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A 1957 meeting of black Las Vegas leaders, Left to right:  Charles Kellar, Woodrow Wilson, Clarence Ray, Jim Anderson and   Reverend Davis.

0002 Man dealing blackjack at the Cove Hotel, West Las Vegas. (n.d.) Probably Clarence Ray.


Group of people seated, some standing, near a bar. Probably in a club or casino in West Las Vegas.  ( no date- people not identified)


Calvin Washington (far left) runs the crap game at the El Morocco Club on the Las Vegas Westside, the final night before its 1954 closing; standing next to him is Cleo Johns.  Clarence Ray, night manager of the club, is not pictured.

0005 The Ensly Family- they settled in West Las Vegas in the 1930’s

0006 Unidentified group of people. Man standing, back right, possibly Clarence Ray. (n.d.)

0007 Three men standing beside a car. (1951) Man at right possibly Clarence Ray

0008 Unidentified couple. (n.d.)

0009 Unidentified man. (n.d.)

0010 Publicity photo for “The Four Tunes”, musical group. (c. 1940s – 50s)


Publicity photo of  “The Mils Brothers”. (c.1940s-50s) Autographed to Clarence Ray. Back row, L-R; Herbert, John Sr.,; front , L-R: Harry Donald

0012 Clif White, guitarist for the Mills Brothers. Autographed for Clarence White. (10/21/47)

0013 Clif White, guitarist for the Mills Brothers. (c. 1940s-50s)

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