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The campus of UNLV received some minor flooding during a major rain storm on September 11, 2012.
During this flooding, the Lied Library received some water in the LASR automated retrieval system, and on the top fifth floor.
The Preservation Lab was involved in the recovery efforts. Here are some photos of those efforts.

The LASR automated retrieval system has been recently renovated to house parts of Special Collections. This 'basement' area received considerable amount of water during the flooding on September 11, 2012. Notice the pools of water in the background. A student observes the service ramp that acted as a waterfall during the flooding. Boxed Special Collection materials sitting in a pool of water.
Some very wet manuscript materials waiting to be dried out. Not only books, but original archival materials were damaged. A pool of water in the LASR automated retrieval system.
In addition to the flooding in the 'basement', the top 5th floor experienced a leak in the roof. Plastic tarps were quickly put in place to control the water saturation. And more tarps were used.
2 ranges and approximately 190 books were damaged. The wet books were quick removed from the area to control mold. Tarps read to be used, as the Circulation Staff moved into action.
Wet library books were fanned out to air dry. Damaged library books will be left to dry over several nights. The never ending landscape of wet library books.
The library books are checked daily. Here, I'm using a moisture meter to check if the books are dry. A book may be considered wet, even if it is dry to the touch.
More than one kind of analysis is usually needed. Even if a books is just a little bit wet. It is still considered wet. Here is a better look at the moisture meter.
During some recent renovation, some workers had placed some of our boxed collection in a storage closet. Of course, this storage closet received water during the flooding. A number of students taking various materials out of very wet boxes.
The use of this storage room for Special Collections were inappropriate and unauthorized. It took several hours to clear this room out. Several trips were made to evacuate this room.
Always remember, most disaster occur in and around construction zones. The Lied Library had just completed some renovation work. About 40 audio reels were also damaged. You can see audio tape, being air dryed.


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