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Early Las Vegas
0001 Sale of Clark Townsite (dup ?)
0002 Hotel Las Vegas (dup)
0003 Hospital (dup?)
0004 Clayson & Griffith
0005 Post Office (dup?)
0006 "Block 16" about 1905 (dup)
0007 First State Bank (dup)
0008 Bar (dup)

0009 2nd & Lewis (dup?)
0010 Mission Style Fifth (Fourth) Street, 1910
0011 Mission Style Fifth (photo 1919)
0012 Arrival of first mail plane (Western Air Express)

Old Fort (Old Ranch)
0013 "Old Stage house Arrowhead trail…"
0014 Old Fort, ca 1924 (S.E. corner)
0015 Old Fort, ca 1924 (east side)

Later Las Vegas

Old Fort (Old Ranch)
0016 Old Mormon Fort with curing room addition, 1940
0017 Las Vegas Creek, 1940
0018 Ranch building and fields, 1940

Schools (Education)
0019 Kindergarten in snow, Jan. 10, 1930
0020 Close-up of children
0021 Snowman
0022 Close-up, children, Kathleen Meyers
0023 Making the snowman
0024 Doris Hancock retirement dinner, photo with Milton Prell
0025 Retirement photo with Myron Borders, Jack Kramer
0026 D. Hancock in front of Doris Hancock Elementary School, used for Christmas card
0027 Front of school
0028 Kindergarten building, D. Hancock School
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Folder 3-1 cont.

Schools (Kindergarten) cont.
0029 Close-up, Doris Hancock in front of school sign

Indian Springs (MacFarland's Ranch)
0030 Fish pond and house
0031 Pond and trees
0032 Caves in hills behind ranch
0033 Foothills behind ranch
0034 Aerial view of ranch from foothills

0035 Mrs. J.T. McWilliams
0036 Helen J. Stewart
0037 (L-R) Mrs. Baldwin, Frank Waite's mother, Mrs. Helen J. Stewart, taken about 1905. Cemetery in the distance.
0038 (L-R) Mrs. Mosbach, Frank Waite's mother, Mrs. Helen J. Stewart, Lucretia Baldwin, Mrs. Moffat, Mrs. McWilliams, about 1905
0039 Alice Mott, Theresa Doolittle, Mina Stewart, Mrs. Roy Mosbach and Rallene, about

Location unknown
0040 Freight team, Dan Potter?

0041 Death Valley, Mushroom Rock

Additions to Doris Hancock collection

Folder 3-2

Las Vegas
0042 Wagon wheel on trail near Las Vegas
0043 Wagon wheel on trail near Las Vegas
0044 Union Pacific railroad station (postcard-painted photo)
0045 Doris Hancock Elementary School
0046 Doris Hancock Elementary School
0047 Doris Hancock Elementary School
0048 Doris Hancock Elementary School
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Folder 3-2 cont.

Boulder City
0049 Black Canyon, Dam site (postcard)
0050 Black Canyon, Dam site (postcard)
0051 Boulder Boat Landing, c. 1929-1930; Cress Hancock in background
0052 Lake Mead Boat Landing (postcard-painted photo)
0053 Hoover (Boulder) Dam area (postcard-painted photo)
0054 Looking upstream at Hoover (Boulder) Dam (postcard-painted photo)
0055 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, spillway (postcard-painted photo)
0056 Projected Las Vegas area after Hoover (Boulder) Dam completed (postcard)

0057 Panorama, November 21, 1906
0058 Buildings (postcard)


Death Valley
0059 Rear view of P.C. Borax Co. plant
0060 Salt Flats, Devil's Golf Course

0061 Desert view

Greeley/Springer Genealogy
0062 Grandma Greeley, 75th birthday
0063 Grandma Greeley, 80th birthday
0064 Grandma Greeley, c. 1915

Hancock Genealogy
0065 Granville N. Hancock, c. 1886
0066 Granville N. Hancock, c. 1889

Cressa Springer Hancock
0067 Bust photo, about 10 years old
0068 Bust photo, 14 years old
0069 Bust photo, 14 years old
0070 Bust photo, 15 years old
0071 Bust photo, about 45 years old
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Folder 3-3
Cressa Springer Hancock ( cont.)
0072 In Greeley, Colorado, 69th birthday, 1932
0073 Picnic at Rowan, 1910
0074 At McFarland Ranch, with Mrs. McFarland, 1930
0075 At McFarland Ranch, with Mrs. McFarland, 1930
0076 Cressa, Mabel, Doris, Granville Hancock; Coralville, Iowa about 1897

Doris Hancock
0077 In the yard, about 4 years old
0078 Bust photo, 1914
0079 Bust photo, 1915
0080 Bust photo, 1924
0081 On the school steps after, arriving in Las Vegas, 1914
0082 On the Salt Flats, Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley, Ca.; c. 1925-1926
0083 In her home, with cat, "Corporal"
0084 In her home, with cat, "Corporal"
0085 In her home, with cat, "Corporal"
0086 With Mabel Lenore Hancock, Doris- about 6 years old. Mabel- about 11 years old
0087 With Genevieve Lockwood, Madge Egler, and Miriam Trowbridge, c. 1900
0088 With her first class, Fall 1918, Tyrell School, Belmond Iowa (postcard)
0089 With Luella Nixon, Myrtle Morstead Smith, unidentified woman; on steps of
kindergarten building, 1924
0090 With Zelpha LaCoss, Mary West Ronnow, two unidentified women; Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley, Ca., March, 1925; teacher's outing
0091 With teachers at Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley, swimming
0092 With Luella Nixon, Mary West Ronnow, Helen Buie, two boys with Whiteneck, five
unidentified teachers, at Beatty, Nevada, 1925
0093 On mules going to the bottom of Grand Canyon, Arizona, Doris Hancock, third from top.
0094 First flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, with Dick Evans, Helen Evans, Cressa Hancock
0095 With Cressa Hancock in Mabel Hancock Jean's Backyard, c. 1940

Mabelle Lenore Hancock Jean
0096 Full length, about 5 years old, December 25, 1892
0097 Bust photo, about 13 years old
0098 Bust photo, graduation, about 18 years old
0099 Full length, Clarion, Iowa, about 30 years old
0100 Frank Jean 1915, 35 years old (Mabelle's husband)
0101 Dr. Frank j\Jean at his desk in Wesley Palms, c. 1964
0102 L. to R. Mabelle Hancock Jean, Dr. Frank Jean, Nellie?-Frank Jean's older sister,
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Folder 3-3 (cont.)

Mabelle Lenore Hancock Jean (cont.)
0103 Auntie Winchester, c. 1973 (she raised Cressa Hancock)

0104 Two Las Vegas elementary school teachers, L. unidentified, R. Myrtle Morstead, in
Railroad Park at end of Fremont St., Las Vegas, Nevada
0105 Entrance to McFarland Ranch, Mrs. McFarland, c. 1928
0106 Elda Gilcrease, unknown location
0107 Ruby S. Thomas in John S. Park School, June, 1962

Additions to Collection

0108 Area northwest of Las Vegas, c. 1924
0109 Sunrise Mountain, east of Las Vegas
0110 Sunrise Mountain, east of Las Vegas
0111 Snow on Sunrise Mountain, east of Las Vegas, Jan. 10, 1930
0112 Mt. Charleston, west of Las Vegas, about 1924
0113 Red Rock Canyon, west of Las Vegas (20 miles), ca. 1926.
0114 A view in the Valley of Fire about 60 miles north of Las Vegas, ca. 1924
0115 Colorado River before the dam, above where Hoover Dam is now, ca. 1924
0116 Doris Hancock
0117 "Western Airlines first trip to Las Vegas-April 1926 (?). From L-R -my mother,
Mrs. Granville Hancock, Myrtle Smith, myself-Doris Hancock." (April 17, 1926)
0118 Doris and "Corporal" (the cat) Hancock, 1956 or 1957
0119 Doris and "Corporal" Hancock. 1956 or 1957
0120 "My sister Mabel, Doris, V. Gray Gubler. Retirement party--May 1963. John S.
Park School. Terrible pictures of both Mabel and me" (handwritten insc.-Doris
0121 "Retirement Part 1963-Doris, Betty Chapell, & Mrs. Leavitt." (handwritten insc.
Doris Hancock)
0122 "May 23-1963. 2 dozen American Beauty Roses-Gift of the Classroom teachers
Assoc. Testimonial dinner given by J.S. Park P.T.A." (handwritten insc.-Doris
0123 "Taken at Mr. A's in March 1975. Doris Hancock, Mrs. Grant (June) McGregor."
(Handwritten insc.-D. Hancock)

folder 3

Folder 3-3 (cont.)

Doris Hancock's Funeral
0124 People at Doris Hancock's funeral, L-R: Dr. George Davis, Dan Ross, Marjorie Ross Rev. Ken Lieht. (she died April 7, 1987)
0125 Taken at Doris Hancock's funeral
0126 Dan and Marjorie Ross at Doris Hancock's funeral

Additions to Collection

O127 "The ferry which takes cars across to the Arizona highway-it is run by cables. This
was taken about 1926-or maybe 1928. I'm not sure which. The motor was a Jim
Cashman truck motor." (handwritten insc.-Doris Hancock)

Mount Charleston
0128 Mt. Charleston
0129 Mt. Charleston-1925
0130 "Mt. Charleston 1925 'Lodge" (handwritten insc.-Doris Hancock)
0131 Road to Mt. Charleston 1925
0132 Road to Mt. Charleston 1925

Rhyolite, Nevada
0133 Railroad station at Rhyolite, Nevada (ghost town) (c. 1920)
0134 The Ghost Town of Rhyolite, Nevada (postcard). Handwritten inscription on back by
D. Hancock: describes her visit their in 1951)
0135 Rhyolite railroad station. (after Rhyolite became a ghost town).
0136 Rhyolite, Nevada The "Ghost City"
0137 Rhyolite , Nevada. The deserted "Ghost City" of the Desert. (postcard)
(Credit: Frasher Foto-Pomona)
0138 Rhyolite, Nev. 1907
0139 Ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada.
0140 Abandoned buildings in Rhyolite, Nevada.
0141 Deserted buildings in the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada.(probably the bank)
0142 Ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Abandoned buildings.

Snow in Las Vegas (1930)

0143 "Sat. Jan 11th the 'Old Ranch'-taken during the [snow] storm" (handwritten insc.-D.Hancock) 1930
144 Snow in the desert near Las Vegas (1930)
0145 Snowstorm -Las Vegas, Nev Jan 10 30 (postcard by Oakes)
0146 Snow-laden tree: Las Vegas Nev. Jan 10 30
0147 Tree laden with snow in front of a home in Las Vegas--1930
0148 Taken during a snowstorm in Las Vegas-Jan.11, 1930
0149 Snow covered desert near Las Vegas---1930. (hand written D. Hancock describing the winter scène --on back of photo.)

Lost City (Pueblo Grande De Nevada)

0150 Skeletal remains as "Lost City"
0151 "Lost City -skeletal remains and pottery shards.
0152 [Lost City] "This shows some of the excavators at work at the Buried City or 'Lost City' as it is sometimes called. This near St. Thomas if you want to look up its approximate location on the map." (Handwritten insc. -D. Hancock)
0153 St. Thomas---1938 [Couple standing by automobile]
0154 St. Thomas---1938 [Two women standing by a rowboat)
0155 "St. Thomas-the old Chadburn place-1938"-(handwritten insc.- D. Hancock)
0156 Pottery, Lost City of Nevada. (postcard-Oakes)
0157 "Overton Beach-Doris French & ?" (handwritten insc. D. Hancock)
0158 "Sun. Jan 12th [1930]--- Snow on Sunrise Mountain" (handwritten insc.-Doris Hancock)

Red Rock Canyon

0159 Red Rock Canyon
0160 Red Rock Canyon
0161 Red Rock Canyon
0162 Red Rock Canyon

Boulder Canyon Project & Boulder City

0163 "Looking down the [Colorado] river from Observation Point. Apr. 3-1932"
(handwritten insc.- - D. Hancock)
0164 " 'Boulder City Special' & its driver-Oscar Peiffer-Eight tracks in the 'yards'
here. May 31-1931"
0165 "Commissary at Boulder City. Everything from a shoestring to a hair cut! May 31-'31"
0166 "Post Office & postmaster (Mr. Finney) at Boulder City."
0167 Big Six Warehouse---Boulder City. Water tank in distance will supply water to
Boulder City. (c. 1930-31)
0168 Boulder Pack Train. "A western touch to a frontier town" (handwritten insc. by D. Hancock)
0169 "Big Six construction camp-Boulder City" c. 1930's (handwritten insc.-D. Hancock)
0170 People standing inside 30 foot penstock pipe. (These pipes were used in the diversion tunnels in the construction of Hoover Dam.)

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