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To UNLV faculty & students,

Over the next few months, the University Libraries at UNLV will be evaluating current serial subscriptions. Starting April 14 and continuing through May 16, 2003, we encourage the university community - faculty and students - to review and comment on a list of approximately 2000 serial titles for which a renewal decision needs to be made before fall.

Depending on factors, such as budget considerations, research and instructional priorities and the ability to use alternative methods to provide access to the information resources you need, some print and electronic subscriptions may be cancelled effective January 2004. As with earlier serials assessment projects at UNLV, the difficult decision to cancel some journals is driven by the high rate of inflation in serials costs ­ annual rates increase 8% to 11%, on an average. Library budgets cannot accommodate such increases without finding more cost-effective means to provide access to journal articles. Reviewing serial subscriptions annually has become very much the norm for academic libraries in the US.

The Libraries have grouped subscriptions into two categories:
1) "Serials That Will Not Be Cancelled"
These are print and electronic titles we have decided not to cancel because they are, for example, recent subscriptions, journals and electronic resources deemed core to an academic research library, or because we are obligated as consortia members to keep the print journal in order to provide you with access to its electronic content.
2) "Serials To Be Reviewed - 2003"
These are the print and electronic serial titles that we must review before renewing for 2004.

Titles for each group have been posted at the Serials Assessment Project web site for your review and comment. The URL for this web site is: Serials to be reviewed have also been grouped by UNLV department. The complete list and departmental lists are available to you as Excel files. For each title, we have provided its publisher, most recent cost and use, availability in other formats, and whether or not it is held by UN-Reno. By downloading the Excel files, you and/or your department may print them off for review. For each title you wish to comment on, we ask that you assign one of three rankings in the column labeled "Your Ranking":

M-Minimally Useful-Document Delivery Is Sufficient

When finished, you may email the annotated file back to the Library. We welcome any additional comments you have at that time as well. Complete instructions for participating in the Serials Assessment Project are available at the Serials Assessment Project web site .

Print lists have also been distributed to each UNLV department chair. There is also one copy of the print list available in the Graduate Student Lounge located on the 3rd floor of Lied Library, at the Research & Information desks of each library and on reserve at Lied Library.

For full consideration we ask that you include your name, college and status (faculty or student) and that you submit rankings and comments to the Libraries by May 16, 2003.

The Libraries will evaluate serials under review during the month of June. We will review your feedback along with other factors such as cost, use and availability in other formats to reach a decision. Should there be any cancellations, a list of titles will be distributed and published on the library web site in July and through the Fall semester. Cancellations will be effective January 2004.

As you review the Libraries' current serials, we would also like to hear from you about the journals and electronic resources that are most critical to your teaching and research at UNLV:

Please list the serials, up to 5 in each category, that are most important to your
a) research activities and
b) teaching,
whether the Libraries currently subscribe to these serials or not.

You may include your response when you email your serial title rankings to us or send an email to separately. Again, we ask that you include your name, college and indicate whether you are faculty or a student.

We encourage each of you to participate in the University Libraries 2003 Serials Assessment Project and appreciate your interest in the Libraries.

If you have questions about specific titles, please contact your department's Subject Librarian

Questions related to the SAP 2003 or Excel files may be sent to

Reeta Sinha
Head, Collection Development
University Libraries

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