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The complete list and departmental lists of serials under review are available to you as Excel files. For each title, we have provided its publisher, most recent cost and use, availability in other formats and whether or not it is held by UN-Reno. By downloading the Excel files, you and/or your department may print them off for review, or you may review them on your computer. For each title you wish to comment on, we ask that you assign one of three rankings in the column labeled "Your Ranking" column:
M-Minimally Useful-Document Delivery Is Sufficient

Title Lists

To view and download title lists, click on the link to launch the Excel file and save to your computer.

Serials That Will Not Be Cancelled

The title and most recently available cost have been provided for titles that will be renewed for 2004.

Serials To Be Reviewed - 2003

The following data has been provided for each serial title under review

Print (includes print subscriptions which include the electronic version)
E-journal = electronic access only
Database = full-text content and/or abstracts & indexes
Most recently available annual subscription cost, in most cases the 2003 cost is provided
Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to the title record in the library's online catalog.
Print Use 99-02
Total number of times bound journal volume was checked out and the number of times issues were re-shelved from during 1999-2002
Indicates that unmediated ("do-it-yourself") document delivery services are available to faculty
At Reno
Y indicates that University of Nevada-Reno currently subscribes to the title
Text of Articles is in database:
Full-text article content for this journal is available in the listed online databases.
Your Ranking
Please enter one of the following three values for each title you wish to comment upon:
"E-Essential", "U-Useful", "M-Minimally Useful-DDS/TOC sufficient"

When you have completed ranking titles in the files you reviewed, please email the file as an attachment back to Please include your name, college and indicate whether you are faculty or a student in the message. We welcome any comments you wish to make on the title or the Serials Assessment Project. You may also return a print copy of the title lists with your rankings and comments to:
SAP 2003 - Collection Development
MS 7038
Lied Library

Please submit your rankings and comments by May 16, 2003 and please do respond to our journal survey question.

Please contact your Subject Librarian with questions about specific titles. General questions regarding the Serials Assessment Project may be sent to

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