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Using the Music Library

Brief Guide to the Library of Congress Music Scores Classification

M1 Miscellaneous collections
M2 Monuments and historical sets
M3 Collected works of individual composers
 Solo Instrument
M6-14 Organ
M20-39 Piano
M40-58 Strings
M60-64 Woodwinds
M80-84 Brass
M105-109 Saxophone
M110-175 Other instruments
M125-129 Guitar music
 Chamber Music
M177-179 Collections
M180-299 Duets
M300-399 Trios
M400-499 Quartets
M500-599 Quintets
M600-699 Sextets
M700-799 Septets
M800-899 Octets
M900-999 Nine or more instruments
 Orchestral Music
M1001 Symphonies
M1002 Symphonic poems
M1003 Suites and variations
M1004 Overtures
 Concertos with Orchestra
M1005-1006 Organ
M1010-1011 Piano
M1012-1018 Strings
M1020-1027 Woodwinds
M1028-1033 Brass
M1034-1042 Other
 Orchestral Music: Miscellaneous Pieces
M1045-1060 Miscellaneous orchestral pieces
 String Orchestra Music
M1101 Symphonies
M1102 Symphonic poems
M1103 Suites and variations
M1104 Overtures
 Concertos with String Orchestra
M1105-1106 Organ
M1110-1111 Piano
M1112-1118 Strings
M1120-1127 Woodwinds
M1128-1133 Brass
M1134-1142 Other
 Orchestral Music: Miscellaneous Pieces
M1145-1160 Miscellaneous orchestral pieces
 Band music
M1201-1270 Band Music
 Big Band, Dance Band, Jazz Ensembles
M1366 Jazz ensembles
 Piano Music for Children
M1378-1380 Piano music for children
 Dramatic Works
M1500-1518 Operas, Musicals, etc.
M1520-1526 Ballets
 Vocal Ensembles
M1528-1529.5 Duets, trios, etc.
M1530-1537 Mixed Chorus with orchestra
M1538-1542 Men's chorus with orchestra
M1543-1546 Women's chorus with orchestra
M1546.5 Children's chorus with orchestra
M1547-1570 Chorus with piano
M1578-1609 Unaccompanied chorus
M1611-1618 With orchestra
M1619-1626 With piano
 National Music and Miscellaneous
M1628-1677.8 United States
M1630.18 Popular music collections, Fake books
M1678-1985 Other countries
M1990-1998 Children's vocal music (secular)
 Sacred Vocal Music
M2000-2007 Oratorios
M2010-2014 Masses
M2014.5-2017.6 Other liturgical music
M2018-2019.5 Sacred duets, trios, etc. with orchestral accompaniment
M2020-2101.5 Chorus
 Sacred Songs
M2102-2108 With orchestra
M2110-2114 With piano
 Other Sacred Music
M2115-2146 Hymnals, Liturgy and ritual, Sacred vocal music for children, Gospel songs