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Hiring Process for Student Employees

The University Libraries MAINLY hires students with a verified Work-Study Allocation obtained through UNLV Student Financial Services.
  1. Submit a UNLV Libraries Student Employment Application online.               
  2. Student work-study allocation will be verified with UNLV Student Financial Services by the Library Administration Office.
  3. Online application will be updated to indicate if the student is work-study eligible or not.  
  4. Library supervisors who are in need of students will select applications from the Libraries Student Employment website and will call or email applicants for an interview.
  5. If both the supervisor and the student are in agreement and a start date has been established, the supervisor will contact the Library Administration Office to set up an appointment for the employee to complete a hiring packet. 


NOTE: Student Employees must complete all hiring paperwork before reporting to work

The initial employment paperwork includes:

  • W-4 tax form: establishes tax-withholding allowance.
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility form: ensures that the student is eligible to obtain work within the United States
  • Drug-free Workplace agreement: commits you to a drug-free workplace
  • Payroll Action Form (PAF): initiates payroll
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Personal Data Sheet

Every semester thereafter, student employees must complete an updated Payroll Action Form (PAF) before each semester begins. Student supervisors will inform their employees when PAFs are ready for signature. Students will not be paid for hours worked before signing their PAFs.

Students will sign a total of three Payroll Action Forms (PAFs) each year:

  • Fall semester (covering 9/1-12/31)
  • Spring semester (covering 1/1-5/31)
  • Summer semester (covering 6/1-8/31)


Visit the Library Admnistration office on the 2nd floor of Lied Library or call 895-2286.


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