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Cello: A Starting Guide

Part I: Where to Find Cello Music in the UNLV Music Library
  • Solo Cello: M50-54
  • Cello with piano/keyboard: M229-236
  • Chamber music including strings (NOTE: Not all works in these areas will include cello):
    • Duets: M286-287, M290-291, M294-295
    • Trios:
      • Trios with keyboard: M310-314, M320-324, M330-334
      • String trios: M349-353
      • Other trios: M360-364, M370-374, M380-384
    • Quartets:
      • Quartets with keyboard: M410-414, M420-424, M430-434, M440-444
      • String quartets: M450-454
      • Other quartets: M460-464, M470-474, M480-484
    • Quintets:
      • Quintets with keyboard: M510-514, M520-524, M530-534, M540-544
      • String quintets: M550-554
      • Other quintets: M560-564, M570-574, M580-584
    • Sextets:
      • Sextets with keyboard: M610-614, M620-624, M530-634, M640-644
      • String sextets: M650-654
      • Other sextets: M660-664, M670-674, M680-684
    • Septets:
      • Septets with keyboard: M710-714, M720-724, M730-734, M740-744
      • String septets: M750-754
      • Other septets: M760-764, M770-774, M780-784
    • Octets:
      • Octets with keyboard: M810-814, M820-824, M830-834, M840-844
      • String octets: M850-854
      • Other octets: M860-864, M870-874, M880-884
    • Nonets:
      • Nonets with keyboard: M910-914, M920-924, M930-934, M940-944
      • String nonets: M950-954
      • Other nonets: M960-964, M970-974, M980-984
  • Cello with orchestra: M1016-1017
  • Cello with string orchestra: M1116-1117
  • Instruction and study: MT300-318
  • Studies and exercises: MT302-310
  • Orchestra studies: MT306
  • History of the Cello: ML910-915 (Lied Book Stacks)

See also our list of Cello Compact Discs in the Music Library on this site.

Part II: Representative Subject Headings for Cello

Note: The headings below do not include the numerous chamber combinations of cello with other instruments. For more comprehensive results, perform a keyword searches using the terms "cello" and "violoncello".

Part III: Useful Sources
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Directories

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Cello Repertoire

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Ensemble Repertoire

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Part IV: Periodicals

American String Teacher
Lied Periodicals ML27.U5 A8356

American Suzuki Journal
Lied Periodicals ML170 .A45x

Chamber Music
Lied Periodicals ML1 .C353

The Strad
Lied Periodicals ML5 .S89

Lied Periodicals ML749.5 .S87