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Serials Assessment Project (SAP) 2003 Timeline

March 2003
  • Present preliminary project information and timeline at Subject Librarians meeting
  • SAP2003 database established (review and reporting data); data collected and entered.
  • SAP 2003 web site developed for CD web site

April 2003
  • April 3 - SAP 2003 information presented at Subject Librarians meeting
  • April 14: SAP package (print) sent to department chairs; departmental and comprehensive lists posted to SAP 2003 web site. Approximately 4 weeks allowed for review.

May 2003
  • May 16: Faculty/student feedback on serials under review due to CD
  • May 30: Subject Librarians feedback on serials under review due to CD

June 2003
  • Faculty/user comments and rankings for serials under review are summarized and evaluated
  • List of titles to be cancelled is drafted, should cancellations be necessary

July 2003
  • July 3: List of cancellations finalized and posted on library web site and distributed to UNLV department chairs

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