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Nevada Mining Collection
Coll #: MS-00011
Date: 1842-1966
Extent: 25.15 Linear Feet (22 boxes, 1 oversize box, 2 items, 1 flat file)
Location: 1:3:2 - 1:3:6
The Nevada Mining Collections comprises records that document mining and mines in Nevada from 1842 to 1966. The majority of the collection includes records of various mines and mining companies located in the Esmeralda, Lincoln, Clark, White Pine, and Nye counties dating from 1900 to 1928. The collection includes records: financial, administrative, and business related; photographs of miners, mining camps, and towns; correspondence; maps; and publications: newspaper clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, and booklets.
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Nevada Motion PictureDivision
Coll #: MS5
Extent: 24 doc boxes
Location: 1:1:3 - 1:1:6
Collection is comprised of film scripts from the Motion Picture and Television Division of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. All film and television scripts were set around Las Vegas or in the Nevada desert. Notable titles include "Vegas Vacation," "Honeymoon in Vegas," and "Leaving Las Vegas." INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Nevada Power Company Rate Hike Records
Coll #: MS-00705
Date: 1983 October 17
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: B 1:1:3
The Nevada Power Company Rate Hike Records contain questions and answers from the consumer hearing held in Carson City, Nevada on October 17, 1983.
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Parks, W.S. Dr.
Coll #: MS-00140
Date: 1923 - 1933
Extent: 1 carton; 13 linear inches
Location: MS 1:10:5
Collection contains the household and business records of Dr. W.S. Park early Las Vegas dentist and son of Las Vegas pioneer, John S. Park. Collection contains record books, cancelled checks, and receipts. Provides insight into grocery, automobile, coal, ice, household repairs, insurance and water costs in the 1920s-1930s in Las Vegas.

Coll #: MS4
Date: 1988
Extent: 1 doc box
Location: 1:1:2
Collection consists primarily of news clippings, and reports on the explosion that took place at the Henderson-based PEPCON plant in 1988.

Coll #: Mss29
Date: 1940
Extent: 1 folder (containing [24] items)
Location: 1:1:1
Collection consists of petitions of citizens of Las Vegas from 1 February 1940 to 4 December 1940 that were filed with the Clerk, City of Las Vegas. A number of these petitions focus on the need for improvements on the Westside and were filed by the Westside Improvement Committee. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Richardson, D. Kenneth
Coll #: 2011-15
Date: 1952-1991
Extent: 2 linear feet (2 record storage cartons)
Location: 7:8:3
Collection is comprised of the corportate executive correspondence, memos, meeting notes, reoports, publications, 1952-1991, of D. Kenneth Richardson, systems engineer, COO, and President of Hughes Aircraft Co.

Roth, George Knox
Coll #: 82-06
Date: 1966 - 1970
Extent: 4 record storage boxes (4 linear feet)
Location: 2:2:6 - 2:1:1
The collection of George Knox Roth, a research assistant to John Meier, a special assistant to Howard Hughes in Nevada. Collection contains clippings, technical reports and publications, and correspondence relating to: the Atomic Energy Commission, the environmental impact of nuclear testing in Nevada, AirWest and Hughes Airport and other aspects of Howard Hughes' operations in Nevada.
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Savalli, Janet Collection on Southern Nevada Telephone Company
Coll #: Southern Nevada Telephone Company Collection
Date: 1957-1966
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 13.8.4
The Southern Nevada Telephone Company Collection documents the history of the company from 1957 to 1966. The collection includes photographs and internal publications that illustrate the company's growth and role in Las Vegas' history. It also contains a photocopy of A History of the Southern Nevada Telephone Company, 1907-1961.
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Schwartz, Howard Collection on Gaming
Coll #: MS-00104
Date: 1853, 1966-2010
Extent: 1.0 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: B 1.1.4
The Howard Schwartz Collection on Gaming documents the gaming industry in the United States from 1853, 1968-2010. The collection includes manuscripts, periodicals, newspaper articles, ephemera, profit and probability profiles and a report from the National Gambling Impact Study Commission.
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Siegel, Sam
Coll #: T81
Date: 1958 - 1967
Extent: 1 slim document box (.21 linear feet)
Location: 1:12:4
Collection contains the corporate records of Siegel's Clark Dade Investment Enterprises, Inc. Materials include a corporate record book listing names of stockholders/subscribers, some correspondence, a book of blank stock certificates, and some photographs of Siegel with a woman who appears to be Jayne Mansfield.

Spilde, Katherine Tribal Gaming Research Files
Coll #: MS-00092
Date: 1908, 1974-2012, (bulk 1991-2011)
Extent: 41.1 linear feet (41 boxes)
Location: A 2:2:5 - 2:5:4
The collection comprises research files of Katherine Spilde, focusing on resources that informed her work with the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), National Gaming Impact Study Commission (NGISC), and the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. The material dates from 1908 and 1970 to 2013, and includes social and economic impact studies; compacts between states and tribal governments; copies of court judgments and Senate/House bills; articles and clippings regarding tribal gaming, responsible gaming, and other gaming-related topics; tribal newsletters; and various gaming publications and promotional material.
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Sprague, Charles
Coll #: 2010-08
Date: 1906-1922
Extent: .84 linear feet (2 document boxes) and 9 bound volumes.
Location: 10:3:2 and bound newspaper volumes located on Oversize roller shelves
Charles Sprague, (1865 - ?) born in Ohio, newspaper editor in Ohio, Colorado Springs, Denver . Bought Goldfield News in 1906, of which he was the editor. President of Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Democrat in 1910, later went into the mining brokerage business. He had interests in and was an executive officer in a number of mining companies in southern Nevada. Collection consists of his mining business correspondence 1909-1921 (over 1200 letters) , a photograph album and loose photos of Tonopah, 5 bound volumes of Goldfield News 1917-1922; company ledgers of Midway Mining and Milling Co., Tonopah,1902-1913; Goldfield Consolidated Water Company, 1905-14; Nevada Gold Center Mines Co., 1906-6; misc. mining maps, brochures, reports, publications from Goldfield & Tonopah.

Stardust Hotel/Casino Convention Information Cards
Coll #: 2003-03
Date: ca. 1960s
Extent: 2 record storage boxes (2 linear feet)
Location: 10:7:1 - 10:7:2
Collection contains the contact information and convention plans (for the Stardust Hotel) for thousands of companies from around the United States on index cards, indexed by geographic location.

Stocker, Harold & Mayme
Coll #: T63
Date: 1860 - 1982
Extent: 11 boxes; 6 linear ft.
Location: 1:12:1 - 1:12:2 Roller Shelf 1.7.3
Related Materials: 0006
The collection of Oscar and Mayme Stocker and their sons Lester, Clarence, and Harold. The Stockers settled in Las Vegas in 1911 where Mayme was the first person to receive a gaming license in 1931 when she opened the Northern Club. Collection consists of news clippings, correspondence, and bank statements. The business and legal series consists mainly of Harold's papers from 1930-1977, and includes deeds, leases, business agreements, and Chief Hotel Court statements and room accounts. There is also material dealing with family history and their interests and activities, and political documents which cover Harold Stocker's Republican Party activities from 1939-1976, including party publications, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and bank statements.
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Syphus, Levi
Coll #: T178
Date: 1889 -1899
Extent: 1 slim doc box
Location: 2:2:4
Collection houses the business records of Levi Syphus, the daily sales and statement books with lists of payouts (item and amount) and receivables (sold what to whom for how much).

Taylor Construction Company
Coll #: MS-00664
Date: 1954-1973
Location: B 2:2:2
Related Materials: The Stuart Mason Photographs PH-00370 document Taylor Construction projects. View this related collection here:
The Taylor Construction Company Collection (1954-1973) consists primarily of publicly distributed information and provides a glimpse of some of the hotels, housing, public buildings, and remodeling projects handled by the company. It contains two booklets on the construction projects of the company from 1954 to 1972. It also includes Las Vegas International Hotel's projected revenues from 1969 to 1973, a newspaper article on Taylor Construction Company projects in Florida, and an invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony for the MGM Grand Hotel. The company was owned and operated successively by Morry Mason, his son Stuart Mason, and Stuart's sons Jim and Bill Mason.
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Variety, Children's Chariety of Southern Nevada
Coll #: MS-00590
Date: 1950-1996
Extent: 2.2 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Location: A 1:10:3 and roller shelves
The Las Vegas Variety Club Records (1950-1996) consist of clippings and photographs of the Las Vegas Variety Club, which focused on providing services to special needs children. The collection also contains several scrapbooks documenting the organization's major activities in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Vervilos , Aikaterine
Coll #: 2009-12
Date: 1962-2001 (inclusive)1986-1998 (bulk)
Extent: 7 doc boxes (2.94 linear feet)
Location: 12:11:3 - 12:11:4
Collection is comprised of gaming materials collected by Aikaterine Vervilos, an Arizona attorney for a UNR masters thesis, "Public policy and the new casino gaming markets." Collection contains books on gambling law and horseracing; reports, legal documents, and studies related to gaming, particularly horseracing and Indian gaming in the United States.

Von Tobel Store
Coll #: 96-11
Date: 1964 -1994
Extent: 1 record storage box
Location: 5:5:4
The Von Tobel Store collection contains store policies, employment materials, handbooks, and promotional items.

Von Toebel Family Collection
Coll #: MS-00098
Extent: 2.17 linear feet (3 boxes)
Location: Roller Shelves
The collection comprises personal papers of Pat van Betten that document her work with the League of Women Voters and the Nevada Nurses Association from 1985 to 2011. Van Betten worked on health care reform for the League of Women Voters – Las Vegas which resulted in the passage of the pioneering legislation known as the Patient Protection Act. The health-care reform material dates from 1997 to 2006 and includes documents related to the Act as well as correspondence, printed e-mail, meeting minutes, plans, and other supporting material. The collection also documents van Betten's work with the Nevada Nurses Association – Las Vegas Chapter, and documents conferences of the Nevada Nurses Association, as well as material celebrating the history of nursing in Nevada. These materials date 1985 – 2006 and include a filmstrip with slides focusing on the work of school nurses in the Clark County School District.
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White Cross Drugstore
Coll #: Roller Shelf
Date: 1950
Extent: 1 DBL OVERSIZE box
Location: Roller Shelf 1:4:8
Collection is comprised of an oversize scrapbook documenting the history and mission of the White Cross Drugstore . The White Cross Drug Store was founded in 1918 by Las Vegas pioneer W.E. Ferron; its slogan was "the place to go for the brands you know." The album contains photographs, employee training materials, news clippings, advertisements, displays and some historical narrative and press release material on the history and mission of the store. There is contemporary advertising ephemera/brochures on cosmetic products and perfumes from the early 1960s.

Williams, Claudine
Coll #: MS-00094
Date: 1963-2009
Extent: 10.06 Linear Feet (21 boxes and one over-sized flat file)
Location: A 2:6:4 - A 2:6:7
The Claudine Williams papers cover the years 1965 through 2009. The collection includes awards, contracts, personal and business correspondence, news clippings, her work in the community, and extensive information on her hotel and gaming properties, including the Silver Slipper, Holiday Inn Hotel, Holiday Casino, and Harrah's.
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Women in Construction - Las Vegas Chapter
Coll #: MS-00500
Date: 1962-1963
Extent: 0.1 Linear Feet (1 box)
Location: 10:2:5
The Las Vegas Women in Construction Collection (1962-1963) consists of a scrapbook compiled by Joyce McMinn Beckett, president of the Las Vegas, Nevada Chapter. The scrapbook contains meeting programs, sign-in sheets, clippings, newsletters, and several photographs from the 1962 Las Vegas, Nevada meeting of Women in Construction (WIC) at the Dunes Hotel.
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Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)
Coll #: 98-12
Date: 1920-1995
Extent: 33 document boxes
Location: 7:9:2 - 7:10:2 Roller Shelf 2.2.4
Collection documents the history of the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) and is comprised of numerous visual materials such as photographs, negatives, slides, transparencies and videotapes. Also contains correspondence, price books, drawings, calculations, newspaper and trade magazine articles on YESCO, and oral history interviews and audio recordings of YESCO designers and executives. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

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