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Faculty Institute on Core Course Design Hotel College

Jan 10-13, March 4, April 8, 2011
UNLV Hotel Faculty Institute on Core Course Design
Funding provided by the William F. Harrah Hotel College and University Libraries

The William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration was in the process of redesigning its curriculum when Associate Dean Christine Bergman heard a presentation about the iCritical Thinking exam by Library Dean Patricia Iannuzzi. Additional conversations addressed how the iCritical Thinking exam could help the Hotel College with their efforts to emphasize critical thinking, identify learning outcomes that address the knowledge, skills, and attitudes/behaviors graduates need to succeed in the hospitality industry, and address the college-wide learning outcomes. Institute participants focused course redesign on integrating critical thinking, communication, and information literacy.

Hotel College administered the iCritical Thinking test to students enrolled in capstone courses Fall 2010 to see how students at the end of their UNLV degree performed on the skills/abilities measured by the test.

College recruited and incentivized faculty to participate in the Institute. Six library faculty worked with seventeen faculty in teams each addressing a specific course in the redesigned core:

2011 Hotel Faculty Institute Participants

HMD 101: Introduction to Hospitality
Carl Braunlich
Daniel McLean
Jean Hertzman
Rhonda Montgomery 
Librarian:  Anne Zald 
HOT 307: Leadership, Management & Ethics
Cheri Young
Pat Moreo 
James Busser
Christopher Cain
Librarian:  Paula McMillen
HMD 259: Human Resources
Gail Sammons
Vince Eade 
Kurt Stahura 
Librarian:  Lateka Grays 

HMD 401: Hospitality Law
Christian Hardigree 
Bill Werner 
Dana Cotham 
Librarian:  Jen Fabbi 

HMD 321: Marketing
Sarah Tanford 
Billy Bai 
Librarian:  Susie Skarl

TCA 221: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Bernie Fried
Librarian:  Patrick Griffis