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Wleocme to the University Archives' Records Series page. The University Archives contains a portion of various historically significant campus records. The records are organized by academic and administrative units and utilizes a record group numbering system to access its material (e.g., RG #). This series consists of records from the Office of the President, Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Business and Administration, Offices of News and Publications, Research, and various other administrative offices, colleges and departments. Note: There are inventory lists available for this series in the UNLV Special Collections lobby. The UNLV Administrative and Academic Units page contains a complete list of all campus units.

UNLV Special Collections currently contains the following types of university records (i.e., record groups):

RG # 1 (Athletics)

RG # 2 (Colleges, Schools, and Departments)

RG # 3 (Executive Vice President and Provost, Office of the)

RG # 4 (Faculty and Staff Committees & Organizations)

RG # 5 (Local Organizations)

RG # 6 (President, Office of the)

RG # 7 (Research Centers, Institutes, and Museums)

RG # 8 (Student Organizations)

RG # 9 (University Advancement (Public Relations), Division of)

RG # 10 (Vice President of Administration)

RG # 11 (Division of Finance and Business)

RG # 12 (Vice President for Advancement)

RG # 13 (Division of Student Affairs)

RG # 14 (Office of Diversity Initiatives)

RG # 15 (Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College)

RG # 16 (Interim Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion)

RG # 17 (Vice President for Diversity Initiatives and Government Affairs (Office of Diversity Initiatives))

RG # 18 (Division of Finance and Business)

RG # 19 (Government Relations)

RG # 20 (Division of Research and Graduate Studies)

RG # 21 (Division of Facilities Management and Planning)

RG # 22 (Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning)

RG # 23 (Office of Research Development)

RG # 24 (Vice President for Business Affairs, Office of the)

RG # 25 (Vice President for Development and University Relations, Office of the)

RG # 26 (Vice President for Educational Services, Office of the)

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