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Special Collections maintains a name, location, and subject card index for the photograph collections as well as browsing copies of individual photographs. Also, patrons have access to a search box located on the photograph collections' homepage. This search box provides access to a database listing all the photograph inventories within Special Collections.

In order to access the photographs from these inventories a patron will need the eight-digit number assigned to each image. The first four numbers are associated with the photograph collection. The second four numbers are associated with the photograph.

Special Collections provides access to images through several digital collections and a new Photo Gallery. The digital collections display thousands of photographs from Special Collections. If you click on an image within a digital collection, then a related record will appear. Each record includes an "indentifier." The "identifier" is the same eight-digit number a patron needs when requesting a photograph from Special Collections.

If an image is not available to preview on the Special Collections website or you cannot locate a photo within an inventory please contact Special Collections, ( or 702-895-2293). If a photograph is located, then a low resolution scan can be sent to you for preview.

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