location: MS 12.4.1, MS 12.4.2
Collection is comprised of correspondence, speeches, essays, meeting minutes, photographs, research materials, publications, press clippings, awards, and event programs (1941-2011) that document the life of Henry Schuster, and his work with his wife Anita. Materials are mainly related to the Holocaust and to Holocaust memory and survivor organizations (especially the Holocaust Survivor's Group of Southern Nevada, which the couple founded, and L'(Euvre de Secours aux Enfants). Genealogical information is also included, as well as records of Henry Schuster's time in the U.S. Army and his studies at the Manhattan Technical Institute.
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Hill, Charlotte papers
Coll #: MS-00379
Date: 1978-1992
Extent: 10 linear feet (10 boxes)
Location: MS 5:8:3 - 5:9:2
The Charlotte Hill Papers (1975-1996) document Charlotte Hill’s commitment to the Las Vegas, Nevada community and especially to the local PBS affiliate, KLVX Channel 10. The majority of the collection relates to KLVX Channel 10 and the work of the Friends of Channel 10 on behalf of the station, in particular information about fundraising events and volunteers. It also contains material related to Hill's membership in national organizations associated with public broadcasting. The collection includes some material about her work with the American Camping Association and the Las Vegas Sun Summer Camp Fund.
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Humanist Association of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada (HALVASON) Newsletters
Coll #: MS-00737
Date: 1998-2008
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: B 2:3:4
The Humanist Organization of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada (HALVASON) collection contains newsletters from February 1998 to September 2008. Some years are missing issues. There is one folder of related newsletters.
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Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire Records
Coll #: MS-00556
Date: 1997-2003
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Location: MS 13:7:3
The material is comprised of the organizational records of the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire and its predecessor, the Royal Barony of the Desert Empire, from 1997 to 2003. The records contain administrative and financial records such as charters, bylaws, financial reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and publicity documenting the club�s activities in Southern Nevada.
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International Food Service Executives Association Records
Coll #: MS-00305
Date: 1916-2010
Extent: 144 linear feet (150 boxes)
Location: LASR, RS 2.1.1, RS 2.5.7, A 1.6.3, Map Case 11:N
Dedicated to the hospitality industry, the International Food Service Executive Association (IFSEA) records are comprised of meeting programs, minutes, menus, conference reports and proceedings, financial reports, newsletters, award certificates, scrapbooks, and stewards and caterers records from 1916 to 2010.
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