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Using the Music Library

Guide to the Library of Congress Music Scores Classification

Scores in the UNLV Music Library are arranged on the shelves using the Library of Congress music classification system. Call numbers for scores begin with the letter M or (in the case of studies, exercises and methods) the letters MT. The "MT" classification also includes books about music theory, instrumentation, etc.; the list below includes only those "MT" call numbers that are scores. You can browse the call number list below, or use the alphabetical index to locate call numbers for the most heavily used areas. A Brief Guide to the M range of call numbers is also available.

Note: These are by no means all of the Library of Congress music call numbers in current use; many numbers (for example, for "saxhorn music") have been omitted here for brevity. Also, just because a number is listed here does not necessarily guarantee that the UNLV Music Library has holdings in that area.

Clicking on a highlighted link will take you to that call number in the Library Catalog, in a separate browser window. In the case of a range of numbers (such as M2000-2007) you will only be taken to the first number in the range. Once you call up a specific record, you can continue to browse forward or backward using the "Next Record" and "Previous Record" buttons at the top and bottom of the pages.

Alphabetical index of call numbers...

M1 Miscellaneous collections
M2 Monuments and historical sets
M3 Collected works of individual composers
M5 Miscellaneous collections of instrumental music
Music for Solo Instrument
M6-14 Organ music
M6-7      Collections
M8 Sonatas
M9 Suites and variations
M10 Fugues
M11 Other separate works
M12-13 Arrangements for organ
M14 Organ books, liturgical music, special occasions
M20-39 Piano music
M20-22 Collections
M23 Sonatas
M24 Suites
M25 Other separate works
M26 Piano, 1 hand
M27 Variations
M28 Marches
M30-32 Dances (polkas, polonaises, waltzes, etc.)
M32.8-M39 Arrangements for piano
M40-44 Violin music
M40-41 Collections
M42 Separate works
M43-44 Arrangements for violin (solo)
M45-49 Viola music
M45-46 Collections
M47 Separate works
M48-49 Arrangements for viola (solo)
M50-54 Violoncello music
M50-51 Collections
M52 Separate works
M53-54 Arrangements for violoncello (solo)
M55-58 Double bass music
M55-56 Collections
M57 Separate works
M58 Arrangements for double bass
M60-64 Flute music
M60-61 Collections
M62 Separate works
M63-64 Arrangements for flute (solo)
M65-69 Oboe music
M65-66 Collections
M67 Separate works
M68-69 Arrangements for oboe (solo)
M70-74 Clarinet music
M70-71 Collections
M72 Separate works
M73-74 Arrangements for clarinet (solo)
M75-79 Bassoon or contrabassoon music
M75-76 Collections
M77 Separate works
M78-79 Arrangements for bassoon or contrabassoon (solo)
M80-84 Horn music
M80-81 Collections
M82 Separate works
M83-84 Arrangements for horn (solo)
M85-89 Trumpet music
M85-86 Collections
M87 Separate works
M88-89 Arrangements for trumpet (solo)
M90-94 Trombone (including bass trombone) music
M90-91 Collections
M92 Separate works
M93-94 Arrangements for trombone (solo)
M95-99 Tuba music
M95-96 Collections
M97 Separate works
M98-99 Arrangements for tuba (solo)
M105-109 Saxophone music
M105-106 Collections
M107 Separate works
M108-109 Arrangements for saxophone (solo)
M110.B33 Baritone/Euphonium music
M110.E5 English horn music
M110.P5 Piccolo music
M110.R4 Recorder music
M115-119 Harp music
M115-116 Collections
M117 Separate works
M118-119 Arrangements for harp (solo)
M125-129 Guitar music
M125-126 Collections
M127 Separate works
M128-129 Arrangements for guitar (solo)
M145-147 Percussion music
M175.A4 Accordian music
M175.X6 Xylphone/marimba/vibraphone music
Miscellaneous Chamber Music Collections
M177-179 Collections
Chamber Music: Duets
M180-195 With organ
M198-216 Piano (4 hands, 2 pianos, etc.)
M198 Piano, 3 hands
M200-212 Piano, 4 hands
M213 Piano, 5 or more hands
M214-216 2 or more pianos
M217-223 Violin and piano
M217-218 Collections
M219 Sonatas
M220 Suites
M221 Separate works
M222-223 Arrangements for violin and piano
M224-228 Viola and piano music
M224-225 Collections
M226 Separate works
M227-228 Arrangements for viola and piano
M229-236 Violoncello and piano music
M229-230 Collections
M231 Sonatas
M232 Suites
M233 Separate works
M235-236 Arrangements for violoncello and piano
M237-238 Double bass and piano music
M237 Collections
M238 Separate works
M240-244 Flute and piano music
M240-241 Collections
M242 Separate works
M243-244 Arrangements for flute and piano
M245-247 Oboe and piano music
M245 Collections
M246 Separate works
M247 Arrangements for oboe and piano
M248-252 Clarinet and piano music
M248-249 Collections
M250 Separate works
M251-252 Arrangements for clarinet and piano
M253-254 Bassoon (or contrabassoon) and piano music
M253 Collections
M254 Separate works
M255-259 Horn and piano music
M255-256 Collections
M257 Separate works
M258-259 Arrangements for horn and piano
M260-261 Trumpet and piano music
M260 Collections
M261 Separate works
M262-263 Trombone (including bass trombone) and piano music
M262 Collections
M263 Separate works
M264-265 Tuba and piano music
M264 Collections
M265 Separate works
M268-269 Saxophone and piano music
M268 Collections
M269 Separate works
Baritone/Euphonium and piano music
English horn and piano music
Piccolo and piano music
Recorder and piano music
M276-277 Guitar and piano music
M276 Collections
M277 Separate works
Percussion (1 player) and piano music
Timpani and piano music
M286-287 Duets for two stringed instruments
M288-289 Duets for two wind instruments
M290-291 Duets for string and wind instruments
M292-298.5 Other duets
Chamber Music: Trios
M300-309 Trios with organ
M310-344 Trios with piano
M310-314 Piano and stringed instruments
M312 Piano trios (Piano, violin, violoncello)
M315-319 Piano and wind instruments
M320-344 Other trios with piano
M349-353 String trios
M349-350 Collections
M351 Separate works
M352-353 Arrangements for string trio
M355-359 Wind trios
M355-356 Collections
M357 Separate works
M358-359 Arrangements for wind trio
M360-364 String and wind trios
M360-361 Collections
M362 Separate works
M363-364 Arrangements for string/wind trio
M365-386 Other trios
Chamber Music: Quartets
M400-409 Quartets with organ
M410-444 Quartets with piano
M410-414 Piano and stringed instruments
M412.2 Piano Quartets (Piano, violin, viola, violoncello)
M415-419 Piano and wind instruments
M420-444 Other Quartets with piano
M450-454 String Quartets
M450-451 Collections
M452 Separate works
M453-454 Arrangements for string quartet
M455-459 Wind Quartets
M455-456 Collections
M457 Separate works
M458-459 Arrangements for wind quartet
M460-464 String and wind Quartets
M460-461 Collections
M462 Separate works
M463-464 Arrangements for string/wind quartet
M465-486 Other Quartets
Chamber Music: Quintets
M500-509 Quintets with organ
510-549 Quintets with piano
M510-514 Piano and stringed instruments
M512 Piano quintets (Piano, two violins, viola, violoncello)
M515-519 Piano and wind instruments
M520-549 Other quintets with piano
M550-554 String quintets
M550-551 Collections
M552 Separate works
M553-554 Arrangements for string quintet
M555-559 Wind quintets
M555-556 Collections
M557 Separate works
M558-559 Arrangements for wind quintet
M560-564 String and wind quintets
M560-561 Collections
M562 Separate works
M563-564 Arrangements for string/wind quintet
M565-586 Other quintets
Chamber Music: Sextets
M600-609 Sextets with organ
610-649 Sextets with piano
M650-654 String sextets
M655-659 Wind sextets
M660-664 String and wind sextets
M665-686 Other sextets
Chamber Music: Septets
M700-709 Septets with organ
M710-749 Septets with piano
M750-754 String septets
M755-759 Wind septets
M760-764 String and wind septets
M765-786 Other septets
Chamber Music: Octets
M800-809 Octets with organ
M810-849 Octets with piano
M850-854 String octets
M855-859 Wind octets
M860-864 String and wind octets
M865-886 Other octets
Chamber Music: Nine or More Instruments
M900-909 With organ
M910-949 With piano
M950-954 String ensembles
M955-959 Wind ensembles
M960-964 String and wind ensembles
M965-986 Other ensembles
Orchestral Music: Larger Forms
M1001 Symphonies
M1002 Symphonic poems
M1003 Suites and variations
M1004 Overtures
Concertos with Orchestra
M1005-1006 Organ with orchestra
M1005 Full scores
M1006 Solo with piano
M1010-1011 Piano with orchestra
M1010 Full scores
M1011 Solo with piano
M1012-1013 Violin with orchestra
M1012 Full scores
M1013 Solo with piano
M1014-1015 Viola with orchestra
M1014 Full scores
M1015 Solo with piano
M1016-1017 Violoncello with orchestra
M1016 Full scores
M1017 Solo with piano
M1018 Double bass with orchestra
M1020-1021 Flute with orchestra
M1020 Full scores
M1021 Solo with piano
M1022-1023 Oboe with orchestra
M1022 Full scores
M1023 Solo with piano
M1024-1025 Clarinet with orchestra
M1024 Full scores
M1025 Solo with piano
M1026-1027 Bassoon with orchestra
M1026 Full scores
M1027 Solo with piano
M1028-1029 Horn with orchestra
M1028 Full scores
M1029 Solo with piano
M1030-1031 Trumpet with orchestra
M1030 Full scores
M1031 Solo with piano
M1032-1033 Trombone with orchestra
M1032 Full scores
M1033 Solo with piano
English horn with orchestra
Piccolo with orchestra
Recorder with orchestra
Saxophone with orchestra
Tuba with orchestra
M1036-1037 Harp with orchestra
M1036 Full scores
M1037 Solo with piano
M1037.4.G8 Guitar with orchestra
M1038-1039 Percussion with orchestra
M1038 Full scores
M1039 Solo with piano
M1039.4.X9 Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone with orchestra
M1040-1041 Two or more different solo instruments (including Concerti grossi)
M1040 Full scores
M1041 Solos with piano
M1042 Concertos for orchestra
Orchestral Music: Miscellaneous Pieces
M1045 Miscellaneous orchestral pieces
M1046 Marches
M1047-1049 Dance music (polkas, polonaises, waltzes, etc.)
M1060-1075 Arrangements for orchestra
String Orchestra Music: Larger Forms
M1101 Symphonies
M1102 Symphonic poems
M1103 Suites and variations
M1104 Overtures
Concertos with String Orchestra
M1105-1106 Collections for various instruments with string orchestra
M1108-1109 Organ with string orchestra
M1108 Full scores
M1109 Solo with piano
M1110-1111 Piano with string orchestra
M1110 Full scores
M1111 Solo with piano
M1112-1113 Violin with string orchestra
M1112 Full scores
M1113 Solo with piano
M1114-1115 Viola with string orchestra
M1114 Full scores
M1115 Solo with piano
M1116-1117 Violoncello with string orchestra
M1116 Full scores
M1117 Solo with piano
M1118 Double bass with string orchestra
M1120-1121 Flute with string orchestra
M1120 Full scores
M1121 Solo with piano
M1122-1123 Oboe with string orchestra
M1122 Full scores
M1123 Solo with piano
M1124-1125 Clarinet with string orchestra
M1124 Full scores
M1125 Solo with piano
M1126-1127 Bassoon with string orchestra
M1126 Full scores
M1127 Solo with piano
M1128-1129 Horn with string orchestra
M1128 Full scores
M1129 Solo with piano
M1130-1131 Trumpet with string orchestra
M1130 Full scores
M1131 Solo with piano
M1132-1133 Trombone with string orchestra
M1132 Full scores
M1133 Solo with piano
English horn with string orchestra
Piccolo with string orchestra
Recorder with string orchestra
Saxophone with string orchestra
Tuba with string orchestra
M1136-1137 Harp with string orchestra
M1136 Full scores
M1137 Solo with piano
M1137.4.G8 Guitar with string orchestra
M1138-1139 Percussion with string orchestra
M1138 Full scores
M1139 Solo with piano
M1140-1141 Two or more different solo instruments (including Concerti grossi)
M1140 Full scores
M1141 Solos with piano
M1142 Concertos for string orchestra
String Orchestra Music: Miscellaneous Pieces
M1145 Miscellaneous string orchestra pieces
M1146 Marches
M1147-1149 Dance music (polkas, polonaises, waltzes, etc.)
M1160 Arrangements for string orchestra
Band music
M1201 Symphonies
M1202 Symphonic poems
M1203 Suites and variations
M1204 Overtures
M1205-1206 Solo instrument with band
M1205 Full scores
M1206 Solo with piano
M1245 Miscellaneous pieces
M1247 Marches
M1248-1249 Dance music (polkas, polonaises, waltzes, etc.)
M1254-1270 Arrangements for band
Big Band, Dance Band, Jazz Ensembles
M1366 Jazz ensembles
Piano Music for Children
M1378 Collections
M1380 Separate pieces
Dramatic Works
M1500-1508 Operas, Musicals, etc.
M1500 Full scores
M1503 Vocal scores with piano
M1505 Excerpts (full scores)
M1507 Collections of excerpts (vocal scores with piano)
M1508 Single excerpts (vocal scores with piano)
M1510-1518 Incidental music
M1510 Full scores
M1513 Vocal scores with piano
M1515-1518 Excerpts
M1520-1526 Ballets
M1520 Full scores
M1523 Vocal scores with piano
M1524-1526 Excerpts
M1527-1527.8 Film music, Radio music, Television music
Vocal Ensembles
M1528-1529.5 Duets, trios, etc.
M1528 Orchestral accompaniment (full scores)
M1529 Orchestral accompaniment (vocal scores with piano)
M1529.2-1529.5 Keyboard accompaniment
M1530-1537 Mixed Chorus with orchestra
M1530 Full scores
M1533 Vocal scores with piano
M1534-1537 Excerpts
M1538-1542 Men's chorus with orchestra
M1538 Full scores
M1540 Vocal scores with piano
M1541-1542 Excerpts
M1543-1546 Women's chorus with orchestra
M1543 Full scores
M1544 Vocal scores with piano
M1545-1546 Excerpts
M1546.5 Children's chorus with orchestra
M1547-1570 Chorus with piano
M1578-1609 Unaccompanied chorus
Songs with Orchestra (including Cantatas, Solo Arias, etc.)
M1611-1612 Collections
M1611 Full scores
M1612 Vocal scores with piano
M1613-1614 Separate works
M1613 Full scores
M1614 Vocal scores with piano
M1615-1618 Arrangements for solo voice and orchestra
Songs with Piano
M1619 General collections
M1620 Collections by one composer
M1621 Separate works
M1621.3 Songs with accompaniment of piano and one other instrument
M1621.4 Song cycles
M1623-1624.8 Songs with accompaniment of one instrument (not piano)
M1625-1626 Recitations, narrations with accompaniment
National Music and Miscellaneous
M1627 General collections
M1628-1677.8 United States
M1630.18 Popular music collections, fake books
M1678-1679.2 Canada
M1682-1683.2 Mexico
M1684-1685 Central America
M1686-1694.2 South America
M1698-1789 Europe
M1795-1825 Asia
M1830-1838 Africa
M1850-1985 Special subjects
M1990-1998 Children's vocal music (secular)
Sacred Vocal Music
M1999 Miscellaneous collections
M2000-2007 Oratorios
M2000 Full scores
M2003 Vocal scores with piano
M2004-2007 Excerpts
M2010-2014 Masses
M2010 Full scores
M2013 Vocal scores with piano
M2014 Excerpts
M2014.5-2017.6 Other liturgical music
M2018-2019.5 Sacred duets, trios, etc. with orchestral accompaniment
M2020-2036 Mixed chorus with orchestral accompaniment (including sacred cantatas)
M2020 Full scores
M2023 Vocal scores with piano
M2025-2028 Excerpts
M2029-2032 Men's chorus with orchestral accompaniment
M2033-2036 Women's chorus with orchestral accompaniment
M2060-2101.5 Chorus with piano accompaniment
Sacred Songs with Orchestra (including Cantatas, Solo Arias, etc.)
M2102 Collections
M2103-2108 Separate songs
M2103 Full scores
M2104 Vocal scores with piano
M2105-2108 Arrangements for solo voice and orchestra
Sacred Songs with Piano
M2110 General collections
M2112 Collections by one composer
M2113 Separate works
M2113.3 Sacred songs with accompaniment of piano and one other instrument
M2113.4 Sacred song cycles
M2114 Special texts
Other Sacred Music
M2115-2146 Hymnals
M2147-2188 Liturgy and ritual
M2190-2196 Vocal music for children (sacred)
M2198 Gospel songs
MT6-6.5 Anthologies
Studies, Methods, etc.
Keyboard instruments
MT180-208 Organ
MT220-252 Piano
Stringed instruments
MT260-279.7 Violin
MT280-298 Viola
MT300-318 Violoncello
MT320-334 Double bass
Wind instruments
MT340-357 Flute, piccolo, etc.
MT360-376 Oboe, English horn, etc.
MT380-392 Clarinet, bass clarinet, etc.
MT400-412 Bassoon, contrabassoon, etc.
MT420-428 Horn
MT440-448 Trumpet
MT460-472 Trombone, bass trombone
MT480-488 Tuba
MT500-510 Saxophone
Other instruments
MT540-557 Harp
MT580-599 Guitar
MT655-725 Percussion
Instrumental methods for children
MT740-801 Methods for children
Singing and vocal technique
MT820 General
MT821 Physiology
MT825-893 Methods, studies and exercises
MT898-915 Voice instruction for children
MT918-948 School music
Alphabetical index
Accordian solo (M175.A4)
For Band (M1254-1270)
For Clarinet and piano (M248-249)
For Flute and piano (M243-244)
For Horn and piano (M258-259)
For Oboe and piano (M247)
For Orchestra (M1060-1075)
For Organ (M12-13)
For Piano (M32.8-M39)
For String Orchestra (M1160)
For Viola and piano (M227-228)
For Violin and piano (M222-223)
For Violoncello and piano (M235-236)
Ballets (M1520-1526)
Band Music (M1201-M1270)
Baritone/Euphonium solo (M110.B33)
Baritone/Euphonium and piano music (M270.B37, M271.B37)
Bass trombone
See Trombone music
Bassoon solo (M75-79)
With piano (M253-254)
With orchestra (M1026-1027)
With string orchestra (M1126-1127)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT400-412)
Big Band Music (M1366)
Chamber music
Choral music, Sacred
With orchestra (M1999-2108)
With piano (M2060-2101.5)
Choral music, Secular
With orchestra (M1530-1546.5)
With piano (M1547-1570)
Unaccompanied (M1578-1609)
Clarinet solo (M70-74)
With piano (M248-252)
With orchestra (M1024-1025)
With string orchestra (M1124-1125)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT380-392)
See Bassoon music
Cor anglais
See English horn music
Collected works of individual composers (M3)
Bassoon (solo) (M75-79)
Bassoon and piano (M253)
Chamber Music, Miscellaneous
Clarinet (solo) (M70-71)
Clarinet and piano (M248-249)
Double bass (solo) (M55-56)
Double bass and piano (M237)
Flute (solo) (M60-61)
Flute and piano (M240-241)
Guitar (solo) (M125-126)
Guitar and piano (M276)
Harp (solo) (M115-116)
Horn (solo) (M80-81)
Horn and piano (M255-256)
Instrumental music, Miscellaneous (M5)
Miscellaneous (M1)
Oboe (solo) (M65-66)
Oboe and piano (M245)
Organ (M6-7)
Piano (M20-22)
Saxophone (solo) (M105-106)
Saxophone and piano (M268)
Trombone (solo) (M90-91)
Trombone and piano (M262)
Trumpet (solo) (M85-86)
Trumpet and piano (M260)
Tuba (solo) (M95-96)
Tuba and piano (M264)
Viola (solo) (M45-46)
Viola and piano (M224-225)
Violin (solo) (M40-41)
Violin and piano (M217-218)
Violoncello (solo) (M50-51)
Violoncello and piano (M229-230)
Concerti grossi (M1040-1041)
2 or more solo instruments with orchestra (M1040-1041)
2 or more solo instruments with string orchestra (M1140-1141)
Band accompaniment (M1205-1206)
Bassoon with orchestra (M1026-1027)
Bassoon with string orchestra (M1126-1127)
Clarinet with orchestra (M1024-1025)
Clarinet with string orchestra (M1124-1125)
Concertos for orchestra (M1042)
Concertos for string orchestra (M1142)
Double bass with orchestra (M1018)
Double bass with string orchestra (M1118)
English horn with orchestra (M1034.E5, M1035.E5)
English horn with string orchestra (M1134.E5, M1135.E5)
Flute with orchestra (M1020-1021)
Flute with string orchestra (M1120-1121)
Guitar with orchestra (M1037.4.G8)
Guitar with string orchestra (M1137.4.G8)
Harp with orchestra (M1036-1037)
Harp with string orchestra (M1136-1137)
Horn with orchestra (M1028-1029)
Horn with string orchestra (M1128-1129)
Oboe with orchestra (M1022-1023)
Oboe with string orchestra (M1122-1123)
Organ with orchestra (M1005-1006)
Organ with string orchestra (M1108-1109)
Percussion with orchestra (M1038-1039)
Percussion with string orchestra (M1138-1139)
Piano with orchestra (M1010-1011)
Piano with string orchestra (M1110-1111)
Piccolo with orchestra (M1034.P5, M1035.P5)
Piccolo with string orchestra (M1134.P5, M1135.P5)
Recorder with orchestra (M1034.R4, M1035.R4)
Recorder with string orchestra (M1134.R4, M1135.R4)
Saxophone with orchestra (M1034.S4, M1035.S4)
Saxophone with string orchestra (M1134.S4, M1135.S4)
Trombone with orchestra (M1032-1033)
Trombone with string orchestra (M1132-1133)
Trumpet with orchestra (M1030-1031)
Trumpet with string orchestra (M1130-1131)
Tuba with orchestra (M1034.T8, M1035.T8)
Tuba with string orchestra (M1134.T8, M1135.T8)
Viola with orchestra (M1014-1015)
Viola with string orchestra (M1114-1115)
Violin with orchestra (M1012-1013)
Violin with string orchestra (M1112-1113)
Violoncello with orchestra (M1016-1017)
Violoncello with string orchestra (M1116-1117)
Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone with orchestra (M1039.4.X9)
Dance Band Music (M1366)
Band (M1248-1249)
Piano (M30-32)
Orchestra (M1047-1049)
Double bass
Double bass solo (M55-58)
With piano (M237-238)
With orchestra (M1018)
With string orchestra (M1118)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT320-334)
See also specific instruments
String duets (M286-287)
Wind duets (M288-289)
String and wind duets (M290-291)
Vocal duets, trios, etc. (M1528-1529.5)
Other duets (M292-298.5)
English horn
English horn solo (M110.E5)
With piano (M270.E5, M271.E5)
With orchestra (M1034.E5, M1035.E5)
With string orchestra (M1134.E5, M1135.E5)
Ensembles (Nine or more individual instruments)
With piano (M910-949)
String ensembles (M950-954)
Wind ensembles (M955-959)
Other ensembles (M960-986)
See Baritone/Euphonium music
Fake books (M1630.18)
Flute solo (M60-64)
With piano (M240-244)
With orchestra (M1020-1021)
With string orchestra (M1120-1121)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT340-357)
French horn
See Horn music
Fugues, Organ (M10)
Guitar solo (M125-129)
Guitar and piano (M276-277)
With orchestra (M1037.4.G8)
With string orchestra (M1137.4.G8)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT580-599)
Harp solo (M115-119)
With orchestra (M1036-1037)
With string orchestra (M1136-1137)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT540-557)
Historical sets and monuments (M2)
Horn solo (M80-84)
With piano (M255-259)
With orchestra (M1028-1029)
With string orchestra (M1128-1129)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT420-428)
Incidental music (M1510-1518)
Jazz Ensemble Music (M1366)
Liturgical music, Organ (M14)
Band (M1247)
Piano (M28)
Orchestra (M1046)
Monuments and historical sets (M2)
Nonets (Nine or more instruments)
With piano (M910-949)
String nonets (M950-954)
Wind nonets (M955-959)
Other nonets (M960-986)
Musicals (M1500-1508)
National music (M1627-1985)
Oboe solo (M65-69)
With piano (M245-247)
With orchestra (M1022-1023)
With string orchestra (M1122-1123)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT360-376)
With piano (M810-849)
String octets (M850-854)
Wind octets (M855-859)
Other octets (M860-886)
Operas (M1500-1508)
Orchestral music
Miscellaneous pieces (M1045)
Organ solo (M6-14)
Duets with organ (M180-195)
Trios with organ (M300-309)
With orchestra (M1005-1006)
With string orchestra (M1108-1109)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT180-208)
Band (M1204)
Orchestra (M1004)
String orchestra (M1104)
See also Xylophone/marimba/vibraphone music, Timpani music
Percussion solo (1 player) (M145-147)
Percussion (1 player) and piano (M284.P4, M285.P4)
With orchestra (M1038-1039)
With string orchestra (M1138-1139)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT655-725)
Solo (1 hand) (M26)
Solo (2-hands) (M20-39)
3-hands (M198)
4-hands (M200-212)
5- or more hands (M213)
2 or more pianos (M214-216)
With orchestra (M1010-1011)
With string orchestra (M1110-1111)
For children (M1378-1380)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT220-252)
Piano quartets (Piano, violin, viola, violoncello) (M412.2)
Piano trios (Piano, violin, violoncello) (M312)
Piano quintets (Piano, 2 violins, violoncello) (M512)
Piccolo solo (M110.P5)
With piano (M270.P45, M271.P45)
With orchestra (M1034.P5, M1035.P5)
With string orchestra (M1134.P5, M1135.P5)
Popular music collections (United States)
Piano and strings (M410-414)
Piano quartets (Piano, violin, viola, violoncello) (M412.2)
Piano and winds (M415-419)
String quartets (M450-454)
Wind quartets (M455-459)
Other quartets (M460-486)
Piano and strings (M510-514)
Piano quintets (Piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello) (M512)
Piano and winds (M514-519)
String quintets (M550-554)
Wind quintets (M555-559)
Other quartets (M460-486)
Recorder solo (M110.R4)
With piano (M270.R4, M271.R4)
With orchestra (M1034.R4, M1035.R4)
With string orchestra (M1134.R4, M1135.R4)
Sacred music (M1999-2198)
Saxophone solo (M105-109)
Saxophone and piano (M268-269)
With orchestra (M1034.S4, M1035.S4)
With string orchestra (M1134.S4, M1135.S4)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT500-510)
With piano (M710-749)
String septets (M750-754)
Wind septets (M755-759)
Other septets (M760-786)
With piano (M610-649)
String sextets (M650-654)
Wind sextets (M655-659)
Other sextets (M660-686)
Solo instrument, Music for
Organ (M8)
Piano (M23)
Violin and piano (M219)
Violoncello and piano (M231)
With orchestra (Sacred) (M2102-2108)
With orchestra (Secular) (M1611-1618)
With piano (Sacred) (M2110-2114)
With piano (Secular) (M1619-1626)
String ensembles (M950-954)
String octets (M850-854)
String orchestra music
Miscellaneous pieces (M1145)
String quartets (M450-454)
String quintets (M550-554)
String septets (M750-754)
String sextets (M650-654)
String trios (M349-353)
Band (M1203)
Orchestra (M1003)
Organ (M9)
Piano (M24)
String orchestra (M1103)
Violin and piano (M220)
Violoncello and piano (M232)
Symphonic Poems
Band (M1202)
Orchestra (M1002)
String orchestra (M1102)
Band (M1201)
Orchestra (M1001)
String orchestra (M1101)
Timpani and piano (M284.T5, M285.T4)
Piano and strings (M310-314)
Piano trios (Piano, violin, violoncello)
Piano and winds (M315-319)
String trios (M349-353)
Wind trios (M355-359)
String and wind trios (M360-364)
Vocal duets, trios, etc. (M1528-1529.5)
Other trios (M365-386)
Trombone solo (M90-94)
With piano (M262-263)
With piano (M1032-1033)
With string orchestra (M1132-1133)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT460-472)
Trumpet solo (M85-89)
With piano (M260-261)
With orchestra (M1030-1031)
With string orchestra (M1130-1131)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT440-448)
Tuba solo (M95-99)
With piano (M264-265)
With orchestra (M1034.T8, M1035.T8)
With string orchestra (M1134.T8, M1135.T8)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT480-488)
Band (M1203)
Orchestra (M1003)
Piano (M27)
String orchestra (M1103)
Viola solo (M45-49)
With piano (M224-228)
With orchestra (M1014-1015)
With string orchestra (M1114-1115)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT280-298)
Violin solo (M40-44)
With piano (M217-223)
With orchestra (M1012-1013)
With string orchestra (M1112-1113)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT260-279.7)
Violoncello solo (M50-54)
With piano (M229-236)
With orchestra (M1016-1017)
With string orchestra (M1116-1117)
Methods, studies and exercises (MT300-318)
Sacred (M1999-M2198)
Secular (M1528-M1998)
Singing and vocal technique (MT820-893)
Wind ensembles (M955-959)
See also Band Music
Wind octets (M855-859)
Wind quartets (M455-459)
Wind quintets (M555-559)
Wind septets (M755-759)
Wind sextets (M655-659)
Wind trios (M355-359)
Works, Collected, of individual composers (M3)
Xylophone/marimba/vibraphone music
Solo (1 player) (M175.X6)
With orchestra (M1039.4.X9)