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Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Almanacs: Electronic Indexes & Databases

Access Science (McGraw-Hill) full text
Access Science is the electronic version of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. It also contains many paper-writing aids, such as science news headlines and a "student center" with study guides and suggestions for essay topics. Covering period: McGraw-Hill: current edition.

Art dictionaries from Credo Reference (Credo) full text
Dictionaries are in the fields of art, architecture and film, including Miller's Antiques Encyclopedia, The Bridgeman Art Library Archive, The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of 20th Century Architecture, The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of 20th Century Design and Designers, The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers, The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers and more. Covering period: Credo: current editions.

ARTstor (ARTstor) full text
A repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, social sciences and related data; the tools to actively use those images; and a restricted usage environment that seeks to balance the rights of content providers with the needs and interests of content user.

Associations Unlimited (Thomson Gale) full text
With a scope that covers everything from a local Chamber of Commerce to the American Medical Association, and beyond, Associaitons Unlimited contains information for approximately 460,000 international and U.S. national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields, including IRS data on U.S. 501(c) nonprofit organizations. For some 2,600 major U.S. national associations, it provides images of association materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and membership application forms. Covering period: Thomson Gale: current edition. Simultaneous users: Thomson Gale: Limited to 3 simultaneous users.

Bible - King James version (Chadwyck-Healey) full text
Search the full text, notes and apparatus of the King James Bible, or select a particular chapter and verse to display. Covering period: Chadwyck-Healey: 1611.

Biography & Genealogy Master Index
See: Biography in Context (Gale) (Biography and Genealogy Master Index has been cancelled. Use Biography Resource Center to find similar information.)

Biography in Context (Gale) (Thomson Gale) full text
Biography Resource Center provides biographical information on more than 185,000 people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. Contains approximately 250,000 biographies and complete articles from nearly 250 periodicals. Search for people based on one or more personal facts such as birth and death years and places, nationality, ethnicity, occupation, or gender, or combine criteria. Covering period: Thomson Gale: antiquity-present.

Biography Reference Bank (H. W. Wilson) full text
Contains biographical information on more than 400,000 people from antiquity to the present including more than 110,000 biographies. Biography Reference Bank brings together Biography Index, Current Biography Illustrated, the World Author Series, Nobel Prize Winners, World Artists, World Film Directors, American Reformers, and more into one database. Covering period: H. W. Wilson: 1981-. Simultaneous users: H. W. Wilson: Access is limited to 4 simultaneous users.

Book Review Digest Plus (H. W. Wilson)
Provides citations and excerpts of reviews of current English-language fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. An abstract of each book is also provided. To be indexed in Book Review Digest, a book must have been published or distributed in the United States or Canada. A work of nonfiction must have received reviews in two or more of the periodicals on the Book Review Digest selection list. A work of fiction must have received reviews in at least three of the periodicals. Reviews of textbooks, government publications, and technical books in law and the sciences are excluded. Covering period: H. W. Wilson: 1983-.

CQ Electronic Library (CQ Press) full text
These three resources can be searched simultaneously or individually.

CQ Public Affairs Collection (CQ Press) full text
Organized by key public affairs subject headings - like advocacy and public service, education, environment and natural resources, health, and national security - the CQ Public Affairs Collection features in-depth reporting on vital public policy issues, statistical and historical analyses, and the full text of many historic documents and primary source materials.

Credo Reference (Credo Reference) full text
Full text of encyclopedia entries plus over 20,000 searchable images including photographs, fine art, scientific diagrams and more. Covers a broad range of topics from biography to medicine and Shakespeare to technology. Covering period: Credo Reference: current editions.

Culturegrams (Culturegrams) full text
Cultural reports for 187 countries and territories each including 25 categories such as land and climate, history, personal appearance, greetings, gestures, family, diet, holidays, economy, education, health, and events and trends.

Dissertations and Theses (ProQuest) | Dissertations and Theses (UNLV Libraries) full text
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses contains over 1.5 million entries, providing citations to North American and European dissertations from 1861 forward, with abstracts from 1980 forward. It also provides citations and abstracts for theses from 1988 forward. Full text of UNLV theses and dissertations available from 1996 to the present. Full text from all other institutions available from 1997 to the present. Covering period: ProQuest: citations 1861-; abstracts 1980-; full text 1997-. UNLV Libraries: UNLV theses and dissertations only.

ebrary (Ebrary) full text
Books and other materials are arranged in five main subject areas - business and economics, career and general education, computers, engineering and applied sciences, humanities, social/behavioral sciences and life/physical sciences. The ebrary reader is required to view books and can be downloaded for free from ebrary. A free account is needed In order to access some features (i.e. saving notes and highlights). Covering period: Ebrary: dates of coverage vary.

Encyclopaedia of Islam (Brill Online) full text Requires installation of special font.
The Encyclopaedia of Islam (New Edition) offers an overview of Western perspectives on the Islamic world. Descriptive articles cover Muslims of many origins, tribes and dynasties, crafts and sciences, political and religious institutions, the geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of the various countries, and the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities. In its geographical and historical scope it encompasses the old Arabo-Islamic empire, the Islamic countries of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all other Islamic countries. Covering period: Brill Online: current edition. Requires installation of special font.

Encyclopedia of Evolution (Oxford University Press) full text
A comprehensive guide to the essentials of evolutionary biology, these entries by leading experts survey essential concepts and theories, present methods, models and findings, and discuss both the history of the field and current controversies. Topics include Darwin, natural selection, human origins, behavioral ecology, diversity, mathematical models, and cell and developmental biology.

Encyclopedia of Global Change (Oxford University Press) full text
Encompassing tsunamis, elephant conservation, ocean pollution, mining regulation, and permafrost melt, the 300 authoritative articles in this unique and wide-ranging encyclopedia investigate all types of phenomena that change life on Earth. The entries cover a range of general research categories: altered ecosystems, climate change, food and water supply, population, politics and global change, institutions and policies, biographies, and case studies. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition.

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (Oxford University Press) full text
Covering the 'long' Enlightenment, from the rise of Descartes' disciples in 1670 to the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in 1815, these 700 articles by leading scholars range from discussions of mercantilism and democracy to the battlefield to the dissemination of ideas in salons and coffeehouses. Breaking conventional geographical boundaries, coverage includes not only Western Europe but also North America, Brazil, and Iberian, Russian, Jewish, and Eastern European cultures. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition.

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (Oxford University Press) full text
The Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages provides 3,000 concise and detailed articles on all aspects of the period from the fifth to the fifteenth century. It explores art, architecture, religion, law, science, language, philosophy, and theology, as well as cultural, religious, intellectual, social and political history. With a focus on focus on Europe and Christendom, the Encyclopedia also covers the rise of Islam and people of other cultures with whom Europeans came into contact. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition.

Food and wine dictionaries from Credo Reference (Credo Reference) full text
Search the full text of Benders' Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology, International Dictionary of Food and Cooking, Oddbins Dictionary of Wine, The New Food Lover's Companion, and The New Wine Lover's Companion. Covering period: Credo Reference: current edition.

Foundation Directory Online full text
The directory includes over 98,000 foundations, corporate giving programs, and grantmaking public charities in the U.S.; a database of nearly 3,500 sponsoring companies, offering a pathway to corporate funders; a database of over 1.8 million recently awarded grants; and a keyword-searchable database of over 584,000 recently filed IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF.

Get overviews of hot topics from CQ Researcher (CQ Press) full text
These in-depth reports describe and analyze public policy controversies. Expert journalists present balanced information on all sides of an issue, including data from government agencies, comments from experts in the field, numerous charts and graphs, a pro-con feature, a chronology, a lengthy bibliography for additional research, and a list of contacts. CQ Researcher addresses current events, campus life, ethical dilemmas, and trends in American culture and is an excellent starting point for students trying to select or narrow down a paper topic! Covering period: CQ Press: 1923-.

Government Documents Catalog Service (Autographics)
Index to the complete Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications from 1976 to the present, containing over 400,000 records and thousands of links to full text documents. Covering period: Autographics: 1976-.

Grove Art Online
Art encyclopedia. Title has changed to Oxford Art Online.
See: Oxford Art Online

Grove Music Online
The premier resource for music information. Title has changed to Oxford Music Online.
See: Oxford Music Online

Health and medical dictionaries in Credo Reference (Credo Reference) full text
Includes Collins Dictionary of Medicine, Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations, Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, Mosby's Dental Dictionary, Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Mosby's Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary, Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and more. Covering period: Credo Reference: current edition.

Historical Statistics of the United States (Cambridge University Press) full text
A source for quantitative indicators of American history, this database of almost 2000 tables covers nearly every quantifiable dimension in American history, including population, work and welfare, and international relations from the earliest times to the present. Chapters are preceded by essays that introduce the quantitative history of their subject, provide a guide to the sources, and offer expert advice on the reliability of the data and the limits that might be placed on their interpretation. Covering period: Cambridge University Press: 1775-.

Hoover's Online
For in-depth company information try the OneSource database. Click on the International Businesses for a quick search.
See: OneSource (The subscription to Hoover's has been canceled.)

International Encyclopedia of Dance (Oxford University Press) full text
The International Encyclopedia of Dance contains nearly 2,000 articles on all aspects of dance, including dance forms, music and costumes, perfomances, and biographies of dancers and choreographers. Its scope is complete in that it covers a full spectrum of dance styles, including social, ethnic, and ritual dance to ballet and modern dance. It is a major resource for research and information on any aspect of the dance world. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition.

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics (Oxford Reference Online) full text
This encyclopedia encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics. Special attention is given to interrelations within these branches of the field and to relations of linguistics with other disciplines. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: 2nd edition.

Las Vegas Map and Aerial Photo Resources (UNLV Architecture Studies Library) free

LexisNexis Congressional full text
See: Congressional Publications (ProQuest Congressional)

LexisNexis Statistical (LexisNexis)
Indexes publications containing statistics published by federal, state, local, international, and private sources. Search Statistical Abstracts directly. Internet links to major statistical resources. Check at the Reference Desk for availability of other statistical resources.

National Geological Map Database free
Compiled by the USGS, this is a searchable catalog of paper and digital geologic maps. Search by Geologic Theme (General, Magnetics, Volcanoes, etc.), by Geographic Location, and by a number of other variables. Almost the entire collection of USGS geologic maps (in map and book series) has been entered, while information on maps published by States and other entities (Universities, for example) is being added as it becomes available.

Oxford Art Online (Oxford University Press) full text Access is limited to 4-5 simultaneous users.
Use this resource for information of the visual arts world, from prehistory to the present day. Full text articles, images and charts, and links to web material Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition. Access is limited to 4-5 simultaneous users.

Oxford Bilingual Dictionaries (Oxford Reference Online) full text
The Dictionary of Spanish Law and dictionaries of business terms for French, Spanish and German are also available. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (Oxford Reference Online) full text
With more than 5,000 entries by an international group of historians, this is the standard research tool on 1,100 years of Byzantine history. Exhaustive in its coverage, entries on patriarchy and emperors coexist with entries on surgery, musical instruments, and the baking of bread, bringing to life this vastly important culture and empire, from the 4th century to the 15th. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance (Oxford Reference Online) full text
Detailed essays examine all aspects of the Renaissance in 14th to 17th century Europe, including comprehensive coverage of the art, literature, science, culture, philosophy, religion, economics, history, and conflict of the period. The text explores the influence that this intense intellectual and cultural revival continues to have on modern thought and society. Nearly half the entries are biographical, covering artists, thinkers, statesman, and reformers. A table of European ruling houses and a table showing the dates when cities and countries changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar are also included. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: 1400-1700.

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature (Oxford Reference Online) full text
Essays on poets, playwrights, essayists, and novelists, as well as major works and essays on literary movements, periods, and themes. Articles offer historical perspective and social context along with a range of possibilities with regard to critical approach. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt (Oxford Reference Online) full text
Includes discussions of controversial subjects in the field, such as the new theories of the origins of complex society in the Nile Valley, new discoveries about Greco-Roman Egypt, and new developments in literature, religion, linguistics and other fields, including the debates about Egypt's African legacy. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: 2001 edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature (Oxford Reference Online) full text
Provides comprehensive coverage of literature from the Abbey Theatre to Israel Zangwill, covering the entire history of literature in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the major literary languages (Anglo-Saxon, English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Latin). It includes substantial accounts of individual authors (e.g., Spenser, Pope, Austen) and detailed histories of particular themes, movements, genres, and institutions whose impact upon the writing or the reading of literature was significant. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature (Oxford Reference Online) full text
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature documents and interprets the books read by children throughout the world paying attention to significant international trends and the multicultural expansion of the field. It includes brief biographies of every major author and illustrator, feature essays on all genres of children's literature, individual works, and prominent trends and themes, as well as general essays on the traditions of children's literature in many countries throughout the world. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: Current edition (2006).

Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History (Oxford Reference Online) full text
International in scope and spanning all time periods of human history, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History includes 900 original articles by noted scholars from more than thirty-five countries. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America (Oxford Reference Online) full text
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America covers the significant events, inventions, and social movements in American history that have affected the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink. A collaboration of nearly 200 contributors from academia, industry, and the culinary world, the articles treat regions, people, ingredients, companies, advertising, historical eras, holidays and festivals, and political, scientific, and economic currents pertinent to American cuisine. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States (Oxford Reference Online) full text
Draws together the diverse historical and contemporary experiences in the United States of Latinos and Latinas from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.Addresses such broad topics as identity, art, politics, religion, education, health, and history. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation (Oxford Reference Online) full text
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation presents essays about the entire range of religious and social changes that altered the face of Europe in the sixteenth century, encompassing not only issues of church polity and theology but also developments in politics, economics, demographics, art and literature. This broadly cast, interdisciplinary definition allows for a comprehensive social and intellectual history of early modern Europe. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance (Oxford Reference Online) full text
This encyclopedia provides authoritative and up-to-date information about theatre and performance from ancient Greek theatre to the latest developments in London, Paris, New York, and around the globe. In addition to performances in playhouses, it covers dance, opera, radio, film, television, and popular performance, including carnivals, circus, and public executions. Entries range from short definitions of terms to lengthy considerations of genres and movements, such as feminism and psychoanalytic criticism. Entries on cities and regions place performance in its local social and political context. Covering period: Oxford Reference Online: current edition.

Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press) full text UNLV
Online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. A guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. It traces the usage of words through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books. It also offers the best in etymological analysis, listings of variant spellings, and shows pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition. UNLV

Oxford Music Online (Oxford University Press) full text Access is limited to 2-3 simultaneous users.
Oxford Music online (formerly Grove Music Online) contains the New Grove Dictionary and Musicians, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, and The Oxford Dictionary of Music. It is acknowledged as the premier authority in English on all aspects of music. Entries are extensive and contain work lists, bibliographies, terminology, and many other facets of music. Entries are updated and date stamped when needed. Oxford Music Online should be the first stop for any research or information seeking in music. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current edition. Access is limited to 2-3 simultaneous users.

Oxford Reference Online (Oxford University Press) full text
Access to over 100 language and subject dictionaries and reference works containing over 60,000 pages of material. Includes sources covering general reference, language, science, medicine, humanities, social sciences, and business. List of full text reference books. Covering period: Oxford University Press: current editions. Simultaneous users: Oxford University Press: Access is limited to 7 simultaneous users.

RAND Documents free
Searches the RAND archive of over 17,000 titles dating back to 1948. RAND publications deal with such issues as national defense, education and training, health care, criminal and civil justice, labor and population, science and technology, community development, international relations, and regional studies.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature Retrospective (H. W. Wilson)
Citations to articles in U. S. general-interest magazines, providing coverage of events prior to 1983. Covers nonfiction, fiction, poems, short stories, and reviews of books, dance, motion pictures, musicals, operas and operettas, radio and television programs, and theater. Covering period: H. W. Wilson: 1890-1982.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy full text
Topics include Anglo-American, ethical and political, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, continental and contemporary philosophy. REP Online also provides editorially reviewed links to other sites and resources on the web.

Sociology dictionaries from Credo Reference (Credo Reference) full text
Search the full text of the Collins Dictionary of Sociology, the Penguin Dictionary of Sociology, The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology, the U.S. Census 2000 State & County Statistical QuickFacts and World of Sociology. Covering period: Credo Reference: current edition.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy full text free
Professional philosophers donate their time and labor to collaboratively write, referee, and maintain encyclopedia entries. A freely available encyclopedia.

UNLV Libraries - Gateway to Government Information free
Government information resources include Congressional laws and hearings, nutrition, crime, diseases, endangered species, immigration, and much more. The U.S. federal government is also the world's greatest collector and publisher of statistics. UNLV Libraries' tangible collection of government publications is located in Lied Library on the second floor and in LASR (Lied Automated Storage and Retrieval). Ask for assistance at the service desk or call 895-2200.

UNLV Library Catalog free
To find e-books in the catalog search under electronic books and your topic. For example: electronic books and hospitality. The LOCATION and CALL NUMBER information helps you physically locate each item in the library.

UNLV Print and Online Journal Subscription List free
A link to "University of Nevada Las Vegas Holdings" will show you information about print copies of the journal. Links to online subscriptions will list the range of dates available for that journal.

UpToDate full text
UpToDate content is reviewed and updated regularly to maintain the currency, accuracy, and relevance of information. It includes: a drug database, drug interactions program, patient information handouts, medical calculators, treatment recommendations, and articles in medical specialty areas.

Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged full text

WorldCat (OCLC FirstSearch)
This union catalog contains records of books and other items in libraries worldwide. Items owned by UNLV Libraries are indicated; UNLV students, faculty and staff may request books via Document Delivery Services. Covering period: OCLC FirstSearch: 11th century -.

Collections of Journals

This collection consists of approximately fifty online journals made available by the Johns Hopkins University Press, in various subject areas. Users may elect to search individual titles, multiple titles, or all titles contained in the collection. (primarily 1995-, updated monthly)

JSTOR   Fulltext   Journals List
A collection of full-text articles from over 80 scholarly journals in various fields, including African-American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, ecology, economics, education, finance, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, political science, and sociology. JSTOR covers journal back issues. Thus, the most recent articles will be from 3-5 years old. Journals may be browsed individually, or collectively searched within specified subject areas.   (various time coverage; various update periods)

EMERALD LIBRARY    Fulltext   
The Emerald Intelligence and Fulltext Electronic Library consists of online editions of MCB University Press journals.  Here one may search for articles  in the fields of general management, marketing, quality, human resources, property,production & economics, operations, library & information services, information management, training & education, and engineering.  Many journals have abstracts back to 1989 and fulltext content from 1994 forward.  (1989-, variable update period)