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UNLV’s Special Collections was established in July 1967 as the first repository for historical documents in southern Nevada, including important materials on the early history of the university. This particular historical material is housed within the University Archives. The records within the University Archives are divided into five series. The five series are: Publications, Records, Library, Board of Regents, and Faculty Papers and Publications. Click on the name of a series listed below to access the description of its material. Please note that the material within the University Archives is available for research by visiting the UNLV Special Collections which is located on the 3rd floor of Lied Library. A Records Transmittal and Receipt (PDF) form has been created and added to this page in order to facilitate the transfer of documents to the University Archives. 

Publications Series:

The Publications Series is organized alphabetically by title of publication or name of originating unit and consists of UNLV publications that include UNLV Year Books, the student newspaper The Rebel Yell, catalogues, class schedules, magazines, reports, programs, department brochures, news clippings, and news releases. Note: click here to access the current UNLV Publications homepage ( If you would like an online version of the UNLV undergraduate or graduate catalog (1993-current), then access CollegeSource Online.  

Records Series:

The Records Series is organized by academic and administrative units and utilizes record group numbers to access its material (e.g., AC #). This series consists of records from the Office of the President, Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Business and Administration, Offices of News and Publications, Research, and various other administrative offices, colleges and departments. Note: There are inventory lists available for this series in the UNLV Special Collections lobby. The UNLV Administrative and Academic Units page contains a complete list of all campus units.

Library Series:

The Library Series consists of office records from the various UNLV library departments which include information on technical services, staff, computer center, special collections, strategic plan, library self-assessments, users survey, publications, guides, brochures, James R. Dickinson Library building plans, Lied Library building plans, newsletters, and Library acquisition financial records.

Nevada System of Higher Education Series:

The Nevada System of Higher Education Series consists of selected records from NSHE including budgets, correspondence and Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes.  The Board of Regents is the public body that governs the NSHE. A more complete list of the Board of Regents Meeting Minutes can be accessed on the NSHE website. The minutes are current and begin in 1865. This Series also includes handbooks, Board of Regents agendas, and various committee agendas. It should be noted that the official holder of NSHE information is the University of Nevada, Reno.

Faculty Papers and Publications Series:

The Faculty Papers and Publications Series is organized alphabetically by faculty member’s last name and consists of unpublished manuscripts, notes and files, and publications such as journal articles and books.

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