Printing & Copying



  • black/white: .03
  • color: .40


  • Black/white or color: .15
  • Double-sided: .30


The CML has 1 copy machine, two black/white printers, and one color printer.


In order to print at the CML you must either have your RebelCard activated and have money on it or purchase a Rebel Guest Card from the CML Circulation desk.

Note: Money can be placed on your card online or at any Value Transfer Station on campus. The closest one to the CML is at Lied Library (first floor, near photocopiers).

How to print

  1. Use Print Preview to make sure you're happy with your print results! This can help you avoid being overcharged.
  2. From the computer workstations, name and send your print job to the appropriate printer.
  3. Go to the Pharos print station and swipe your RebelCard or Rebel Guest Card.
  4. Click on your print job from the list to release the print job.
  5. The amount will be deducted from your card.