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Nevada Repositories

Nevada has a long and rich history dating back to its days as a territory, continuing on to its early statehood, and its development into the fastest growing state in the US. Much of this history is captured in documents and artifacts that are scattered within archives, libraries and museums throughout the state. This directory provides a detailed listing of those repositories that house materials documenting the history and cultural heritage of our state. Each listing features a description of the repository and its significant collecting areas as well as important contact information.

The directory is viewable by county and city.

Please note: this directory does NOT list public record repositories that would be under the jurisdiction of local government entities such as courthouses, forthese types of materials, please contact the appropriate county agency.

This directory focuses primarily on those institutions that contain archival documents, rather than artifacts, for a detailed guide to museums in the state of Nevada, please go the Nevada Museums Association web site.

If you would like to be included in the directory, please click on submit your organization and we will happily add you to the site. If you need to update or change any of your information, or if you would like to comment on this site, please email Su Kim Chung []

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