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Piano: A Starting Guide

Part I: Where to Find Piano Music in the UNLV Music Library
  • Solo piano (1 performer):
    • Collections: M20-22
    • Sonatas: M23
    • Suites: M24
    • Individual works: M25
    • Piano one hand: M26
    • Variations: M27
    • Marches and dances: M28-32
    • Arrangements for piano solo: M32.8-39.6
  • Piano 3 or more hands: M200-213
  • 2 or more pianos: M214-216
  • Solo instrument with piano accompaniment: M219-285
  • Trios with piano: M310-344
  • Piano trios (piano, violin, violoncello): M312
  • Quartets with piano: M410-449
  • Piano quartets (piano, violin, viola, violoncello): M412
  • Quintets with piano: M510-549
  • Piano quintets (piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello): M512
  • Sextets with piano: M610-649
  • Septets with piano: M710-749
  • Octets with piano: M810-849
  • Nonets and larger combinations with piano: M910-949
  • Piano concertos:
    • With orchestra: M1010
    • With orchestra (2-piano scores): M1011
    • With string orchestra: M1110
    • With string orchestra (2-piano scores): M1111
    • Cadenzas: M1010.5, M1110.5

Note: For concertos for other instruments with piano reduction, see the research guide for that instrument.

  • Piano music for children:
    • Solo piano: M1378-1380
    • Piano 4 hands, 2 or more pianos: M1389-1390
  • Vocal music with piano:
    • Operas and musicals (vocal scores with piano): M1503, 1507-1508
    • Solo voice with orchestra (vocal scores): M1614, 1616, 1618
    • Songs with piano: M1620-1622
    • Popular music vocal collections with piano: M1630.18
    • Oratorios (vocal scores): M2003, 2006-2007
    • Masses (vocal scores): M2013
    • Sacred choruses, cantatas, etc. (vocal scores): M2023, 2027-2028
  • Incidental music (piano reductions): M1517-1518
  • Ballets (piano scores): M1523, 1526
  • Piano (general works): ML650 (Lied Main Stacks)
  • History of the piano: ML651-661 (Lied Main Stacks)
  • Study (general works): MT220
  • Physiology of the hand: MT221
  • Methods: MT222
  • Beginning instruction: MT224
  • Studies and exercises:
    • General: MT225
    • Left hand: MT226
    • Pedaling: MT227
    • Touch: MT228
    • Wrist: MT229
    • Intervals: MT230
    • Scales, arpeggios, etc.: MT231
    • Fingering: MT232
    • Rhythm: MT233
    • Phrasing: MT235
    • Other: MT236-252

See also our lists of Piano Compact Discs in the UNLV Music Library and Piano Videos in the UNLV Music Library on this site.

Part II: Representative Subject Headings for Piano

Note: The headings below do not include the numerous chamber combinations of piano with other instruments. For more comprehensive results, perform a keyword search including the term piano or pianos along with other instruments sought.

Part III: Useful Sources

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Part IV: Periodicals

Lied Periodicals ML1 .C79

Contemporary Keyboard
Lied Periodicals ML1 .C9153

Lied Periodicals ML1 .C9153

Piano & Keyboard
Lied Periodicals ML1 .P66

The Piano Quarterly
Lied Periodicals ML1 .P66