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Wall, Breck

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0001    Bottoms Up revueLas Vegas. L-R: Breck Wall and Lee Lewis in Hot Flash News. (c. 1960s-70s)
0002    Publicity photo for Bottoms Up RevueLas Vegasc. 1960s-70s. L-R: Suzanne Buhrer, Breck Wall, David Harris.
0003    Bottoms Up Revue Las Vegas c. 1960s-70s. Hold UpBreck Wall (left) and Sue Motsinger.
0004    Arriving in Freeport, Bahamas. Top to bottom: Melinda Britt, Jan Sutton, bill Fanning, Nancy Austin, Breck Wall, Joe Peterson. (c. later 1980s)

0005    Bottoms Up RevueLas Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s) Record PantomimeL-R: Breck Wall, David Harris.
0006    Bottoms Up RevueLas Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s) Sex EducationSuzanne Buhrer.
0007    Bottoms Up RevueLas Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s) Gotta Get a Little Tonight: L-R: Suzanne Buhrer, David Harris.
0008    Bill Fanning, one of the original cast members in the Bottoms Up revue in Las Vegas. He performed in the revue for 30 years.
0009    Sue Motsinger, a cast member of the revue Bottoms Up in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s)
0010    Breck Wall in his costume for the skit Hard To Say I Love You in the Bottoms Up Revue in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s)
0011    L-R: David Harris, Breck Wall, Suzanne Buhrer in Hot Flash News, a skit in Bottoms Up in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s)
0012    Sue Motsinger and Breck WallBlackout. Shown in the Bottoms Up revue in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s)
0013    L-R: Robert Beal, Breck Wall, David HarrisCha-Cha-Cha, a skit in the Bottoms Up revue in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s)
0014    Bottoms Up cast. L-R: (Top) Robert Beal, David Harris, Ray Benington (middle) B.J. Doolan, Sue Motsinger, Peggy Blow. (bottom row) Suzanne Buhrer, Breck Wall, Sunny Smith. (c. 1960s-70s)

0015    Oratoriapart of Bottoms Up Revue, Las Vegas. (c. 1960s-70s) Top: L-R: David Harris, Robert Beal, Ray Benington, Breck Wall. Bottom: B.J. Doolan, Sue Motsinger, Sunny Smith, Lee Lewis, Jan Sutton,    Suzanne Buhrer, Peggy Blow. (taken at the Aladdin Hotel)
0016    Bottoms Up revue, Las Vegas c. 1960s-70s. To Tell The Truth L-R: Sunny Smith, Ray Benington, David Harris, Breck Wall.
0017    Taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cast members of Bottoms Up. L-R: Joe Peterson, Rob Barron, Marina Mobear, Betty Bunch, Nancy Austin, Steve Rostine, Breck Wall.

0018    Bottoms Up Revue cast membersc. 1960s-70s. Top: L-R: Sunny Smith, Breck Wall, Shon Vaughn. Middle: L-R: Ray Benington, Sue Motsinger, David Harris; Bottom: L-R: Suzanne Buhrer, Robert Beal, Bobby Grumle.