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Trumpet: A Starting Guide

Part I: Where to Find Trumpet Music in the UNLV Music Library
  • Solo trumpet: M85-89
  • Trumpet with piano/keyboard: M260-261
  • Chamber music including brass (NOTE: Not all works in these areas will include trumpet):
    • Duets: M288-291, M296-297
    • Trios:
      • Trios with keyboard: M315-324, M335-339
      • Other trios: M356-364, M375-384
    • Quartets:
      • Quartets with keyboard: M415-424, M435-444
      • Other quartets: M455-464, M475-484
    • Quintets:
      • Quintets with keyboard: M515-524, M535-544
      • Other quintets: M555-564, M575-584
    • Sextets:
      • Sextets with keyboard: M615-624, M635-644
      • Other sextets: M655-664, M675-684
    • Septets:
      • Septets with keyboard: M715-724, M735-744
      • Other septets: M755-764, M775-784
    • Octets:
      • Octets with keyboard: M815-824, M835-844
      • Other octets: M855-864, M875-884
    • Nonets:
      • Nonets with keyboard: M915-924, M935-944
      • Other nonets: M955-964, M975-984
  • Trumpet with orchestra: M1030-1031
  • Trumpet with string orchestra: M1130-1131
  • Instruction and study: MT440-448 (Lied Library Stacks)
  • Studies and exercises: MT442-445
  • Orchestra studies: MT446
  • History of the trumpet: ML960-963 (Lied Library Stacks)

See also our list of Brass (Solo & Ensemble) Compact Discs in the Music Library on this site.

Part II: Representative Subject Headings for Trumpet

Note: The headings below do not include the numerous chamber combinations of trumpet with other instruments. For more comprehensive results, perform a keyword search including the term "trumpet."

Part III: Useful Sources

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Online). London: Macmillan Reference; New York: Grove's Dictionaries, 2001-
Internet Access

Trumpet Repertoire

Dale, Delbert A. Trumpet Technique. Oxford [England]: Oxford University Press, 1985.
Includes "repertoire list" (p. 80-102).
Lied Book Stacks MT440 .D34 1985

Carnovale, Norbert. Twentieth-century Music for Trumpet and Orchestra.2nd rev. ed. Nashville, Tenn.: Brass Press, 1994.
Music Ref. ML128.T78 C34 1994

Hardin, Anne F. A Trumpeter's Guide to Orchestral Excerpts. Nashville, Tenn.: W.R. Welch Pub. House, 1977.
Music Ref. ML128.T78 F37

Ensemble Repertoire

Cobbett, Walter Willson. Cobbett's Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music. Oxford [England]; New York: Oxford University Press, 1988, c1963.
Music Ref. ML1100 .C7 1988

Cohn, Arthur. The Literature of Chamber Music. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Hinshaw, c1997.
Music Ref. ML1100 .C78 1997

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Music Ref. ML128.W5 G52 1998

Part IV: Periodicals

Brass Bulletin
Lied Periodicals ML5 .B6864

Chamber Music
Lied Periodicals ML1 .C353

Historic Brass Society Journal
Lied Periodicals ML933 .H57

I T G Journal
Lied Periodicals ML1 .I87