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This list contains publications created by UNLV Communications and other entitlies on the UNLV campus. These publications were digitized by Digital Scholarship@UNLV staff from copies held in the Unviersity Archives and the Special Collections of the UNLV Libraries.

Inside UNLV
Inside UNLV is the university’s internal communication publication; it features information on matters of interest specifically to faculty and staff including updates on changes in policy and benefits, news from the colleges and articles about programs and research.

UNLV Football Programs
The UNLV Rebels football team is a NCAA Division I team, part of the Mountain West Conference. This collection includes programs from UNLV football games from 1968 to 1975.

UNLV Fusion
UNLV Fusion was the first issue of the research magazine of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; it is currently published as UNLV Innovation. The magazine is distributed to donors, alumni, faculty, staff, community and business leaders, and friends of the university.

UNLV Innovation
Published annually, the magazine showcases the scope of research taking place at UNLV.

UNLV Magazine
The semi-annual publication features articles on UNLV faculty, alumni, donors, issues affecting the university, and a calendar of events.

UNLV Mens and Women's Basketball Programs
The UNLV men's basketball team, called The Runnin’ Rebels, is a NCAA Division I team, part of the Mountain West Conference. Publications related to UNLV Basketball from 1959 to 1994 include programs from men’s basketball games and annual guides for men’s and Lady Rebels basketball.

Water Resources Collections
Using limited water resources wisely is of particular importance in the Intermountain West; these publications describe best practices and the impacts of human population growth on water resources in this geographic region.

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