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Arden, Donn

Coll # 2001-5
Date: 1917-1994
Extent 20 boxes (14 document boxes, 2 slim document boxes, 1 record storage box, 3 oversize boxes) 15 phase boxes and 2 oversize folders
Collection is comprised of the personal and business papers of Donn Arden, noted Las Vegas show producer and director. This includes costume sketches, production notes, programs, musical scores, photographs, news clippings, and scrapbooks on his 50-plus years in entertainment producing and directing shows such as the Lido, Hallelujah Hollywood, Hello Hollywood Hello, Jubilee, Hello America and Pzazz. Also covers his work at clubs such as the Moulin Rouge in LA, the Latin Quarter in NY, and the Lido in Paris. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Basil Harris Scrapbook
Coll # 95-23
Date: ca. 1940s-1960s
Extent 1 oversize box
Collection consists of a scrapbook on the Las Vegas Strip from the 1940s-1960s consisting of cocktail napkins, show programs, menus, swizzle sticks, postcards from a number of different hotel/casinos including the Flamingo, the Sands, the El Rancho, and the Last Frontier.

Binion's Horseshoe
Coll # 91-30
Date: 1970s - 1980s
Extent 10 record storage boxes
Collection is comprised of promotional and publicity material from Binion's Horseshoe
Hotel/Casino and the World Series of Poker. Materials include brochures, press kits,
correspondence, news clippings, advertising, and photographs. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Carson Exchange Hotel Register
Coll # Roller Shelf
Date: 1918 - 1923
Extent 1 oversize box
Collection consists of the hotel register for the Carson Exchange Hotel in Carson City NV for the years 1918-1923.

Clark, Wilbur and Toni
Coll # 95-49
Date: 1947 - 1991
Extent 3 boxes (1 document box, 1 flat oversize box, 1 record storage box)
Collection is comprised of the personal and business papers of Wilbur and Toni Clark. Wilbur Clark was owner of the luxurious Desert Inn Casino/Hotel that opened in 1950. The small collection includes correspondence to Clark from a number of celebrities such as the Duchess of Windsor and the Kennedys. There is also a scrapbook, and newspaper clippings, and a number of 16 mm films that feature Clark and his wife Toni at the Desert Inn. A related photo collection contains over three hundred photographs of the Desert Inn in the 1950s. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Dick, Mida Mae
Coll # 86-10
Date: 1957 - 1986
Extent 2 document boxes
Collection consists of Las Vegas show programs and postcards, entertainment magazines and newspaper clippings about Las Vegas entertainment personalities, Las Vegas, and the state of Nevada. The greatest amount of material focuses on the Tropicana and its Folies Bergere show.

Dunes Hotel
Coll # 93-08
Date: 1955 - 1992
Extent 19 document boxes (7.5 linear ft.)
Collection is comprised of publicity files of the Dunes Hotel. Material includes scrapbooks, budgets, employee files, contracts, correspondence, press releases, news clippings, advertising and publicity. Notable subjects include the Casino de Paris production show and showgirls, Major Riddle and Dunes Hotel restaurants such as the Sultan's Table. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

El Cortez Hotel
Coll # Roller Shelf
Date: 1963
Extent 1 DBL OVERSIZE box
Collection contains a scrapbook from 1963 of news clippings of promotional events, performers and the general goings on of the hotel.

El Rancho Vegas Hotel
Coll # T120
Date: 1954 - 1960
Extent 1 slim document box; 1 oversize folder
Collection is comprised of a small number of documents pertaining to the El Rancho Vegas
Hotel/Casino. Items include a community fair program (with Judi Watts photo on the front as the fair queen), stationary, and a 1954 El Rancho Vegas stock certificate. A panoramic photo of the El Rancho Vegas is located in an oversized folder. Please note that other artifacts pertaining to the El Rancho Vegas Hotel are available - please consult the Manuscripts Librarian for details.

Ellsworth, Elmo
Coll # T125
Date: 1965-1970
Extent 1 record storage box
Collection is comprised of the business and personal papers of Elmo Ellsworth, Las Vegas businessman and booster. A member of the LV Chamber of Commerce, Ellsworth was known for greeting visitors at McCarran airport in his trademark western shirts and white Stetson hat. The collection includes documents from his employment at the Flamingo and Riviera Hotels and his work in securing conventions. Items include correspondence and room records.

Flamingo Hilton
Coll # 85-10
Date: 1973 - 1983
Extent 1 record storage box and 1 document box (1.5 linear ft.)
Collection consists of select organizational and promotional records of the Flamingo Hilton Hotel from the 1970s and 1980s. Materials include press releases, invitations, brochures, table tents, staff meeting minutes, design proposals/bids for neon signs, ad copy and some artifacts.

Fluke, David
Coll # 89-29
Date: 1947 - 1981
Extent 2 document boxes
Collection consists of the notebooks of David Fluke, a Las Vegas resident whose hobby was
documenting the history of Las Vegas Strip entertainment and performers from 1947-1981.
Notebooks feature handwritten lists of the entertainers' play dates, lounge shows, dates of
Las Vegas debuts, celebrity trivia and biographies. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Frontier Hotel - Casino
Coll # 88-109
Date: 1948 - 1988
Extent 79 boxes (75 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 3 flat oversize boxes) 32 linear ft.
Collection is comprised of the publicity files of the Frontier Hotel. Documents include press releases, news clippings, ad copy, photographs, marketing information, and programs on the various performers and promotional events that took place at the hotel. There is a significant amount of material on Siegfried and Roy during their time at the Frontier Hotel. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Gregory, Matt
Coll # 96-22
Date: 1959-1986
Extent 3 record storage boxes
Collection is comprised of the papers of Las Vegas producer, manager/agent Matt Gregory. Gregory was also known as creator of the Las Vegas-style mini-revue. Collection includes contracts, costume sketches, press releases, videos, show reviews, and advertisements. Shows documented include Fancy That, Feminine Touch, Mad Mod World, La Nouvelle Eve, and Kanpai. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.
Coll # 2002-33
Date: 1930's - 1990's
Extent 21 boxes (17 record storage boxes, 2 large flat oversize boxes, 2 flat oversize boxes)
Collection is comprised of the corporate archives of Harrah's Entertainment Inc. Includes Harrahscope company newsletters, photographs, photo albums, news clippings, promotional items (ranging from matchbooks, dice, hats, glasses to key chains, and playing cards), Bill Harrah's personal playing card and automobile hood ornament collections.

Hart, Nat
Coll # 2000-15
Date: 1950-1990's
Extent 16 record storage boxes
Collection consists of the personal papers and photographs of noted Las Vegas chef and
restaurateur, Nat Hart, who ran the Bacchanal Restaurant in Caesar's Palace. Material includes
news clippings, scrapbooks, awards, architectural plans, recipes, and photographs.

Hayes, Grace
Coll # 86-75
Date: 1900 - 1989
Extent 4 document boxes (19 linear in.) + 1 album
Collection includes the personal and financial papers of actress and singer, Grace Hayes, who owned the Red Rooster, a nightclub on Highway 91 (later the Strip). Collection includes financial documents, newspaper clippings about Grace Hayes, her son, actor and writer Peter Lind Hayes, and his wife actress Mary Healy. Also includes obituaries for her husband, producer Robert Hopkins; personal correspondence; show business mementos; legal documents and photo albums. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Heffner, Van V.
Coll # 93-34
Date: ca. 1980's - 1990's
Extent 2 record storage boxes
Collection contains the convention programs for Nevada Lodgings (for the Nevada Hotel and Motel Association) annual meetings and the Chef of the Year convention, and the Food Executive Newsletter, Nevada Hospitality, Nevada Lodging, International Food Service Executive Association Magazine and other culinary and lodging/management publications.

Hirsch, C. J.
Coll # 87-111
Date: 1955 - 1987
Extent 9 boxes (7 document boxes, 1 slim document, 1 record storage box)
Collection is comprised of the papers of Charles Hirsch, noted casino accountant for the Sands Hotel, news clippings of interviews with Hirsch on running a casino and "can you beat the system" etc., books, general correspondence about meetings and upcoming speeches for the American Society for Quality Control - Las Vegas Chapter, a copy of the Sands Hotel Master Gaming Report 1965. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Hotel Nevada Guest Register
Coll # Roller Shelf
Date: 1910-1911
Extent 1 oversize box
Collection consists of the guest register for the Hotel Nevada, which opened on the southeast
corner of Main Street and Fremont Street in Las Vegas in 1906. This particular volume lists guest names and their home cities for the period spanning July 1910 through September 1911.

Howard Hughes/William Hannah
Coll # 96-21
Date: 1930s-1970s
Extent 101 record storage boxes
Collection is comprised of the files of William Hannah, public relations director for Howard
Hughes. Collection is comprised primarily of newspaper clippings, magazines and photographs. Clippings focus on subjects such as organized crime, gaming, Spruce Goose, Hughes' RKO Studios, and the Flying Boat. BOX LIST AVAILABLE

International Association of Gaming Attorneys
Coll # 85-113
Date: 1979 - 1985
Extent 3 boxes (2 record storage boxes, 1 document box)
Collection is comprised of materials collected by the International Association of Gaming Attorneys. Documents include gaming license applications from various corporations in Nevada and New Jersey, gaming publications, gaming -conference proceedings, gaming commission reports and correspondence of the National Association of Gaming Attorneys. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Key, Alice
Coll # 95-47
Date: 1936-1995
Extent 1 document box
Collection consists of the papers of Alice Key, who came to Las Vegas in 1955 as Public Relations Director for the Moulin Rouge Hotel. Key had been a chorus girl in her early days in Los Angeles. Key was active in the Civil Rights movement in Las Vegas, and in a number of political and community service organizations such as the NAACP. Collection consists of clippings, photographs, correspondence, and videos regarding civil rights and entertainment, in particular, the preservation of the Moulin Rouge Hotel. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Las Vegas Numismatic Society
Coll # 87-41
Date: 1962 - 1970
Extent 1 record storage box
Collection consists primarily of material pertaining to the Las Vegas Numismatic Society such as
receipts, membership lists, deposit slips, correspondence, news clippings, photographs,
newsletters, and memos. Unrelated items in the collection include Nevada Test Site newsletters,
publications from Reynolds Engineering and Electrical Co. and Sahara Hotel brochures,
newsletters, and postcards. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Las Vegas Show Costume Designs
Coll # 2000-19
Date: ca1960s-1990s
Extent 6 oversize flat boxes
Collection comprised of costume design sketches created by Anne Guertin, Corrado Colabucci, Larry Merritt and Josephine Spinedi for various Las Vegas production shows.

Las Vegas Show Programs
Coll # 93-28
Date: ca 1950s - 1960s
Extent 1 document box
Collection is comprised of various show programs from hotels such as Caesar's Palace, Desert Inn, Flamingo, Dunes, El Rancho, Fremont, Frontier, Hilton, International, and the Sands. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Lyon, Annette
Coll # 90-45
Date: ca.1970s-1980s
Extent 2 document boxes
Collection consists of ashtrays and pens from numerous Las Vegas casinos.

Malcolm, David G.
Coll # 85-122
Date: 1944 - 1978
Extent 1 document box
Collection consists of the papers of David G. Malcom. Much of the collection includes documents from his work within the audit division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.
Other materials focus on Basic Magnesium Inc. (BMI) and Henderson history. Contains an almost complete run of BMI newsletters such as the Big Job and Basic Bombardier. There are also a variety of news clippings (invention of the electric meter, price of silver, the movie industry), brochures and articles from Las Vegas and Reno in the 1950s and 1960s.

Marshall L. Wright - Riviera Hotel Scrapbook

Coll # 97-14
Date: 1954-1956
Extent 1 oversize box
Collection contains a scrapbook of newspaper articles about Wright and the Hotel Riviera, ads for upcoming performers like Liberace, a copy of a menu, pictures of the hotel under construction, general correspondence and the press packet from the 1955 opening.

Meehan, Louise
Coll # 89-93
Date: ca. 1980's
Extent 1 record storage box
Collection consists of Las Vegas casino promotional items-ashtrays, wine glasses and photos.

Meiklejohn, Patrick
Coll # 94-41
Date: x
Extent 3 record storage boxes
Collection consists of 100+ decks of casino playing cards and misc. casino memorabilia of undetermined amount and cost.

MGM Grand
Coll # T175
Date: 1970 - 1982
Extent 3 boxes (2 record storage boxes, 1 document box)
Collection is comprised of litigation documentation stemming from the November 1980 MGM Grand Hotel fire that killed 85 people. Included in the documentation are testimonies regarding construction materials and processes, testimonies regarding the electrical system and the ways in which fire and smoke spread and an index of eyewitness accounts. There is also included in this collection a transcript from a Nova special "Why America Burns" and a copy of the 1970 Building Code.

Minsky, Harold
Coll # 87-97
Date: 1922 - 1978
Extent 27 boxes (24 document boxes, 2 slim document boxes, and 1 record storage)
Collection is comprised of the personal papers of noted burlesque producer, Harold Minsky. Minsky was noted for creating the "family burlesque" style and for introducing the topless showgirl to Las Vegas at the Dunes Hotel in 1957. His collection includes scripts, publicity, photographs, financial records, payroll records, sheet music, news clippings, contracts, and correspondence. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Monte Carlo Club
Coll # T72
Date: 1944
Extent 1 slim document box
Collection consists of select records from the Monte Carlo Club, a Fremont Street casino which
opened in 1944 with the tagline "Home of More Jackpots." The collection contains blank checks
and stationary from the Monte Carlo Club, and a binder with articles of incorporation, bylaws, and a ledger listing the names, addresses and number of shares owned by individual stockholders. Listed as the incorporators were Wilbur Clark, Art Ham and Ryland Taylor.

Moore, William J .
Coll # T174
Date: 1925 - 1974
Extent 7 document boxes
The William J. Moore collection consists of a number of mining publications (Uof NV Bulletins on Geology and Mining, photographs of mine locations, mine production reports, sales contracts of various ores), maps (quadrangles with marked mine locations), claims, and correspondence re: the casino construction. It also includes original plans for the Last Frontier. Scrapbooks from the Frontier Hotel are in the oversize section of Special Collections and not included in the inventory for this collection. There is also information on estimates and analysis for a 500 room Las Vegas

Nevada Biltmore Hotel
Coll # 2003-28
Date: 1942 - 1985
Extent Collection consists of a scrapbook on the Nevada Biltmore Hotel, located in downtown Las Vegas. The scrapbook contains photographs of the hotel, hotel stationary, a menu and news clippings announcing who will be staying at the Biltmore and who will be appearing and performing. There are also news clippings about city leaders.

New York New York Hotel/Casino 9/11 T-Shirt Collection
Coll # 2002-30
Date: 2001-02
Extent 460 Oversize boxes
Collection consists of tee shirts (t-shirts) and other artifacts which were left at the Statue of Liberty replica located at the New York New York Hotel/Casino in memory of the firefighters and law enforcement personnel who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. (Stored in LASR)

Rawls, Ellen Burke
Coll # 2002-19
Date: ca 1980s-1990s
Extent 1 record storage box
Collection consists of newspaper columns on Atlantic City entertainment by Atlantic City
journalist Ellen Burke Rawls. Other materials include correspondence and columns on various
aspects of Atlantic City and New Jersey life.

Rissman, Homer

Coll # 2002-20
Date: 1957-1996
Extent 18 boxes (1 slim document box, 17 document boxes)
Collection is comprised of the drawings and architectural renderings of noted Las Vegas architect Homer Rissman. Some of Rissman's most notable projects include the Flamingo Towers, Sands Expo Center, Circus Circus (the original), and the additions to the original International (later Las Vegas Hilton).

Sands Hotel
Coll # 2000-12
Date: 1952 - 1979
Extent 80 boxes (7 flat boxes and 2 large flat boxes located on the roller shelf, 58 document boxes, 12 record storage boxes, 2 flat boxes, 1 large flat box)
The Sands Collection is comprised of the publicity files of Al Freeman, Publicity Director of the Sands Hotel for many years. Materials in the collection include business documents, correspondence, press releases, news clippings and advertisements etc. but the bulk of the collection is comprised of photographs. The collection is particularly rich in photographs of celebrities and entertainers, the Rat Pack being the most prominent among these. There is also a significant amount of material on the Copa Girls. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Schwartz, Sonny
Coll # 2001-14
Date: 1970s-1990s
Extent: 12 document boxes
Collection consists of audio cassette tapes from the radio show of Sonny Schwartz, Atlantic City
journalist and radio host. Other material in the collection includes news clippings, video tapes,
correspondence, radio program guest schedules, and newspaper columns written by Schwartz.

Shaw, James C.
Coll # 86-55
Date: 1986
Extent 1 slim document box
Collection contains menus and sales packages from various hotels in Canada and the U.S.

Silver Slipper Scrapbook
Coll # Roller Shelf
Date: 1974 - 1976
Extent 1 flat oversize box
Collection consists of 1 scrapbook containing adds announcing upcoming performers and performance reviews at the Silver Slipper Casino.

Stardust Convention Cards
Coll # 2003-03
Date: ca. 1960's
Extent 2 record storage boxes
Collection contains the contact information and convention plans for thousands of companies from around the United States on index cards, indexed by geographic location.

Stern, Martin
Coll # 96-23
Date: x
Collection consists of the drawings and architectural renderings of noted architect, Martin Stern, famous for his work on the Googie-style Ship's coffee shops in Los Angeles, and for his work on various Las Vegas hotel/casino projects such as the Sands Tower, the International (now Hilton) Hotel and the MGM Grand (now Ballys). COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Stevens, Maury
Coll # 86-66
Date: 1953 - 1981
Extent 2 document boxes
The collection of Maury Stevens, a Las Vegas advertising executive who worked at a number of
Strip hotels and edited Las Vegas Life and Now Magazine. The collection contains a variety of
programs, brochures, photos, magazines and news clippings pertaining to hotels, performers and
special events in Las Vegas. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Stocker, Harold & Mayme
Coll # T63
Date: 1860 - 1982
Extent 11 document boxes; 6 linear ft.
The collection of Oscar and Mayme Stocker and their sons Lester, Clarence, and Harold. The
Stockers settled in Las Vegas in 1911 where Mayme was the first person to receive a gaming license in 1931 when she opened the Northern Club. Collection consists of news clippings,
correspondence, and bank statements. The business and legal series consists mainly of Harold's papers from 1930-1977, and includes deeds, leases, business agreements, and Chief Hotel Court statements and room accounts. There is also material dealing with family history and their interests and activities, and political documents which cover Harold Stocker's Republican Party activities from 1939-1976, including party publications, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and bank statements. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

Sulich, Vassili
Coll # 2003-11
Date: 1950's - 1990's
Collection consists of the personal papers and photographs of Croatian-born choreographer, Vassili Sulich, founder of the Nevada Dance Theatre, the first professional ballet company in Nevada. Includes materials from his time as a professional ballet dancer in Europe, and as dancer at the Follies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Collection is comprised of photographs, news clippings, correspondence, programs, posters, scrapbooks, and various ephemera.

Taylor, Richard
Coll # 86-17
Date: 1955-1992
Extent 10 boxes (8 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 1 record storage box)
Collection contains the papers of Richard Taylor, former manager of the Hacienda Hotel.
Includes news clippings, promotional materials, financial reports, correspondence and memos from the Hacienda; news clippings, advertisements, maps, real estate reports and correspondence regarding Mount Charleston and its development and history including Lee Canyon and Kyle Canyon; news clippings related to the town of Laughlin, Nevada and its history in the late 1980s
and early 1990s. There are also clippings on Laughlin developments such as the El Miraco
and Silverado.

Thompson, William
Coll # 87-63
Date: 1987
Extent 2 document boxes
Collection consists of foreign casino publicity and promotional materials such as matches, menus, coasters, key chains and a variety of other memorabilia from international casinos. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Coll # T100
Date: 1965 - 1973
Extent 12 document boxes
The Thunderbird Hotel Collection is comprised of material from the hotel's entertainment department. It contains a variety of photographs, memos, news releases, news clippings, contracts, slides, posters and articles pertaining to entertainers and shows at the Thunderbird.
Collection is arranged alphabetically by name of entertainer or act. INVENTORY AVAILABLE

Trump Taj Mahal Press Clippings

Coll # 2001-10
Date: 2001 -2003
Extent 5 document boxes
Collection contains the press clippings from numerous papers regarding the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Vinas, Jose Luis
Coll # 2003-10
Date: ca. 1950's - 1980's
Extent 3 flat oversized boxes
Collection consists of the costume designs, news clippings, and photographs of noted Las Vegas costume designer, Jose Luis Vinas, who designed for producer Frederic Apcar in shows such as Vive Les Girls and Casino de Paris.

Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)
Coll # 98-12
Date: 1920-1995
Extent 33 document boxes
Collection documents the history of the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) and is comprised of numerous visual materials such as photographs, negatives, slides, transparencies and videotapes. Also contains correspondence, price books, drawings, calculations, newspaper and trade magazine articles on YESCO, and oral history interviews and audio recordings of YESCO designers and executives. COLLECTION GUIDE AVAILABLE

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