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About the Music Library

Circulation Policy for Students, Faculty, and Staff

All persons affiliated with UNLV are eligible for borrowing privileges with the UNLV Music Library. To register, everyone must present a valid UNLV ID.

Loan Periods (How long can I keep materials and how many may I check out?)
Faculty (including UNLV, CSN, DRI, and NSC Faculty), PTI, Visiting Faculty, and Graduate Students

Semester checkout (2 checkout periods per year), unlimited number of scores.
Responsible for Recall, Interlibrary Loan, LINK+, and Reserve Fines. Recall Fines are $5.00/day, per score.
Interlibrary Loan and LINK+ fines are $1.00/day, per score. Reserve fines vary. No other fines.

Compact discs: 2 weeks, unlimited number.
Other media (including DVDs): 1 week, unlimited number.

Privileges for PTI expire on last day of contract. Privileges for graduate students expire upon graduation.

Undergraduate Students

Three week checkout, limit of 50 items.
Responsible for all late fines. Overdue fines for scores are $0.25/day, per book. Recall fines
are $5.00/day per book. Interlibrary Loan and LINK+ fines are $1.00/day per book. Reserve fines vary.

Compact Discs: 1 week checkout to a maximum of 5 at one time.
DVD and other media: in-house use only.
Responsible for all late fines. Overdue fines for compact discs are $2.00/day per CD.

Although loan periods vary, all patrons, including faculty, are only guaranteed a loan period of two weeks, after which books are subject to recall if they are needed by another university-affiliated patron. Books that are needed for Reserve are subject to immediate recall. Holds and recalls may be placed on books online or at the Music Library Service Desk.

Fines and Lost Books

Fines are assessed on overdue scores at $0.25 per day per score, or $2.00 per day per media item. There is no grace period. The system will charge overdue fines beginning the first day the book is overdue, but will not generate a bill for a fine that is less than $1.00.

When a book is overdue more than 28 days, it will be declared lost and you will be charged the replacement cost of the books plus a nonrefundable $35.00 processing fee. If the book is returned before it it is reordered, only the replacement cost will be refunded.

Students with outstanding charges or overdue materials will lose their library privileges and will be placed on "STOP" with the Registrar's Office. Grades, diplomas, or tanscripts will not be released and you will not be able to register for classes.