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Serials Assessment Project 2008-09

Timeline for Serials Cancellations

September 2008
  • Present preliminary project information and timeline at Liaisons meeting
  • Create Website for Project
  • Create database of journals with usage data and cost
  • Create list of databases for review and put on website

October 2008

  • Put up journals for review on website
  • Feedback on databases due by October 24th

November 2008

  • Serials Review Group vote on database exceptions
  • Cancel databases

January 2009

  • Feedback from Faculty due for journal cancellations on January 23rd
  • Serials Review Group reviews exception requests for journals

February 2009

  • Put standing orders up on website for review

April 2009

  • Feedback on Standing Orders due

May 2009

  • Serials Review Group reviews exceptions requests for standing orders


If you have questions about specific titles, please contact your Subject Librarian. General questions regarding the Serials Assessment Project may be sent to