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Southern Nevada Times, Phil Benson

0001 Phil Benson, editor and publisher of the Southern Nevada Times, standing in front of his print shop near the old Arden plaster mines in the southwest portion of Las Vegas Valley. (1992) (photo by Don Walker – article written by him provides more documentation; see back of photo board.)

0002 Phil Benson in front of his office of the Southern Nevada Times Newspaper.  It was a reproduction of an 1800s print shop near the old plaster mines in Arden.  The paper ceased publication in September, 1992. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0003 Phil Benson and his wife in front of the newspaper office.  They lived in a trailer on the premises.  (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0004 Phil Benson in front of his trailer home near the Arden plaster mines in the extreme southwester portion of the Las Vegas Valley. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0005 Phil Benson on the porch of his Southern Nevada Times newspaper office. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0006 Phil Benson standing next to his private “Turkish bat”.  Next to it is the trailer where he lived while publishing the Southern Nevada Times newspaper. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0007 Rear of the Southern Nevada Times office.  The old Arden plaster mines are on the cliff directly over the bat house (center, next to trailer).  Photo by Don Walker, 1992.

0008 One of the original Arden plaster mines of 1909, located in the extreme southwest portion of the Las Vegas Valley. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0009 Phil Benson standing on the abandoned railroad bed of the Arden Plaster Company narrow gauge track. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0010 Phil Benson in a graveyard that he created.  The graves are not real, but are tributes to some unforgettable characters in Nevada’s history. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0011 View of Las Vegas from the mouth of the Arden plaster mine.  The Southern Nevada Times office and home of Phil Benson can be seen in foreground. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0012 Rhyolite Bottle Hose, Rhyolite, Nevada, 1988. (photo by Don Walker)

Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino

0013 Showgirls at Moulin Rouge Casino, Las Vegas, NV. (May 1955) Bottom right: Dee Jasman.

0014 Moulin Rouge float. (between May and August, 1955)

0015 Moulin Rouge float. (between May and August, 1955)

0016 Moulin Rouge Casino, 1955.  Top row: Ann Bailey (left); Dianna Washington (2nd from right); Bob Bailey (right).  Bottom row, far right: Dee Jasman.

0017 Moulin Rouge, 1955.  Archie Moore (in white robe) and his sparring partners.

0018 Moulin Rouge, summer of 1955.  Lionel Hampton (in white suit) with members of the Moulin Rouge show group.

0019 Two showgirls in the kitchen at the Moulin Rouge, summer of 1955.

0020 Moulin Rouge, summer of 1955.

0021 Moulin Rouge, summer of 1955.  Showgirl relaxes by the pool.


0022 Gold Point Nevada. (1992)

0023 Cherry Creek, Nevada. (1992)

0024 Miner’s dugout in Gold Road, 8 miles east of Oakman, Arizona (a silver mine).  Photo taken in 1992.

0025 Cherry Creek train station moved to Ely, Nevada in 1991.

0026 Las Vegas Grammar School, first school in Las Vegas. (1905-1910)

0027 Fountain at the desert townsite of Carrara, Nevada.  The fountain was constructed in 1913 and was 3 feet deep and 18 feet across with a 6 foot spray.  It was also the home of several varieties of goldfish.  Water was supplied from a 29 mile line from Gold Center (photo by Don Walker, 1994)

0028 Candelaria, 1993.  Miner’s stone and adobe dugout.  Structure dates back to the late 1800s.  Mill remnants can be seen immediately behind the dugout, present-day mining activities to the left. (photo by Don Walker)

0029 Remnants of a much older Goldfied red light district.  Structures are located about a mile and a half south of present-day Goldfield.  Could date back to 1905.  1 (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0030 Las Vegas & Tonopah Depot at Rhyolite.  Structure was completed in 1908 at a cost of $130,000. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0031 Remnants of the Candelaria jail, bank, , saloon buildings.  In its lifetime the structure served all three purposes at one time or another. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0032 Cabin at Grantsville, Nevada, three miles southeast of Berlin. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0033 Cabin 18 miles south of Lee Vining, Nevada, near the junction of highways 395 and 120.  there is a spring-fed spring (not shown in picture) a few yards in front of the nearest cabin. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

0034 Re-constructed mill house at the old mining town of Berlin, Nevada.  Several other buildings have been restored, giving the old ghost town a look of the past. (photo by Don Walker, Sept. 1991)

0035 This feline has made one of the old shacks at Berlin, Nevada, his home.  Food and water are supplied by rangers. (photo by Don Walker, 1991)

0036 Warm Springs, Nevada, near the intersection of Highways 6 and 375.  Miners used the site as a campsite for many of the mining operations going on in the area.  A hot water spring is located a couple hundred yards south of the camp which dates back to the late 1800s.  It is visible from the highway. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0037 Rhyolite, Nevada, 1993.  Looking from the old school building out at the old Cook Bank to the left and the Porter General Store to the right.  The school was constructed in 1908.  The town folded around 1912. (photo by Don Walker)

0038 Scene from World War II, Germany, 1943.  Soldier pushing his motorcycle through deep, muddy, snow-lined ruts in the road.

0039 Ruins of Grantsville, NV, 2.5 miles south of Berlin, NV. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0040 Ruins of Delamar, NV, looking down Main Street (west). (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0041 Candelaria, NV, ruins of bank building. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0042 Schoolhouse at Grantsville, NV, built 1878. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0043 Ruins of Union, NV (2 miles south of Berlin, NV)

0044 Wards charcoal hives constructed around 1878. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0045 Ruins of Rhyolite, NV jailhouse, constructed in 1907. (photo by Don Walker)

0046 Rhyolite 1992. (both items are now lost.) (photo by Don Walker)

0047 Stone shack at Rhyolite, NV, constructed, 1907. (photo by Don Walker, 1993)

0048 Dugout on Gold Road, Arizona. Nearest town is Oatman. (photo taken 1992)

0049 Ruins of cabins at Bodie, California. (photo by Don Walker, 1992)

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