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Listed below are the criteria used by Collection Development and the serials review group to evaluate the SAP 2003 titles under review for possible cancellation. None of these criteria will be considered in isolation. For example, use may be balanced by user feedback or all other factors may be relative to a journal's importance to curriculum & research support. Also, not all criteria may be applicable to each serial under review.

Curriculum & Research support ­ importance of a title to UNLV's core and new academic programs is a major factor, as are the core collecting areas for the library (such as gaming and hospitality).

Number of uses of a journal/e-resource such as re-shelving statistics, use data, if available for e-journals and databases, will be weighed relative to other criteria, particularly cost and the importance of a journal to research and teaching at UNLV.

User comments regarding specific journals received from faculty and students during the 2003 SAP as to whether a title is "Essential", "Useful" or "Minimally useful" (document delivery and/or Table of Contents service adequately serves their needs) will be carefully considered against other criteria.

Availability of titles in other formats (full-text access) ­we prefer web-based or the electronic equivalent if this results in cost-savings.

Availability of title in the region ­ providing access to journals held within the UALC and at UNR may prove more cost-effective in some cases than maintaining a subscription at UNLV.

Title Cost and related data such as price increases over a 3-year period, cost relative to other journals in the subject area, frequency of the publication and receipt history, as well as absolute cost will all be critical to the decision-making process.

Balance across disciplines (subject) ­ maintaining journals that contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary serial collection is deemed critical to our research and teaching goals.

Organizational Affiliation may be an important factor, particularly when evaluating several titles in one discipline; official publications of professional societies and organizations may be retained in favor of other journals in the subject area.

Local Faculty Involvement includes the frequency with which UNLV faculty publish in or cite specific titles as well as their participation in editorial and peer review process. JCR's Impact Factor may be considered in some cases.

Possible Subscription Decisions

E=Convert to electronic (if available, comparable and more cost-effective)
C=Cancel (Withdraw back-volumes Y/N?)
W=Wait 1 year & review

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