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Registration Form for Faculty, Professionals, and Part-Time Instructors

Please use the form below to register your RebelCard ID and create your library account. Activation will occur within one business day.

When the Libraries receives your application form and has verified your employment at UNLV, your account will be established.
The account will enable you to:

  • create your PIN (required for off-campus access – more info)
  • use the Libraries' web-based resources from off-campus
  • check out materials from the University Libraries
  • request to borrow materials from other libraries
  • use computers in the Libraries by entering your RebelCard ID barcode (found on the back of your RebelCard ID) as the Login Name and the last four digits of the phone number you submit in the application below as your Password. Instructions for changing your password are located on the computer desktop.

If you have questions please contact Circulation.

UNLV Libraries' Account Agreement

  1. I assume full responsibility for my library card and will pay all fees assessed for damaged or lost materials charged on my card, and all charges incurred if the Library is required to submit my account to a collection agency.
  2. I understand that books checked out to my library account are my responsibility from the time they are checked out until the time they are checked in.
  3. I understand that all library books are subject to recall.
  4. I understand that I must have my RebelCard to access the computers and to check out or renew all library materials.
  5. I will immediately report any change of name, address, telephone number, or email address to the library at
  6. I will notify the library immediately if my RebelCard is lost or stolen or if I notice inappropriate use of my library barcode.
  7. I have reviewed the Library's Circulation Guidelines for University Affiliated Patrons, the UNLV Libraries Computer Use Policy, and the UNLV Libraries Expectations for User and Visitor Conduct and agree to the terms.
  8. I understand that my library privileges may be revoked for reasons including, but not limited to:
    o Failure to comply with the Libraries' policies.
    o Termination of employment.
  9. For part-time instructors only: I understand that my account expires each semester and that I must use this form to renew my account, unless I have made alternate arrangements with Circulation.

Indicate that you agree to these terms by clicking in the circle below and complete the registration form to set up your account. All fields are required.

I agree to these terms.

First Name:
Last Name:
Campus Email Address:
Permanent Address:
Telephone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx):
Name of Department:
RebelCard ID Number
Barcode number located on the back of your RebelCard ID