University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Using the Music Library

Finding music by song in collection

Finding songs in collections or on a recording by keword is perhaps the easiest type of music search there is.  This kind of search is best for popular songs, art songs, songs from broadway musicals, arias from an operas,  or even a jazz tune.   A keyword search is the best choice.

  • From the Library Catalog, choose to do an advanced search
  • Keyword search should come up.  In the first keyword search box, enter the title of the song or aria that you are looking for.
  • Further down on the page, you can choose the material type through a drop-down menu.  Choose “score” if you are looking for the printed music, or “music cd” if you are looking for a compact disc recording of the work. 
  • Once the search is submitted, a list of all of the collections or recordings will come up that contain the work.  If you want to see more information on a particular entry, click on title link that will take you to the full record.
  • Once you have identified the collection or recording you would like, write down the call number.  If it is a score, it should be in the stacks.  For recordings, ask for help at the Music Library Service Desk. 

If you would just like to browse the song collections on the shelf,  you can find most of them with the call numbers between M1612-M1630.18.  And, don’t hesitate to ask at the Service Desk if you need help!