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Using the Music Library

Finding music by title

First of all, if you are looking for a particular song, a title search is not the best search to use.  Instead, try a keyword search.  With that said, title searches are best when you know the title of a book, a song collection (i.e., The French Song Anthology) as opposed to a single song, or, when you know the title of a full work (such as The Planets by Gustav Holst).  Searching by title is as easy as using the dropdown box  and selecting title, entering the title in the box, and then, GO!

Sometimes, you may see what is called a cross-reference.  For example, Mozart’s last symphony is commonly called Jupiter Symphony.  If you do a title search on “Jupiter Symphony,” you may see a cross-reference to “Symphonies, K. 551, C Major.”  This is the same piece of music.  Just follow the cross-reference link, and it will take you to the piece you are looking for.   This is because of the use of “uniform titles.”  For more information on what uniform titles are and how to use them, please see our uniform titles page.

You can also limit to compact discs, DVD (media), or scores by clicking on the limit button and choose the appropriate type of material. 

And, if you have problems find what you need, please don’t hesitate to ask at the Music Library service desk for help!