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How To Find Dance CDs

The Music Library offers a wide variety of CDs that can be checked out to listen to in the library.

One way to find what you are looking for is to search by author in the library catalog.

In the library catalog page:

  • Click on author and enter the author's name (Last name, First name)
    Ex: Stravinsky, Igor
  • Click the search button

The entry should look like this: Ex: Stravinsky, Igor, 1882-1971
Now you can click on the link and begin searching through Stravinsky's works.

Another way to find something is to search by title, keyword, or subject:

  • From the drop down list choose either title, keyword, or subject.
    NOTE: Using the keyword function allows you to look up a song title that may be included in the contents of a collection.
  • Type in the title, keyword, or subject
  • Now click GO

You can also use the LIMIT/SORT button after you have done a search to limit your materials to CDs.

  • After you have done a search click on the LIMIT/SORT button.
  • Next to material type use the drop down arrow to choose music CD.
  • Next to WHERE item is located use the drop down arrow to choose UNLV Music Media.

If the entry says UNLV Music Media and has a call number that starts with MUS CD, that means it is located in the music library and it is a CD.

Now all you have to do is write down the call number and bring it to someone at the desk, who will then check headphones and the CD out for you to listen to in the library.