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Chamber Music: A Starting Guide

Part I: Where to Find Chamber Music in the UNLV Music Library
  • Collections: M177-179
  • Duets: M180-298.5
    • Piano 4 hands/2 pianos: M198-216
    • Solo instrument with piano: M217-M285 (for more detailed information, see our research guide for the specific instrument)
    • String duets: M286-287
    • Wind duets: M288-289
    • String/wind duets: M290-291
    • Duets of plucked instruments: M292-293
    • Other duets: M294-298.5
  • Trios: M300-386
    • Trios with piano: M310-344
    • String trios: M349-353
    • Wind trios (woodwind and/or brass instruments): M355-359
    • String/wind combinations: M360-364
    • Plucked instruments: M365-369
    • String/plucked instrument combinations: M370-374
    • Wind/plucked instrument combinations: M375-379
    • Other combinations: M380-386
  • Quartets and larger combinations are arranged in the same way as trios above; e.g. Quartets with piano are found under M410-444.
  • Quartets: M400-486
  • Quintets: M500-586
  • Sextets: M600-686
  • Septets: M700-786
  • Octets: M800-M886
  • Nonets and larger combinations: M900-986
  • Specific combinations:
    • Piano trios: M312
    • String trios: M349-353
    • Piano quartets: M412
    • String quartets: M451-452
    • Woodwind quartets: M457.2
    • Brass quartets: M457.4
    • Piano quintets: M512
    • String quintets: 550-552
    • Woodwind quintets (with horn): M555-559
    • Brass quintets: M557.4
  • History, criticism, etc. of chamber music: ML1100 (Lied Library Stacks)

See also our lists of Piano Trio Compact Discs, Woodwind Quintet Compact Discs, and Compact Discs of Chamber Music for Solo Strings on this site.

Part II: Representative Subject Headings for Chamber Music

There are a relatively limited number of popular chamber combinations (this list excludes works for solo instrument and piano):

However, for the most part you must understand how music subject headings are constructed in order to perform a useful subject search for chamber music combinations. You may find a keyword search more practical when searching for combinations of specific instruments. For example, to search for music including flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon, perform a keyword search with those terms. If you are looking for a score (as opposed to a recording) you may want to include the keyword "scores" as well.

You may want to limit your search to a particular musical form, such as suites, sonatas, etc. If so, include the form as a keyword. Or, to search for combinations using more than one of a particular instrument, use the plural for that instrument (for example, you may search with keywords clarinet violins viola violoncello if you are looking for clarinet with string quartet).

Note: Unless you specifically include a keyword such as "trios," "quartets," "quintets," in your search you will probably pull up works with instruments additional to those you specified. However, including one of these keywords will also exclude works in specific forms, such as sonatas, suites, etc. You may well need to perform multiple searches to locate the instrumentation you seek.

Part III: Useful Sources

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Internet Access

Part IV: Periodicals

Chamber Music
Lied Periodicals ML1 .C353